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I loved his work on Namor....He seams best on grim dark characters.
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My two fav are Hank Pym and Hawkeye. I love the way Hank Pym has been portrayed in the last couple of years starting with Mighty Avengers. Hawkeye is a different story. I love Mcann's portrayal of the character, but totally hate and despise Bendis in the Avengers and New Avengers.
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Oh man, I totally agree...Wolverine stopped being Wolverine when Marvel decided to let him join the Avengers and tell his origin. It just took the whole mystery and suspense out of the character.
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gawd...I hope not...Stay dead
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The Avengers have ask Daredevil three other times to be a member, but one would always hope and thankfully say no...Well up to now. It is bad enough that Spidey is on two teams, the Thing on two teams, and Wolverine on three or four. Do we need him on a team at all? I've read DD on and off sine Miller held the helm, and he was and never was a team player.
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The original was the best under Faban Niceiza
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Chris Claremont- Made everything awesome 
Jim Lee- Revamped and some good stuff in the little time he was on
Joe Kelly- had some good stuff there too...but left a lot of cliffhangers 
Whilce Portacio- Great for what little time he was on board 
Ed Brubaker- I think he did a great job of bringing all the X-Men back together as one
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The Holly Order

A man is sitting on a table chair in the middle of a dark room lit only with a candle on the floor by his feet, and beside the candle are three huge chest. The walls around him are filled with faces and arms of lifeless corpses. They are men and women victimized to a state in-between death and living in almost a skeleton form of a decomposing body. These bodies are look like work of art that are embedded into the walls. Like something that should be in the Dante’s, “The Divine Comedy.“

The man is holding a saw-off shotgun with a bowie knife duct-taped to the barrel mumbling to himself of the horror that surrounds him. He keeps asking himself, what kind of monster could have done this? Or for the better part, what else is this monster capable of? Then even better, why am I here? The man has a flashback of events that led him to this horrible place.

I Lenard Chester was just an every-day Joe Security guard at a new remote catholic hospital in central Kentucky. Being a troubled Iraq veteran who has lost everything upon his return to the states. I did some pretty bad stuff while I was there. War makes you almost unfeeling after your second kill. Almost a numb feeling, that doesn’t awaken till you are in a dream state. The bad deeds then become nightmares. I am lucky if I get three hours of sleep daily, before waking-up shivering and covered in sweat. So me, Lenny for short, works the third shift and I hate the job entirely. I’m a gun fanatic, a chain smoker, and a intense coffee drinker. Then it is that little thing about being pissed-off at world, all of them combined often puts me on the bad terms with the nuns and staff.

On this particular night I’m belligerent and upset due to his back taxes and child’s support taken from my paycheck. This made me an uncomfortable to be around. He enters the hospital after a cigarette break and is verbally attacked by a nun for it being a non-smoking facility. All a sudden a vampire leaps onto the nun and the rest of the vampire clan enter the hospital right after.

Lenny is struggling to stay alive, while everyone else is feeding all of the vampire's savage hunger. Lenny almost makes it to the main entrance while looking behind his back for any would be followers, he bumps into a tall man with long black hair in a trench coat. This man is holding a long wooden spear and a broad sword strapped to his hip. Lenny closes eyes and re-opens to focus and realizes that there are two beautiful woman beside the hulking of a man. One woman was dressed a nun, but had fangs like those attacking the hospital. The other had silk looking garments that covered her body from head to toe, and holding a Scimitar sword.

After a bloody battle between the three strangers and the clan of vampires, and little help from Lenny, it finally ended with a terrible lost of life. The man then approaches Lenny, and tells him that he must be branded and wear the symbol of God on his back for being selfish in a time to help others in need. He is cursed and must journey with them on their quest to rid the world of darkness until the Lord‘s debt is paid.

This brings us back to Lenny who is the man on the table chair waiting to be attacked by an unknown Demon. After waiting nervously for hours, a Demon known as the “Taker of Souls” appears from between the cracks of his victims that are embedded in one of the four walls. Then a threat from the Demon to Lenny, the three chests then swing open and the three strangers leap toward the Demon. With a war cry, “For my Lord!”