For the Stories Hollywood Won't Make

SPOILER ALERT! This contains some spoilers to the recent Incredible Hulk issues #1 - #7 , and Iron Man: Extremis! If you want to read these for yourself without being spoiled turn away now!

I've always been a fan of super heroes from Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, etc. But I've not always been up to date on comics. In the past I've tried to start reading them and it wasn't difficult to understand the stories though without the internet in those days it was hard to find out back story as a kid. Now a days any event that's happened, any plot points I missed I can find out about no problem so that is no longer a barrier. Although the other thing stopping me was the fact our local book store sucks. Yeah I live in a rather rural area surrounded by rather small towns and only one book store that's inside a failing mall carries comics. What's worse is they don't get latest issues some of the stuff on their shelf can be a year old without any new books!

But last week I downloaded Comixology to my phone and I couldn't be happier! After reading an article on here about how great digital comics can be I had to see for myself and I myself have had the same wonderful results. But I wanted to be cautious about what I read so I decided to read reviews here on the site first before I go buying comics willy nilly. I got the latest Deadpool, Invincible Iron Man, Number 1 issues of Action Comics, Batman, Wonder Woman, Earth 2, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. I also decided to grab a few collected story arcs like Incredible Hulk 1 - 7 and Iron Man: Extremis both of which I enjoyed very much. I have to say from what I've read so far with a lot of these ,despite not experiencing these stories play out on a screen with sound and video I was still able to get the same feelings of emotion, drama, action, and excitement looking at these and in some cases even more so than any movie or TV show.

For example in Iron Man: Extremis during the scene where Iron Man has his second fight with Mallen. After being beaten within an inch of his life, Now Tony was ready for him with new powers, abilities and speed. Mallen being the scum bag that he was I just couldn't wait to see him get his comeuppance ,and Iron Man certainly delivered. Where as before Mallen had Stark completely outmatched, now the shoe was on the other foot and it was awesome! Like I could hear like the heroic theme in my head as Iron Man just totally out does the super powered Mallen at every turn. It was fantastic! Needless to say I re-read that part a good number of times and it seemed better every time.

Another good moment and one that was more serious was in the Incredible Hulk number 7. After Hulk killed Bruce Banner in the gamma bomb explosion Hulk still feels bad about what happened despite that Banner was pretty much a mad man creating all sorts of mutants and constantly disturbing the peace Hulk had always desired. I felt for Hulk and all the while even I kept asking myself ,is this REALLY the same Bruce Banner we all knew? Like I wondered if Bruce really had to die, if he really was beyond help. But Hulk had let Banner live once and it he regretted it, this time he wasn't giving Banner the choice. In the seventh issue were Hulk recounts what happened as he describes the last moments he saw Banner die in the explosion... it was gut wrenching. I seriously just sat there just in awe what I had read. The only thing that got to me more was the last quote Hulk shares,

"Even though he died in my hands... even though I saw him blown into a fine bloody mist... I still can't belive he's gone. When I close my eyes, it's almost like I can still hear him. and when I open them... it only gets louder. I know he's dead and gone, but still I can't help but hear the echo of his voice... still bouncing through my head like it always used to. Only now... there's nothing but screaming." -Hulk

I felt pretty moved by this and despite my own cynical belief that a character never truly dies in comics, when I read that I really believed it in a way. After reading these stories It kinda hit me, that I don't think they would ever be able to capture these moments properly on screen. Sure they may try to adapt them but they'd probably still get it wrong. I think this is why we read comics. Because there are so many stories that could only be told this way. All the producers and the the shallow movie makers wouldn't be able to do these stories justice. True there have been great comic book based movies all with their own gut wrenching, emotional moments. But there's always going to be stories that Hollywood never touches. Stories that would otherwise go untold. True there can be some bad ones that I may never want to see, but for the ones that I do want to read, I'm so glad I can experience them and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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The World Needs Superman

The following are basically just some random thoughts I'd get out of my head and type out here. Just my little way of giving said thoughts something of an outlet. Not sure if there's any point to be made here or anything just take this with a grain of salt and indulge this fan boy if you would.

I was born back in 1982, and one of the first super heroes I was ever introduced to was Superman. My mom used to put the Christopher Reeves films on for me as a kid and I loved it. There were even VHS tapes of the old cartoons from the 40's and 50's. Course there were other cartoons and the like at that time, but those two things seemed to stick with me the most. I think the only other thing of significance that ever came along was the Superman Animated Series that started on the WB. It was a great show in my opinion and naturally I fell in love with the subsequent Justice League series that would follow.

But back in the 80's and early 90's when I was a kid, Superman was who I wanted to be. Yes I was one of those kids who would tuck his blanket into shirt and pretend to fly. Thankfully I never attempted to jump off my parents roof. But anyway, over time there would be other super characters I grew very fond of like Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man etc. But Superman for me to this day still reigns up there above all of them. As I got older I thought less of Superman as this idol and more so of an idea. The ideal super hero. Someone who'd stand up for the little guy, would always do the right thing no matter what. He'd never let things like angst or having to be gritty get in the way. He was the boy scout, and I've always loved that about his character.

Now mind you I haven't really payed attention to many of the recent comics so I can't really give any opinions on those as I've mostly followed Superman through animation and movies. And to get one elephant out of the room ,no I didn't like that recent Superman Returns movie with Brandon Routh and I'm not going to list the reasons why because I'm sure that's been talked about ad nauseum. But even despite some of the negative things that's happened with him in the various forms of media, be it comics, movies, tv shows etc, I hope that the idea of Superman's character never changes. Because in a world where every super hero has to have a bunch of emotional baggage, drama, angst and my least favorite "gritty" we still need the colorful hero who doesn't do things out of simple revenge or anger. Sure Superman has done things like that mostly against Darksied and for obvious reasons but for the most part I like to remember Superman for showing compassion and benevolence, things that I feel some heroes are missing today. Thankfully we still have guys like Captain America who have thankfully been done justice in recent films.

But still there hasn't been a whole lotta love for Superman and in essence I can't blame some folks for thinking of him as a second rate character considering the treatment he's gotten in recent media, or the lack there of. But I have a lot of hope for the upcoming film Man of Steel. I'm hoping that no matter what they do with the story that the essence of his character is still there. That he's the true boy scout super hero who will always do the right thing. It's a type of character I wish we could see more of in films, tv, comics, etc. We don't always need the drama, sometimes all we need is someone who's brave and bold and someone you feel like you could always depend on. The world needs heroes like these, the world needs Superman.


Fan of super heroes jsut not comics.

First of all lemme me just say I'm only stating my opinion here and just kinda giving some background on how I got to like some of my favorite super heroes and the like as I've always been more of a casual fan of DC and Marvel characters. Just thought I'd point that out first.
So yeah ever since I was a kid a lot of my introduction to super heroes were tv shows and movies basically. Granted not many of them followed the source material (especially back in the 80's) but they were still entertaining. Growing up it was interesting to see there were a lot of other stories going on with all the comics that these shows and movies were based on. Course there were also some gaps that had me scratching my head when I find out that some villians end up turning good or vice versa which was something that happened a lot in the 90's. 
Oh lord the 90's... there were a lot of things that went on that I had no idea about until recently.  I did kinda follow Spawn on a monthly basis cause it was kinda cool back then. Course then the movie came out and... yeah. I still kept reading the books but over time I just thought the story was degenerating into nonsense and I eventually stopped reading. I'm sure it's probably still good and all just I kinda enjoyed things better when it was starting out. The same can be said about some of my other favorite characters like Iron Man, Hal Jordan, Spider-Man ,Superman ,Hulk, etc.
But man it was weird going from what I had known which was standard Good vs Bad Guys and I was comfertable with that, to seeing the massive and complicated soap opera of what was going on in the comic books. But man there was some crazy stuff that went on in the 90's. Like Hal Jordan going nuts, the whole clone saga with Spider-Man, Superman getting killed then brought back (which was one of the only events I kinda followed at that time despite not having previously read any Superman comics). Oh and of course the whole multidimensional wars that went on and apparently still continue in DC comics today.
But even some of the stuff that happened in the last decade threw me for a loop and had me kinda throwing my hands up. Like the Marvel civil war. One of my fav heroes Iron Man becomes a massive jerk then Cap gets killed ,costume change for Spider-Man (which really these things never work. Like Superman's last costume change >< ). I mean I guess it's ok to shake things up once in a while but if any of the stuff that happened in the 90's has taught us anything a bunch of folks will get mad because things have changed so drastically and the comic writers have to come up with another story to set things right so folks will be happy. Like Peter Parker selling his soul so his identity can be kept secret and all he loses... is his wedding ring. Oh he's still with Mary Jane and liver with her and all but.. just not married... yeah. 
Then there's all this crazy stuff going on with Batman dying then coming back and this nonsense with black and white lanterns and Sinestro becoming a good guy just... this all kinda screws with my mind probably because of my limited knowledge of the characters so I just feel I'll stick with cartoons and the like cause I just find it so hard to take a lot of comics seriously when it seems to me the writers don't take it seriously enough them selves. 
At the same time I feel kinda bad for comic writers. I really do. They're constantly under attack by fans and yet try their hardest to make a story that sells but that line between pleasing folks and alienating them is paper thin!
But that's just my two cents folks. I know this may not all make a whole lot of sense but I just had to get this off my mind and of course I'm wondering what you the comic reading public think. Like how do you deal with all these massive changes and shake ups? Or have you felt this way too?