What If Jan is alive

What if Hank Pym's deceased wife in the Ant-Man movie is Maria Trovaya and Janet is his second wife like in the comics? i know it won't matter to a lot of people but i'm curious to see how others would feel.


Marvel Re-Genesis:Sign Up Thread

Welcome,Viners and aspiring writers!!! Marvel Re-Genesis is a Fan-Fic Group where Viners can reimagine their favorite Marvel character as part a shared universe alongside fellow Viner.


Depending on what kind of story you choose to write, your stories will be logged into a one of the following subgroups. Each group has a "magistrate" who oversees things and makes sure everything goes smoothly for that section of the shared universe. Additionally writers will be added to a pm where they can chat with their magistrate and fellow writers.

Avengers World :Titles featuring anyone of the Regenesis Avengers are logged in Magistrate:None yet

Academy X :the home of Re-Genesis' X-Men /mutant related stories Magistrate: @_atomikill_ & @ageofhurricane

Revolution For titles featuring the Next Generation of heroes. Magistrate:None yet

Arcana Re-Genesis' tales of the mystical and horrifying. Magistrate:none yet

Infinity : Journey beyond Earth and the norm in this line dedicated to cosmic and high concept sci-fi. Magistrate: @joshmightbe

Shadowland: A line for stories taking place in the darker corners of the MU. Villains, Gritty Anti-Heroes, and Espionage will be right at home here. Magistrate:none yet

Nexus: A line for stories set in alternate universes or time periods Magistrate:

Excelsior: a line for everything else!!!!

Current Titles:

Captain Marvel written by @joshmightbe

X-Men written by @_atomikill_ & @ageofhurricane

Hulk written by @tdk_1997

Illuminati written by @arkhamc1tizen

Guardians Of The Galaxy written by @arkhamc1tizen

Ronin written by @monarch_chronicle

Daredevil: Man Without Fear written by @thejester

Pyro written by @batkevin74

Hercules written by @turbinail

The Defenders written by @avenging_x_bolt


Lego Batman 3 Blog & Official Character List

Just listing all the confirmed characters for the game and giving people a place to chat about it

Confirmed Heroes/Heroines :

Superman-New 52 Costume

Batman-New 52 Costume

Wonder Woman-New 52 Costume

Green Lantern (Hal)-

Flash (Barry)-has enhanched speed, building abilities, can overheat treadmills

Martian Manhunter-has martian vision, can fly,can morph into a bigfig form

Cyborg-New 52 Costume

Atom-can shrink

Plastic Man-Flashpoint Costume

Robin-Post Infinite Crisis Tim Drake





Black Canary

Booster Gold

Blue Beetle

Billy Batson/Shazam


Miss Martian


Saint Walker

Star Sapphire

Adam West/Batman 66

Beast Boy


John Stewart



Dick Grayson



Swamp Thing

Detective Chimp

Green Arrow

Geoff Johns




Kevin Smith





Confirmed Villains/Villainessess:


Black Adam

Ra's Al Ghul

Two Face


Me. Freeze

Music Meister

Polka Dot Man

Rainbow Raider







Gorilla Grodd


Lex Luthor-classic armor

Joker-Classic costume

Cheetah-New 52/JL:Doom hybrid

Firefly-The Batman costume

Killer Croc-Arkham City Costume

Solomon Grundy-classic costume

Bat-Mite-Silver age look

Harley Quinn




Black Manta

Killer Moth







The game has multiple hubs that can be explored, essentially recreating the open world feature


DC Mayhem: Secret Origins# 1

9:15 PM

Jump City, California

On this starry night, a jet black limousine cruises it way down the brightly lit streets of Jump City's marina

Within the limo however is one not so ordinary passenger, fine clothing hiding the many scars the decorate his lean yet muscular body, with smooth, long jet black hair that tapers in front of his deep soulful blue eyes. His name is Timothy Jackson Drake: Inheritor of the Drake family fortune, young scientific prodigy and formerly the masked superhero known as Robin.

In his lap rest the head of Ace, his pet Great Dane, whom snoozed peace fully as his master chats on his cellphone with a very important person

"and you're sure everything is alright? they're treating you well?"

"Tim darling, for the final time yes!!!!" The slightly exasperated yet amused voice of Dana Drake, Tim's loving stepmother replied

I’m sorry for being this worrying so much, I just want everything to go right." Tim replies sheepishly while scratching behind Ace's ear absent mindedly, causing the canine to let out a low contented growl.

I know sweetheart and i adore you for it. But it’s really not necessary, i feel spoiled.

It’s perfectly necessary, milady. and you'd best get used to it because it’s only going to get better once you get here and out that horrible place."

Several months earlier, Tim had been targeted by a mysterious crime fighting figure answering to the name Sin Tzu. Possessing incredible fighting and strategic prowess, Sin claimed to want to change the world for the better offered Robin an apprenticeship on the condition that Tim undergo a series of ritual tests. After completing the tests however, Tim had slowly began to change; He became sullen, distant ,and reclusive before vanishing completely.

Around this same time, a brutal vigilante known as the Shadowdragon had begun targeting those close to Tim including the Teen Titans, a team of young heroes of which Tim had led/founded. After weeks of unsuccessfully pursuing the criminal, the Titans were horrified to discover that the villain was none other then a mind controlled Tim Drake. They managed to free him from the control of Sin Tzu (in truth a megalomaniac with dreams of conquest) but not without loss. Tim's father was murdered by a close friend/ally of the Titans who had been under Sin Tzu's employ the entire time.

This event had caused poor Dana to go nearly mad, forcing Tim to leave her in a mental health clinic.

It's the very least i can do, seeing as how this is all my fault anyway.

"Tim....stop....don’t do this to yourself, sweetheart"

I cant help it Dana, none if this would ever have happened if i hadn't become Robin, lied to you and trusted that psychoti---." Tim began to say before being quickly interrupted

"Yes, it would have.....Owen was a sick man. if he didn't hurt us than he just would have hurt someone else. Its not your fault and don’t ever tell yourself otherwise." Dana's voice shook a little as she said it. Not wanting to upset her any further, Tim changed the subject.

The two conversed for a short while longer before Dana ushered to bed by her nurse and Tim hung up, pocketed his phone and wondered and sighed. It had been a long and tiring day and no sooner had the closed his eyes to catch a quick nap, had the limo come to a a complete stop.

"We're here sir" came the voice of Marv, the limo driver from the front seat."

Tim groaned, gently shook Ace wake and proceeded to exit the vehicle. the cool salty ocean air greeted him as he stepped out onto the marina and gazed at the top of the line vessel that now served as his home but would soon be something more.

Marv wished Tim a good night but before entering the car to leave, he took one look at the ship and whistled before simply stating "man, oh man, what a beauty."

"Yes.....Yes she is .Take it easy Marv." Tim replied as he made his way towards the boat with Ace right by his side. Tim thought about Dana, now nestled safely in her bed and smiled. Her day maybe over but his was just beginning, for he had a plan.


DC Re-Created: Element Woman #1

Plotted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Written by Raiiyn

A week after the Star City Incident at the Eagle's Nest Bar in Angelsport, Canada

The place was mostly empty, a few regulars sitting at the bar. Framed pictures of smiling faces, wildlife and various celebrities decorated the wooden walls. Simon Stagg sits at a table with Maxwell Tremaine just to the right of the bar, keeping the entryway within view. He stares into his glass as Tremaine begins to speak.

“The board of directors isn’t happy, Simon. You’ve been attracting negative attentions and they’ve become concerned. They’ve decided to replace you.”

Stagg slams his drink down onto the table as Tremaine finishes his sentence. “Replace me? ME? And how do they expect to do that?”

“Rex Mason.”

Stagg’s eyes turn cold as he swirls his drink in his glass, Tremaine’s news rolling over him.

“Mason wouldn’t leave well enough alone. How long do you think it will be before he starts poking his nose where it doesn’t belong? How long before he learns the truth behind the lies?”

Tremaine stares at Stagg as he takes a drink of his whiskey. “Mason believes in you Stagg. He believes that you’re a good person and he would never allow anyone to convince him otherwise.”

Stagg places his now empty glass on the table, briefly closing his eyes in thought before meeting Tremaine’s gaze. “I can’t take that risk, Maxwell.”

“Don’t let your own personal vendettas get in the way, Simon! You’re too emotionally involved. Your dislike of him and his engagement to Sapphire are clouding your judgment here.” Tremaine beseeched Stagg.

“Oh really?" Stagg's hand wrapped around the empty glass in a tight grip. "I suggest you think long and hard, Maxwell, before you speak again. Remember your place and what happens to those who forget it.” There was a glint in his eye that bespoke in no uncertain terms of what the repercussions of forgetting said place would be.

Tremaine sat back in his chair; mouth closed and gave a small nod.

“Now then, down to business. Mason will need to be taken care of, however, he is not the only one. Ryder, for one. Jack Ryder needs to disappear.”

The door opens as a large figure makes his way into the bar. Stagg catches the figure's attention and he heads over to his table.

“Freight Train, I have a job for you. Rex Mason & Jack Ryder. I need them dealt with. Usual price per job.”

“With a bonus for completion of both.” Freight Train crossed his large arms over his chest.

Stagg’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly, “Yes, a bonus for completion of both. In a timely and discreet manner.”

Freight Train smiled, “consider it done.” He turned leaving Tremaine and Stagg to continue discussing business.

"Everything will be just as it should." Stagg said to himself as he motioned for a refill. His eyes watching Freight Train leave, his mind already onto the next order of business.

Freight Train sighed. “S’too bad Ryder has to die. I really loved his show.” He said to himself as he left the Eagle’s Nest.


Anyone excited for Be Cool, Scooby-Doo?

A new Scooby-Doo series was recently announced which presumably takes place after the events of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

Being the Scooby fanboy that i am, i was pretty excited,and was wondering if any of my fellow Viners are as well.