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This was one of my best bios

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@Surkit said:

@Avalonia: I missed your style. Tight post I got a few ideas from it.

I missed writing like this too lol.

Thanks! Can't wait to see what ya got.

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Drink with

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@Surkit: First post's up :)

@Kurrent: Glad to see I can still entertain :D

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Grey clouds obscured the sun as mist drizzled down onto the New York City sidewalk. Obscured beneath a fitted trench coat was Lexi Brennan, the woman known in supernatural circles as Avalonia. For three days she'd been hearing the underground whispers of unnatural murders and as a hunter by birth and by choice, her innate curiosity was roused.

A homeless man held out a small tin cup, begging for change. Lexi took a look at him and tried to push out the vision, her ability to see strings of causality and glimpses of possible futures. Flipping an ancient Greek coin into the cup, she passed along, quietly working towards the location of the body of the most recently deceased victim. Not bothering with an umbrella, so that it wouldn't obscure her peripheral vision, it was a harried jaunt down to the coroner's office.

Wiping the soles of her booted feet across the mat, she approached the clerk and grinned, tilting her head so that her bangs obscured the 'M' brand over her eye. Pointing towards the box under her arm, she grinned. "I've got a delivery for..." she paused for a moment, making a show of looking at the slip attached to it, "Dr. Ward."

"Can I see your identification, please?"

Lexi pulled an expertly forged ID card from her pocket and slid it across the counter. It took until the mental count of five seconds for it to be returned and her to be waved on. Following the signage down to the autopsy lab, she made sure to be undisturbed. Locking the door of the morgue behind her, she set the box down on the counter and opened it.

Inside were several tools of her trade; a pure silver knife, a container filled with sea salt and several flakes of wood. Leaving them there, she walked over to the row of drawers, all hosting bodies. Pulling on a pair of latex gloves to obscure her fingerprints or any traces of DNA left, she pulled open the drawer marked 'Allison Evans', the most recent victim in a string of trust-fund kid deaths.

Rolling the drawer out, she performed her own impromptu examination. Using the tools she'd brought with her, Lexi checked for signs of the supernatural, ensuring that the body itself wasn't of supernatural origin. Unfortunately, it wasn't. But there was something that struck her as odd on the back right shoulder - claw marks. Human finger span in width but cat-like in structure of the actual scratch. It set off all sorts of alarms and only reaffirmed what she'd assumed - that there was at least one shapeshifter involved. Motive would have to be determined later down the road.

Her vision was an unfortunate thing at many times. God gave the illusion of free will, her Magi and Hunter abilities ensured that it was taken away in order to follow the 'grand design' and ensure that terrible things didn't come about in the future. Avalonia was actively working to prevent an apocalypse and reign in supernatural creatures on Earth.

Later That Night

Avalonia stepped out of the cab that she'd ordered to drop her a block away from the club where all four victims had been seen three nights prior to their deaths. Clad in a skintight pair of skinny jeans, supple black leather ankle boots and a loose top that showed just enough of her stomach to be considered 'in'. With her blonde hair slicked off her face and secured in a ponytail on the crown of her head, the 'M' over her eye was in full display. More often than not people thought it was some sort of fashion statement and she was content in allowing them do so.

Casually strolling down the block that was packed with people waiting to be allowed entrance into the club, she subtly pushed a woman away from the edge of the sidewalk. Seconds later a car that would have hit her rushed past. Nobody noticed, another thing that she was more than content with.

Absentmindedly slipping the iPhone from her pocket, she scrolled through notes about each of the cases, trying to piece things together in her head. It was points like this where her 'gift' was more than frustrating, as it left black holes. She knew things she didn't want to and couldn't figure out information that was vital.

Meandering through the throng of impatient bodies, Lexi strode up to the bouncer. Cocking a hip to one side, she flirtatiously smiled at him. He took one look at her and laughed. "Little girl, go home."

Lexi scoffed at him and pulled out her ID. Yet another fake. It had her as 22 compared to her actual age of 19, nearly 20. He examined it patiently, sliding the 20 dollar bill she'd subtly passed him into his pocket. "Go ahead."

Cutting a path around the crowded dance floor, she tried not to let the strobe lights irritate her. Striding over to the bar at the edge of the open first floor, she rested her elbows on the end and grinned at the bartender. "What can I get for ya, dahlin'?" The New York accent was prevalent as he spoke.

"Actually, I had a question for you." She pulled out her phone and scrolled through the camera roll, showing him the pictures of the victims. "Seem familiar?"

"You don't strike me as the police type..."

Before he could say another word she grabbed the drink by her elbow and took a sip of the gin and tonic. "Don't insult me. I'm just trying to help out."

"In that case, all of those lovely ladies were here and all of 'em left with men about an hour before we closed down. And all of them spent the majority of their time either gyratin' out on the floor or doing God knows what upstairs in VIP."

"Appreciate it." Lexi made a note in her phone and then slid it back into the pocket of her jeans. Sliding him a business card printed simply with 'Avalonia' and her phone number she proceeded to order a drink and meander off into the club, heading for the upstairs VIP rooms in an attempt to see what she could dig up.

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Rich trust fund kids are dropping like flies. Supernatural creatures are up and at 'em, making nuisances of themselves. Avalonia is on the case and Z00 is not that far behind her.

Closed CVnU RPG between Avalonia and Z00.

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Let's hope not. January Jones was a TERRIBLE Emma Frost.

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Spar with

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Eminem numero uno?

Of course lol