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Captain Atom wins all three, for reasons already explained.

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It was an ok movie, but hopefully this will keep people away from the Joer as I dont really care about the character that much & would rather see some of the others before getting Joker Version 3. As much as Nolan might be a good choice, I find his argument that certain characters wont work in "his vision" a cheap excuse for his limited abilities. Everyone else can use them, some good, some failed, so honestly, it just shows he is limited.

I don't think it's reasonable to call Nolan limited, given his other films. He had no problem with fantastical elements in The Prestige. He wanted to create films that were grounded in reality for Batman. Having a freeze gun, a giant scaly human, or a man of clay wouldn't go well with that, and would detract from the atmosphere he set up.

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@Invisible_Witch said:


How does that work? Isn't She dead ...

Rick be crazy.

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Is it bad that I want Pepper to die? It's just that Stark in a monogamous relationship feels wrong to me.

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@elayem98: He said infirmary.

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I was on the fence with Walt until

he killed MIke. Now I want him dead.

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@secondfallen616 said:

So we now know Kirkman's plan for any book he does......get to a hundred issues and then its DEATH TIME!!!!

Well, with Walking Dead, it was pretty much ALWAYS death time.

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It doesn't matter who he loves. Batman is so obsessed with achieving something impossible that he will never be happy in a relationship. His parents' deaths haunt him, and will haunt him until he dies. Until there is retribution for their deaths, and there never will be, he can't be in a real relationship.

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Black Panther. Vibranium exists in this universe, there could be something there.

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It bugged me that Bane wasn't the mastermind he was made out to be. I think that it would have been better if he was the child and Talia played some other role. I mean, Talia needed to play a part, but to me Bane should be Batman's ultimate enemy, more so even than the Joker. Having him just be another cog in a machine seems disgraceful.