Martian Manhunter over Cyborg any day!

So overall I am definitely a fan of the new 52. But ever since it started, there has been one change that I cannot accept. When they first released the announcement that the new Justice League would include CYBORG as a founding member and not MARTIAN MANHUNTER, I wanted to punch something. As far as I'm concerned, J'onn is the best, most important, and most under appreciated member of the league. He deserves to be a founding member more than any of them, and I think the fact that they replaced him with flippin' CYBORG is RIDICULOUS. Cyborg is a teen titan. Not a founding member of the Justice League. So I decided to make this thread for anyone else who thinks this change is as much of a travesty as I do so we can all talk about how much BETTER Martian Manhunter is than Cyborg :) Enjoy!

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How we all felt about Martian Manhunter before, then after the reboot

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How many times are people going to post the same garbage about MM? If he were popular/interesting than he would be able to hold his own book. End of story.

If you're going to have a chaacter who can't hold his/her own title--then at least make that character a racial minority to be more inclusive to readers and audiences.

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Martian Manhunter deserves to be part of the Justice League. Cyborg deserves to be part of the Titans. Simple as that.

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Yeah, been hearin' this complaint for like, 10 months now,and not to sound rude but,  MM isn't there, get over it.

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I feel you, brother.

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Yes he does deserve to be a founding member but he isn't. The time for that has come and gone sadly.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

Yes he does deserve to be a founding member but he isn't. The time for that has come and gone sadly.

Until their next reboot, that is.

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MM has to be part of the JLA but so far he has been really interesting and a good adjustment for the Stormwatch line-up.

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Well according to DC Manhunter is quitting Stormwatch in issue 12 but that remains to be seen.

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@AweSam: Excellent video to describe it.

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While I do think its cool that Cyborg has become a Justice Leaguer, I think it SUCKS that his history, his past as a Teen Titan, the superhero team he began his career with & who most of his closest friends belong or have belonged to, has been retconned. Why couldn't they just have him join up as a new member of the league the same way they did in the Justice League Doom movie? He doesn't need to be a founding member to be cool, he's already cool, he's a Titan!

I also agree it stinks that Martian Manhunter, who in recent years has become more prominent and well known thanks to his appearances in all the Justice League cartoons and movies, is no longer a founding member of the league, or even a member if I recall correctly. Manhunter & Cyborg deserve better treatment than this >_<

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