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Two Issues in and this new series has been great! I was definitely left wanting more, don't want to wait till December.

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Geoff Johns Teen Titans run is what got me into comics when I was in the 7th grade. It had a perfect roster for my interests at the time with some of the characters from the original teen titans animated show, and some legacy characters that I could very easily relate to. Recently I got all my old Trades from my parents house and gave them to my girlfriend who is a 9th grade reading teacher to a under privilege public school. She keeps them in her class room and lets kids check them out and take home from time to time. She has said the kids faces lit up when she brought them in and that many kids can't afford to buy comics.

My favorite story that has not been listed yet is in issue 5, Which contains the evolution of Bart Allen from impulse to kid flash and includes awesome Deathstroke action.

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I had a hunch with what was going to happen during the reveal, but never saw that ending coming. This was super compelling and I am very interested to see what happens next month!

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Hey Comicvine, at the rate you guys are answering the forum questions this might take a couple months, but its all good I appreciate everything you guys do haha. After seeing man of steel I am I am more interested in reading more superman stories especially new krypton. what trades should I try and find in order to get the whole understanding of this story. Also what other superman stories do you suggest to someone not to familiar with the character. I read h'el on earth but it was just alright.

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I sense a battle of the week nomination right here.

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I loved this issue and thought it was amazing, probably my personal favorite issue of the series thus far. I loved that The Atom was the central focus of the issue and was hoping he would see more spotlight since he was introduced in issue one. I actually enjoyed the mystery behind Batman and I think it would be pretty cool if it was a couple of issues before finding out the identity of the new dark knight. Lastly I enjoyed the return of the Apocalypse rats (I think thats what they were) making an appearance again against Hawkgirl. It is a little disappointing hearing the news about James leaving the book because I truly believe this had the potential to be a very defining run with these characters.

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Its funny how Hal is the main character of the series but everyone is talking about Kyle's ending haha.

Long Live Space Jesus!

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I really wish the Man of Steel banner was on this issue...... said no one ever.

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@atomiic said:

I hope we see Hal come back soon now that GL is kinda wrapping up.

its not wrapping up. Hal will be leading the Corps now and could quite possibly be in space full time.

Yeah I know, but it does look like he might return to JL or at least wallers preparing for him. (which I still dont understand the Hal vs Baz match up, what could make them fight each other). As long as Johns is still writing I wouldn't rule out a return.

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I was a little disappointed with this issue, I liked what it was trying to establish but it felt very rushed wich sucks. Id rather have something come out a couple weeks late than to have something put together last minute. This could of made a pretty good 2-3 issue arc if it was given the proper chance.