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Great Comic Book 0

Was a great read. It's a shame they neglected him to the Nightwing series. I hope they bring him back in a modern form. Not the female form but the male form. The way they blended in the history of the Tarantula was great. Adding the Sandman in as his role model was cool. It seemed that people may have been mistaken about his love for the Crimson Avenger or that could have been something they added to the Nightwing series. When Dian Belmont died I did not see that coming. It is comic books like ...

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Weaker then your average bear 0

Well it seems that they have done some changes to the Green Lantern Code. They added a new rulebook which I think sucks Ron Marz should burn for life for what he did. They did show some of John Stewart past but again showed that John was not as strong as Hal because Hal can creatre a fake planet but here's hoping that they do a mini series for him.Laira got some backstory too so that's all good before she apparently killed..Amon Sur was killed by Laira but I don't understand why these ones were ...

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