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There is no middle ground. The titles are either cool or freaking crap. Which is sad and makes it look like nothing than a ploy to grab market share. After all the hype you would think they would have made sure they put Quality out. The only books that seem to be seen as being solid are the Batman family of books..even then there are some issues with continuity within those titles.

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I am giving this mini a try. It will have to impress me though to stick with it. I would love to see Ms. Marvel get an ongoing again or maybe marvel should to a their own version of the brave and the bold..except they rotate between their main female characters. I like Val but not enough to commit beyond a mini series.

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So they are trying to keep people interested in Venom by sticking him on the Avengers?

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I have over 60 titles on my pull list right now. I am leaning towards dropping Red Lanterns, Venom and a few other DC titles. I guess it comes down to what books can you see yourself not missing. What are the titles that you never feel the need to read the second you get them in your hands. If you have books that make you feel like you just gave someone your money for no good reason, then those are the books you should drop.

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Way to many.  It feels like they only want out money (which they do because this is a business) and at times I feel that quality is sacrificed for quantity.  Honestly they if we are lucky give readers a hand full of issues of a series before dragging it back into an event.  It gets to the point where I would rather buy trades than single issues.  That way I get the story all at once.  I would love for them to make a pledge to do a year or more with out huge events.  Or even better if they want to do an event then stop having all the tie in stories.  Another idea would be going back to telling event stories in the Annuals instead of the main books.  You want to tell a giant X-Men event?? Then do it in the Annuals for those books and get it all out at once and then move on.  Same with Avengers and the like.  

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Why not go back to have an East Coast and a West coast team.  That will take care of having everyone basically in NY.  That will also give the teams a more set "core" membership and you won't have people like Spider-Man all over the place.  It would also make more sense for a Character like Wolverine to be on a West Coast Avengers team.  It would make his commute so much easier for him when he is up to his X-Men related shenanigans.

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Wow..he smacked Black Widow on the arse and he was allowed to keep that hand?!

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There are going to be a ton of Wiki updates going on.  This is totally going to be a pain/probably fail and maybe blow up in DC's face.

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WTFrick is Power Girl?!  This is horrible.  I would rather have Power Girl over Super Girl.

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Reed.  One of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe does some rather stupid stuff.  Like having that door way in a building with children living in it.