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Resonate says:

"Trauma says:
"yea i havet submitted in awhile but i know im going to hit 5000 by the end of this week"
cool I'm gonna try and get somewhere in the top twenty later this week I pulled a 1000 today with little to no effort I was surprised"

Yeah, I got over 2000 yesterday with almost no effort.

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Yusuke: Yusuke, due to his demon blood, has become quite a force to deal with. During the Three Kings saga, he destroyed acres of land, and was even able to put up an amazing fight outside of his demon form. In his normal form, though, I say that Inuyasha and Naruto are faster than him. Not stronger, but definantly faster. I think that that gives them the advantage to take out Yusuke, since he would be fighting them at the same time, and he has never been one to back down from a fight. If Yusuke were to enter the Demon form, though, both his speed and his strength would increase exponentially, an he would be able to take out both Naruto and Inuyasha. However, if he were to enter hisdemon form, then I'm guessing that both Naruto and Inuyasha would eter their demon form (though I know very little about the exact perameters for Inuyasha going demon), and the same could be said of all of their demon forms, so in the end, I don't see Yusuke taking this fight, though he definantely will not go down without a fight.

Naruto: As stated before, Naruto appears to me to be faster than Yusuke, and would be able to use that to his advantage. He does not seem to be faster than Inuyasha, though, and this is were he would be at a disadvantage. Naruto is weaker than most at reading moves, so he would have a pretty hard time dodging Inuyasha's attacks. Naruto would have the potential of going fox, though, but I doubt that he would go past level four, and the flaw with this form is the damage it takes to the body. I can see Inuyahsa, using his speed and stamina to his advantage, being able to survive four tails long enough that the strain would be too much on Naruto's body, and if Inuyahsa were to go demon (again, my knowledge of how he goes demon is limited) then I'm certain he would be capable of dodging four-tails attacks.

In the end, I see Inuyasha taking this.

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Lord Doom says:

"He's not smarter"

To be trthful, they all are kind of retards.

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Shaper says:

"Assimilation says:
"I can lick my elbow"
*Cough* BULLSH!T *Cough*"

res can vouch for me on that one.

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I can lick my elbow

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Platinumwarrior says:

"Gottheit says:
"Yeah, but Boba survived the Scarlacc."
But he got knocked in by a blind guy "_" "

because his jet pack malfunction. same way his dad was defeated, except boba lived, and his dad... well... He met Samuel L Jackson.

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V would beat batman in any area, except for maybe fans.

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Dragonstrike says:

"Assimilation says:
"Assimilation. Assi for short Presently a villain."
Good evening Assi."

good evening

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Assimilation. Assi for short

Presently a villain.