DC Re-Created: Element Woman #1

Plotted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Written by Raiiyn

A week after the Star City Incident at the Eagle's Nest Bar in Angelsport, Canada

The place was mostly empty, a few regulars sitting at the bar. Framed pictures of smiling faces, wildlife and various celebrities decorated the wooden walls. Simon Stagg sits at a table with Maxwell Tremaine just to the right of the bar, keeping the entryway within view. He stares into his glass as Tremaine begins to speak.

“The board of directors isn’t happy, Simon. You’ve been attracting negative attentions and they’ve become concerned. They’ve decided to replace you.”

Stagg slams his drink down onto the table as Tremaine finishes his sentence. “Replace me? ME? And how do they expect to do that?”

“Rex Mason.”

Stagg’s eyes turn cold as he swirls his drink in his glass, Tremaine’s news rolling over him.

“Mason wouldn’t leave well enough alone. How long do you think it will be before he starts poking his nose where it doesn’t belong? How long before he learns the truth behind the lies?”

Tremaine stares at Stagg as he takes a drink of his whiskey. “Mason believes in you Stagg. He believes that you’re a good person and he would never allow anyone to convince him otherwise.”

Stagg places his now empty glass on the table, briefly closing his eyes in thought before meeting Tremaine’s gaze. “I can’t take that risk, Maxwell.”

“Don’t let your own personal vendettas get in the way, Simon! You’re too emotionally involved. Your dislike of him and his engagement to Sapphire are clouding your judgment here.” Tremaine beseeched Stagg.

“Oh really?" Stagg's hand wrapped around the empty glass in a tight grip. "I suggest you think long and hard, Maxwell, before you speak again. Remember your place and what happens to those who forget it.” There was a glint in his eye that bespoke in no uncertain terms of what the repercussions of forgetting said place would be.

Tremaine sat back in his chair; mouth closed and gave a small nod.

“Now then, down to business. Mason will need to be taken care of, however, he is not the only one. Ryder, for one. Jack Ryder needs to disappear.”

The door opens as a large figure makes his way into the bar. Stagg catches the figure's attention and he heads over to his table.

“Freight Train, I have a job for you. Rex Mason & Jack Ryder. I need them dealt with. Usual price per job.”

“With a bonus for completion of both.” Freight Train crossed his large arms over his chest.

Stagg’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly, “Yes, a bonus for completion of both. In a timely and discreet manner.”

Freight Train smiled, “consider it done.” He turned leaving Tremaine and Stagg to continue discussing business.

"Everything will be just as it should." Stagg said to himself as he motioned for a refill. His eyes watching Freight Train leave, his mind already onto the next order of business.

Freight Train sighed. “S’too bad Ryder has to die. I really loved his show.” He said to himself as he left the Eagle’s Nest.


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