I Hate It!!!!!

Today, I went to my second day of school, and to be quite frank, it sucked. We have to carry around a fifty pound backpack all f*ing day, there's no food for vegetarians, there are multiple hypocritical comments said by the teachers, the classes are boring, we have been assigned a book that is horribly organized and breaks off into streams of random and unimportant facts, we aren't allowed to go to our lockers, and their bus drivers must have cheated to get a drivers license. One thing that teachers need to realize is that a life does not revolve around school, and that we do not want it to.

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Posted by Death Flame

man and jack said the first day was awesome but yesterday he told me you guys had a sh*t load of homework and what hypocritical comments do the teachers use?

Posted by Assimilation

they are always saying "we get as much homework as you guys do" but they chose it. We're forced to. Also, "we must always stay organized, so that we kind stay foc... where did I put that test plan." That was funny.

Posted by Resonate

Boo Hoo your classes SUCK mine are awesome!!!