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Is Marvel even done with Original Sin yet? For crying out loud, finish your first popsicle before you open another one!

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So here's my question, how much screen time do the turtles get?

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I'm sorry but, I just can't care for prequel stuff like this. Why do I care about Gotham City? Because Batman, the Joker, Two-Face, and many others are running amock in it. So cut all that out and what am I left with? Boring crime drama. Don't get me wrong it could be GOOD crime drama if written well, directed properly, and features talented actors.

BUT that dosen't feature any of the stuff I like about the setting of Gotham City! There's no "super" aspect to it! IT's the same reason I couldn't give a crap about Smallville. It was Superman reduced to teen drama with little super power display and no colorful costumes. Because no super powers and no costumes are much easier to film and easy on production budgets.

The whole idea of "See what things were like before the super heroes showed up!" ,but... The super heroes are what I love! That's what I want! I love the stuff I love. To further illustrate my thoughts on this, I present you the following clip from one of my favorite comedians Mr. Patton Oswalt. In the clip, Patton gives his thoughts on the making of the Star Wars prequels and why prequels themselves can be down right boring.

My thoughts in a nutshell.

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We all know who some of the strongest, fastest, and most intelligent characters are but who are the funniest? Who are the characters that make you laugh when reading some of your favorite comics? To keep things in perspective I'm NOT asking who the funniest character of all time is as what is funny to one person can be boring to the next and comedic value can be something of a matter of a opinion and individual taste. What I am asking is what character (or characters) do YOU think are the funniest?

For me personally I only can afford to read a few titles each month with Deadpool currently at the top of my short list. Most notably the recent run written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. While there have been a few groan worthy jokes most of the stuff in the recent issues Marvel Now Deadpool cracks me up. One of my favorite examples being Issue Number 5 as he fights Ronald Regan in space. I don't want to spoil it but it's pretty priceless.

Also the Joker most notably from his various appearances in the DC Animated Universe. Batman TAS has some golden moments with the clown prince of crime as voiced by legend Mark Hamill. A character that could scare you but at the same time make you bust a gut. One of my favorite moments came from the episode titled "The Laughing Fish". I won't explain what all goes on but at one point Joker calls Harley his little mermaid which is enough to make here squee for him right before he covers the upper half of her body in a silly looking fish costume. This is only helped with Harely's eyes peering out of the fish's mouth saying "You're really sick ya know that boss?" as Mister J gives a big smile and the goofiest "MmHmmmm!" priceless.

But those are just two of my choices, what about you folks?

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We all know of the various male heroes with their indomitable strength from Hulk's boundless rage to Superman who basically has no limits as long as he gets enough yellow sunlight. But who are the strongest women? Who are the ladies that could move mountains, hurl objects into space, or stand toe to toe with the most powerful forces in the universe that is if they themselves aren't that kind of force? I will point out, this can be from ANY comic series or publisher.

Now given that I'm familiar with Marvel and DC for the most part at least five names come to mind. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Gamora.

When I say Supergirl I mean Kara Zor-El, Kal-El's cousin and fellow Kryptonian. Given how she gets her powers from the sun just like her cousin this means Kara doesn't have any limits either. With enough solar energy I'm sure Supergirl could move planets.

Then there's Wonder Woman who has been known to perform feats much like any other character with super strength in the DCU. Since New 52 she possesses the strength of the mighty Greek gods making her a force to be reckoned with.

She-Hulk who is a lady with the incredible strength of the Hulk but without all the mental baggage Bruce has to put up with. Granted I could also easily mention Red She-Hulk Betty Ross as well since both of them are equal strength and both of them are capable to pulling off immense feats of super strength.

Also there's today's Captain Marvel formerly Ms. Marvel Julie Danvers. Strength, invulnerability and being able to fire energy blast.

And last but not least Gamora, Thanos' adopted daughter and bred to be the perfect killing machine. With all the crazy stuff Thanos did to her she's been made practically invulnerable both on a physical and mental level and can even stand toe to toe with ladies like She-Hulk and fellas like the Thing and her dad Thanos some of whom are considered more durable than she is. Still there's a reason she's considered the most dangerous woman in the universe.

But that's just my opinions, what do you folks think? Any of these women seem like the most powerful comic book lady to you? Or are there others beyond the big two of DC and Marvel that you think could be the most powerful? Like I said earlier ANY comic series and ANY publisher counts.

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We've all seen various scenarios of super heroes going rogue like Superman in the recent Injustice game and comics or in other series where Superman perhaps loses Lois and thus loses control. Given how powerful Superman is many think it's easy for him to lose it. The scenario I'm sure has also been done on other characters in and outside of the DC universe.

But Batman is always seen as the example. True he may not be as big of a boyscout as some characters but Batman strives to be incorruptible that he can never be brought down to the level of the criminals and super villains he faces. It's why he never takes a life, not even a criminal life because of his belief that Gotham needs him to be better than those who do. Also I want to point out I strictly mean Bruce Wayne and not the glimpse of Batman we saw in Flash Point when Thomas Wayne wasn't afraid to kill.

But I can't help but be curious, what if Batman could be corrupted? What would it take to turn the dark knight rogue? The loss of loved ones doesn't affect him the same way as it would Superman since after all, this is what made Bruce Wayne into Batman to begin with. Of course his parents wouldn't be the only loss as he lost Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. Regardless how you feel about Jason Todd, he's still someone that Batman cared about and was stricken with grief over his death so much so he didn't want another Robin anymore. Yet he was still Batman doing what he did before though some would say he was coming apart and needed a Robin which is why Tim Drake came along proclaiming as such.

Recently we've seen Batman lose not only another Robin but his own flesh and blood, his own son Damian. This of course sent him into fits of anger and in an amazing silent issue decided to take it out on some crooks prowling the streets. Course he did not kill a single one as he left a nice little pile of bad guys for Gordon to take care of. He's still stricken with a lot of grief and a lot of pain but none of it has been enough to push him to going rogue.

But what about many of the disagreements Batman has had with the Justice League members and how distrusting he is of all the various meta humans? Anyone who's watched the Justice League animated series may have even seen this where Bruce comes right out and says what he thinks of all the gods up in their tower and how the governments of the world have every right to be scared. Again this is territory that's somewhat being covered in the recent Injustice comics as well as other stories and why Batman makes it a point to be prepared for any one of the JL members to go rogue.

But imagine if anyone in the JL had to worry about a rogue Batman? I know many would think someone like Superman would simply crush him but I know very well it would not be that easy. It's easy to look at Batman as "the one who doesn't have any powers" but any character who'd think that about Batman has already lost to him. Batman's greatest strength is how prepared he is for almost any contingency and in a pinch has been very resourceful to get out of it.

But now I'm just rambling, to sum up what do you folks think it would take for Batman to go rogue? Is it poosible to ever corrupt the Dark Knight? What if Bruce Wayne decided he wanted to take over the world? Who would stop him?

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Like, totally dig that t-shirt man!

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I love the articulation and the posability! Very nice!

My only problem when it comes to Wolverine figures are when the packaging messes up the claws. I know it's not easy trying to keep those things straight since they're always so thin. But I just wish action figure packaging didn't bend them up before you even have a chance to take it out of the box.

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While part of me is pretty cynical about comic book deaths in general, the rest of me can't help but feel for Bruce. It's one thing to lose a partner, but to lose your own flesh and blood... I can't even begin to imagine what this will be like for Bruce and how he'll possibly get through this. Sure Damian was brash and arrogant at first but he grew on me over time.

I hope Damian does get to come back. Despite this is all fictional... it still chokes me up a little seeing him go.

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If done right this could be a good idea. If only done right though.