Hal's New Girlfriend: Who should it be

So..if i'm not mistaken, Hal and Carol have broken up YET AGAIN. So who do you think Hal's next lover will be.

personally, im hoping for a new long term gf who can make her mark on Hal and the GL mythos. a strong woman who can deal with Hal and his duties/shenanigans. someone from the corps sounds good and might bring alot of drama. any Viners care to give their opinions with reasoning behind them.


Why John Stewart being the movie Green Lantern is right and why we Hal fans must let go

The list is pretty crappy right now, but i'll try and make it more organized and in-depth later

1. He's arguably the most well-known and beloved black superhero

2.When portrayed right,he is an incredibly complex and compelling character

3. He fits the tone of the DCCU

4.He adds diversity in both ethnicity and character

Why we will probably be losing Hal

1.The Green Lantern Movie destroyed him. they can't merchandise him because toy companies simply won't touch him. this is why the Green Lantern cartoon was canceled and why we most likely won't be seeing Hal in a prominent if at all in future DC media. its also very possible that Hal will be benched or killed off in favor of John in the actual comics if the JL movie succeeds. I know this hurts,fellow Hal fans..... but its for the good of the brand. If John's presence can benefit the Green Lantern brand as well as the DCCU as a whole, than it'll be a win , even if it feels like a loss.


What Do You Want To See in Venditti's Run

What do you want to see in Venditti's run on Green Lantern?

I personally want to see

1.A more competent,well rounded Hal Jordan. He can still be cocky and reckless at times but not stupid. and please, let his jokes actually be funny. and he doesn't have to be macho all the time. i may be in the minority, but i miss the Hal who was also sensitive and unafraid to show his emotions.

2. More classic villain revamps-We've seen them for Hector Hammond, Black Hand,Star Sapphire,Shark etc but what about Sonar,Goldface, Dr. Polaris, Major Disaster, and Replikon. Some might be harder than other but hopefully it can still be done.

3. More interaction with the Corps at large- This is pretty much guaranteed but hopefully we see just as much interaction with the vets as we do with the newbies.

4. A new love interest-Carol just doesn't do it for me and i find Star Sapphire most interesting as a villain. maybe Arisia? or someone completely new?


Old DLC rumor debunked, new rumor sets in (with Batgirl pic)

Earlier this week, a rumor began spreading that the DLC characters in the first Injustice DLC season pass would be Lobo, Scorpion, General Zod, and Batgirl. Later on, the studio producing the Brazilian dub of the game listed actors for said characters and for some, things were confirmed.


1.These voice actors provided the voices for Martian Manhunter, Captain Cold, and Black Canary in the brazilian dubs of the DCAU material. these a characters who are of extremely high demand for this game.

2. The footage for Lobo is set to air tomorrow. Its been announced he will take on Batman in his NEWEST alt costume. this image was shown on twitter

3. As our beloved Jonny_Anonymous states, Netherrealm specifically stated that MK characters would not be featured in the game (but they never said anything about alt skins)

Notice The Heel?

So its reasonable to assume that Batgirl,Zod, and Scorpion will be alt costumes for Batman, Superman or Martian Manhunter, and Lobo respectively via the announced compatibility updates released alongside each DLC character and that Martian Manhunter, Captain Cold, and Black Canary will be the ACTUAL downloadable characters and the NRS is repeating the whole "placeholder name stunt" that they did with Mortal Kombat.

Update: The boys at Netherrealm were smart enough to not show the fight posted above. Instead we were shown a fight between Lobo and Flashpoint Batman in the Hall Of Justice. Don't give up hope yet though boys and girls. that heel still doesn't match any character in the game and compatibility packs often come with up to 3 costumes. We'll find out when Lobo is released on May 7th!!!!

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