Old DLC rumor debunked, new rumor sets in (with Batgirl pic)

Earlier this week, a rumor began spreading that the DLC characters in the first Injustice DLC season pass would be Lobo, Scorpion, General Zod, and Batgirl. Later on, the studio producing the Brazilian dub of the game listed actors for said characters and for some, things were confirmed.


1.These voice actors provided the voices for Martian Manhunter, Captain Cold, and Black Canary in the brazilian dubs of the DCAU material. these a characters who are of extremely high demand for this game.

2. The footage for Lobo is set to air tomorrow. Its been announced he will take on Batman in his NEWEST alt costume. this image was shown on twitter

3. As our beloved Jonny_Anonymous states, Netherrealm specifically stated that MK characters would not be featured in the game (but they never said anything about alt skins)

Notice The Heel?

So its reasonable to assume that Batgirl,Zod, and Scorpion will be alt costumes for Batman, Superman or Martian Manhunter, and Lobo respectively via the announced compatibility updates released alongside each DLC character and that Martian Manhunter, Captain Cold, and Black Canary will be the ACTUAL downloadable characters and the NRS is repeating the whole "placeholder name stunt" that they did with Mortal Kombat.

Update: The boys at Netherrealm were smart enough to not show the fight posted above. Instead we were shown a fight between Lobo and Flashpoint Batman in the Hall Of Justice. Don't give up hope yet though boys and girls. that heel still doesn't match any character in the game and compatibility packs often come with up to 3 costumes. We'll find out when Lobo is released on May 7th!!!!

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Injustice IOS Question

i was wondering if anyone who has unlocked all of the ios costumes (batman beyond, arkham harley, new 52 Gl etc) would be generous enough to let me borrow they're wbid account temporarily. just long enough for me to unlock said costumes on my console. if you will, than pm me. it'd be much appreciated

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hint at the four dlc characters? (speculation)

So, did anyone think that Ed Boon might have spoiled hinted the season pass characters during the Lobo reveal? he specifically mentions Martian Manhunter, Lobo, Red hood, Power Girl/Supergirl by name and then officially revealed Lobo seconds later. these four were definitely in the top 10 as far as character requests go. im pretty sure these 4 (with the possibility of Starfire in Power Girl's place) will be the the season pass dlc's. do you agree? do you not agree? how would you feel about them?


Ann Nocenti on the New 52 Creeper

Ann Nocenti was recently spotlighted by CBR, and gave a few words about her current Catwoman and Katana series. some stuff about Zebraman fighting Catwoman and a small tidbit of info regarding The Creeper

Coming soon to "Katana" will be a New 52 version of the Creeper. "We're giving him a really interesting new origin. Dan [DiDio] killed [alter ego] Jack Ryder...so I have the Creeper very early in this book dive into Jack Ryder's body. So now the two guys – the Creeper and Jack Ryder – don't know about each other...it's like a guy who drinks too much and doesn't know why he woke up in this room."

well, at least we know Jck will be back. hopefully that godawful appearance changes into something better when he gets into the body.


Was i the only one watching this?

So, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated wrapped up today with its series finale and im am in am both incredibly happy and kinda sad at the same time.

On the bright side, the show had a fantastic ending and they didnt leave you hanging like the Teen Titans and Young Justice one's did.

but at the same time, i kinda feel like the show was generally ignored (hence the several month hiatuses).

so i was wondering, did anyone else watch this? why or why not? What did you like/dislike about it?