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This book: os actually just issue two of this volume: 
Please move it, thanks.

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Still. Not. Fixed.
On what planet is this not a major issue.
Guys get your shit together, please.
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I just came across this pile of steaming bull and wanted to ask the admins whether this was now acceptable:
Are we adding items to the database that have yet to be published?
This gives carte blanche to anyone to rip a picture off or anywhere for solicitations and claim the points on Comicvine.
I call bull. This should be removed until someone can legitimately claim to have seen this item for sale.
Er... I've just noticed that the contributor is the actual writer on the issue which is kind of cool, so I'm willing to give some ground based on the fact that this is an interesting development. Still, I'd love to hear what the community thinks.

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Is there going to be any comment from the admins? This is some pretty annoying stuff.

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This bug is still current and still urgent.
Data is being lost that will never be replaced.

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It's working for me too, now.
Great job, guys, thanks.

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Like the new interface, but I can't seem to edit these two fields.

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The volume 'Angel: After The Fall' needs to be split into two. From #18 onwards it ceased to be called 'Angel: After The Fall' and is now published with the title 'Angel'.

Can someone please take care of this?


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Has anyone mentioned Jesse Custer yet? He was even a priest of some kind until that whole mixup where he allowed God to be taken out for abandoning mankind. I guess you could say he kinda lapsed.

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aztek the lost said:
  ...but the point is, its quite clear on the covers that in this case its John Constantine - Hellblazer, after 253 issues you think they'd get rid of it if it wasn't supposed to be there, don't you?"
No, the point is that it's entirely unclear on the covers.

Another point here is that too many people are adding information to the ComicVine database without ever actually opening a comic book. It's very easy to rip data from other sites, but it's far more useful to actually look inside the book to see what's going on.

If you look at the listings in the pre-order catalogs and DC's own site, you'll find the title listed as "Hellblazer". Let's not try to reinvent the wheel and be smarter than the guys who actually publish the title, right?