Midnight Sons New Team Lin-Up

Werewolf By Night

The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #188
  • Victim of an ancient family curse, Jack Russel struggles for years to control his inner-demons, but over time he has conquered the monstrous wolf inside of him. Jack came out in Marvel Zombies 4 as a member of the midnight sons and it will be great to see him again, come on. why not? he's Awesome.

Alejandra Jones

Alejandra replaced Johnny Blaze and is the current Ghost Rider.

Alejandra was raised by a mysterious man named Adam in South America until she was 16. When she was bonded with the spirit of vengeance and she was part of Adam's plan to undo sin on earth, but was stopped by Johnny Blaze the previous ghost rider. Johnny teaches Jones how to control and use the spirit of vengeance. I was gonna put the original ghost rider but when i read that he was not the ghost rider anymore i decided to put Alejandra. I thought it would be a great idea to put Alejandra in the team, a female Ghost Rider.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

A guy who found a statue of Khonshu and beaten to death, the lunar god of vengeance named Khonshu ressuructed him but only if he became Moon Knight a crime fighter in Earth. Moon Knight is a bad@ss character and sort of supernatural, he'll fit in very well with the group.


Son of satan and brother of Satana . Denying his infernal heritage, he uses his abilities for betterment of mankind. but has at times succumbed to his darkness, demonic side. He was in the Midnight Sons during Marvel Zombies 4.

Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo is born in Haiti, Jericho Drumm went to america to be a doctor. When he recived bad news that his brother was dying because a voodoo curse he got revenge by learning voodoo from Papa Jambo recently made the new sorcerer supreme. Voodoo has the soul of his brother inside of him and whenever he wants he can let him out to posses someone, and will fit well in the group because of his supernatural abilities.

  • Man-Thing

Infernal Man-Thing #1

Man-Thing is a large semi-intelligent creature that lives in the Florida Everglades. Ted Sallis was trying to create Super Soldier Serum , that created Captain America . However he was betrayed by his girlfriend, Ellen Brandt , he was deaspret and created a serum when he ended up in the swamp, with the chemicals of the swamp and the serum made him be Man-Thing!!!


A vampire hunter and a member of the original midnight sons. When his mother was preagnat from him she got bitten by a vampire and blade became half human and half vampire. He hunts vampires such as Dracula ,Morbius , Deacon Frost and many more vampires


A character that was created by me. Here's his origin, When he was a little boy a kind of demon known as Fear Demons killed his father and mother, but the demon did not kill him, he just scratched him and when a demon scratches somebody they absorb the demons abilities. The demon was after his parents because they made a pact with the devil, but they did not keep their promise so the devil sent a demon to kill them. The Creeps' powers is to scare somebody so terrifiying that they will probably scare them to death or have his victims scared for life, but only by eye contact. He also has the powers to climb walls and has super strenghth. He is also friend of Hellstorm.

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider

Leader of the team and bonded with the spirit of veangance.

Black Cat

Defenders #7

I know she doesn't sound that supernatural but there should be more women in this team and she is member of the defenders who fight mystical and supernatural threats. Black cat's power is that she brings bad luck like a cat and that sounds supernatural(y) to me. shes very stealthy and agile and a very sexy woman.

Posted by foolkiller1

@avenger693: Yes, moon knight. I always thought he should be reinvented as a horror character.

Posted by daredevil21134

Add Johnny Blaze and i'm sold

Posted by kid Apollo

i like your team roster, but i cant help but shake my head at some of the names that marvel gives their characters, jack russel? wth?

Posted by daredevil21134

@kid Apollo said:

i like your team roster, but i cant help but shake my head at some of the names that marvel gives their characters, jack russel? wth?

That's because all they care about is Avengers,Spider-Man and X-men

Posted by One_Eye

I like the team overall but two Ghost Riders seems rather redundant. I'm in favor of Brother Voodoo being the leader.