Mort of the Month

A look at some bizarre and oddball characters of the super-powered community, not to mention the embarrassing and uncouth, along with the fashion-challenged, as well.

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Posted by Zeraphyne

Would it be okay for you if I would use some characters from your list to broaden my own "Ridiculous"-list?

Posted by ASKwhy
@Zeraphyne: Sure, go ahead!
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

ridiculous ness! ludicrus! I love it!

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
Posted by mightiness

I love super obscure lame characters. I have an affinity for them.

Posted by tamabone

I just love crazy loser characters.
Posted by Superjustin11

What's a "mort"?

Posted by Cezar_TheScribe

I like some of these characters.

Posted by jesusdisciple001

sorry but bouncing boy is not a "mort" watch the legion animted series so u see why