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Awesome Issue 0

I forgot a long time ago why I read comics. Most of the stuff I have read recently has been shit and nothing seems to get me excited like it used to.This issue was totally badass. The Skrull Invasion is another drawn out nightmare, but this mini is putting the x-men right back where the need to be acting as a guerilla unit with extraordinary powers. It just shows you don't need Wolverine to cause some high-grade mayhem....

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Another day in the office 0

This is the kind of Conan that Dave Sim felt was so ripe for parody back in the day. It's just a dumb Aladdin rip off that has our hero stealing some magic gems only to have the stone guardians of the secret temple come to life and attack him. Conan is of course more than up to the task and he dispatches the magical monsters and retires to the pub for some mead and another boring anecdote session. Surprise, surprise, when he shows the gems at the end of his story, they melt into dust. It's a lam...

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