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Mystique !!! (not the Lawrence version but the true blue femme fatale !)

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Well... Octopus is a scientist while Sergei's a hunter (who nearly killed and drove mad Spider-Man.)

I think Sergei would observe Otto trying to touch him and then, Sergei would laught at him and give him the final strike.

I mean, seriously, physially, Otto have no chance !!!

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Voted Spider-Man 'cause he's the average guy, I can relate to him in more ways than any of the other characters PLUS he's baaaaaaaaaaaack !!!

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She deserves a solo series. I hope we will see Callisto and Forge, maybe even a team-up with Gambit who's relaunched his thief career ^^

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@tdk_1997: We don't know what Strange told him in the first pages, maybe he "unlocked" those memories somehow...

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Of course i'll miss him... for some time ! But Peter's back and that's so good !

but I don't think Peter won't learn anything from it, I mean, look at the preview for the final issue, he looks (and shoul be) impressed of Otto for succeeding in synthetizing a cure for the goblin formula ! Peter WILL be supperior !

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@brione said:

I will miss Nightwing and I'll miss Dick interacting with the Bat-Family, but I must say that this looks good. I just hope that Dick isn't killing people now.

Same here. At last, something new in the "new" 52.

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Rorshaque is one of my favorite characters.

I guessed you would spell it right...

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V for Vendetta, on the other hand, has aged perfectly, and is even more relevant today than it was when it was written. With V for Vendetta, Moore told a good story inspired by real world concerns without the burden of trying to fix or otherwise elevate a genre within the medium he seems to think is beneath him. The character of V is rich and layered, serving as the protagonist and antagonist at different points in the story. While the characters in Watchmen are interesting, they're ultimately rather one note. The only ones that have really changed by the end of the story are Dan and Laurie. Both V and Evey have much more complete and interesting arcs. V goes from simply wanting revenge to actually buying into the political dogma he used to justify his murders in the first half of the book. Evey's entire life is changed by her contact with V, and she goes some being a weak victim of the system to the next person in line to dismantle it. The art has aged better as well, I think. Gibbons art is gorgeous, no doubt, but it still feels distinctly 80's (mostly due to the coloring, I think) whereas Lloyd's art in V for Vendetta looks much more timeless.

Watchmen, at its heart, is ultimately just another superhero book. A very good, meticulously crafted one, but its still a superhero story, complete with a silly twist ending. V for Vendetta on the other hand works as a paranoia fueled political thriller, a superhero story, a revenge tale, a murder mystery, and a modern fable all wrapped up in one while telling a much more concise, grounded, and otherwise satisfying story to read. Because it seems more interested in telling a story rather than subverting a genre, it's better at it, so it gets my vote.

I would not say it better !

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I saw somewhere a question about Rider coming back and an authoranswered something like "wait for Original Sin", so I guess it's safe to say that Richard is coming back (although as we're talking about "cosmic" characters, i'd rather have Adam Warlock coming back but without the mage and the cocoon stuff...).