My Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Callisto Juggernaut Madrox Mystique Magneto Frenzy Omega Sentinel Sabretooth Blob

A new roster of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that I think that should happen. The team is led by Magneto.

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Posted by DarkxSeraph

But where is there any reason for Madrox or Callisto to join? And... Cain Marko isn't exactly Juggernaut anymore.

Posted by avenger693

@DarkxSeraph: I just think there cool in the team.

Posted by cattlebattle

Nice choices, some of the current characters ideals might conflict with the Brotherhoods usual enterprise, but hey, its always awesome to brainstorm

Posted by XsPectre28

cain is the Juggernaut again i thought. nice team thou

Posted by Agypt2020

I like except for Madrox unless an evil dupe.