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Don't think this game looks good. I mean it's a great set up but those graphics don't mark me as anything grand. Of course I was spoiled by Mass Effect two. I'll wait for this to get down to twenty dollars.

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I don't care for this. It's not because I hate Spiderman. It's not because I hate the director or anything. A Reboot? It's been 9 years almost ten years. 10 years and now I have to watch the movie that I already watch come on. If you wanted Spiderman to last longer you shouldn't have made things jump forward so much. Spiderman 2 you should have had Green Goblin/Harry steal MJ away just because he wasn't a dick instead bang Peter takes the day. It's terrible.

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Loved the first one. Second one coming I'm in until they disappoint as it won't be like Assassin creed 2 I'll get the third one too.

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I don't like the stunt double; double chin. The bulk on the legs is distracting but whatever I'm sure they shall have that edited in the movie. For the suit two thumbs. Excitement is building unlike GL where excitement lies down. Thor and C.A Great rest of the movies no dice.

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This guy speaks the truth. I loved Identity Crisis but they did it and just forgot it. I mean Ralph's wife was raped and the guy remains happy and nice. Sue would be devastated that would have been Ralph hanging people with a noose he made not the Ralph we know. Batman has always been the least favorite character but as for Kate Kane who cares. They created her only because Congress got on them but I agree with the guy the story telling sucks. Spiderman twenty years no longer counts. I haven't bought a new comic book in three years and finding comic books I want to go back earlier and earlier. Story telling use to be great. Suicide Squad, Infinity Inc, Vigilante were all in the 80's and done great.

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This movie is a skip for me. Come back when they give the actual Reboot instead of the Terrible Three movies i have to suffer through. The only good movie was the first X-men. It didn't dive into it. A character list was there that we could understand clearly there was an established history but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 2 and 3 the only Mutant introduced that was trained to be an X-men. Disappointed to the point of not moving to any marvel sequels for the win!
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I think Routh did a particularly great job in Superman Returns. It's not his fault the Directors/Writers are a plague to the comic book universe that keep getting jobs why should we take it out on him? He's still unknown and outside of the comic book crowd I'm sure few people who don't watch AMC or whatever is showing the Return movie even remembers he was superman. Give him another shot with writers who won't make Superman a dead beat daddy who tries to break a couple up it  would work. In any case if the movie has Lex Luthor it's just going suck as we are delivered the same boring storyline over and over again. I personally Hate Bryan Singer for the pure Drit that he unleashed upon us with X-men 2 and Superman returns. He should be barred from ever touching a comic book character again. He doesn't do them justice and the movies are HORRIBLE. I'll give him X-men but outside of that Failure. X-men and Apt Pupil are the only decent movies he's done. He should be out of a job. Still he does better work than Ratner and Sommers but still he should be gone. Why do they torture us with such bad directors?
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The original Atom and Atom Smasher are Jewish. The Atom's Arch Rival Cylcotron(spelling) was Jewish as his daughter is the mother of Atom Smasher. Phantom Stranger too I think.

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I think the problem with Scot Pilgrim is who they casted for Scott Pilgrim. I am sick of seeing this actor. Whenever it's a movie abut some twenty year old nice slacker this guy is there. How many ways can you play a slacker? It's always him and it's always some chick. If they want to catch the mind of people perhaps throw in a new actor to play the slacker I mean come on. 

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Okay I'll admit it. I love action figures of my heroes. The Mattel Company was signed on for a 25 wave toyline which started DCUC. They have 14,15,16 shown to us already. They have wave 20 BAF being chose by us. Aside from this they showed us two things from the comic con. The Legionare 12 pack for 150.00 dollars and the new Green Lantern line that's really not wave 17 but a completely new line. Is any one as excited as I am about this stuff?