The Crazies!

psychologically disturbed individuals - from the mild to the extreme

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Posted by courtney12490

you should add powerboy

Posted by ASKwhy
@courtney12490: Thanks. I don't know too much about the character, but I suppose growing up on Apokolips would make anyone crazy.  Plus, there's the whole obsession with Supergirl, too.
Posted by courtney12490
@ASKwhy: no problem, he is super-crazy though, if you read the issues of supergirl with him in them you'll see just how crazy.
Posted by Zeraphyne

What about the Hulk? I mean doesnt he qualify for a big time personality disorder?! As far as I remember, Doc Samson once diagnosed something like that.
Posted by MarkPar

put some arkham inmates there and you have an alright team

Posted by Fortanono
Edited by Anjales

nice list but you forgot Creeper, Norman Osborn, Doc Ock, Mac Gargan, the Jackal, Gaggy, the Jokerz, the Mask, Bullseye, Kraven the Hunter, Super-Boy Prime, Lex Luthor

Posted by Ston3face

Are they really crazy or just misunderstood? ;)

Posted by J1ml33

these are perfectly normal people well like this man right here ...

see he turned out nicely .
Posted by PowerHerc

Unique and interesting topic for a list.  Good job thinking of it. 
Posted by Nny

Don't forget Delirium!

Posted by aussiebushwacker

also d-man, jason todd
Posted by Walker696

Prof X(went nuts and created Onslaught), Wolverine(no explanation needed), Bane (went nuts because of Venom), Carnage(no explanation needed), Hardball(turned to Penance), Scarlet Witch(surprised nobody said her yet), and Dr. Light(he's a serial rapist)

Posted by doomsilver

Nice list.