God Like.

Characters who have extremely high-level powers, like psionic, cosmic, magic. In other words, God like.

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Posted by RoninTheFury

Great list. i like how you included Altwaal from the Crossgen Universe. i hope you don't mind a few other suggestions: Galactus, the Celestials, the other emotional entities of the DC universe, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos and Master Order, Mistress death, and lastly, Charon, also of the Crossgen Universe, who possessed even more power than Altwaal.

Posted by Aspirus

I got some work lol, thank you Ronin ;)
Posted by cosmic_reign

Nice list....Celestials definately belong on this list.

Posted by lol

Lol in Nekron the worst nightmare of Freddy Kreuger