Down Under

The super-powered mythos of Australia and Oceania.

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Posted by MichaeltheFly

I don't know why but I think your from Australia, even so good list.

Posted by Zeraphyne

Two more Australians: Gorgeous George and Ugly John (the only two Australians I could find until now)

Posted by Zeraphyne

Would Tuatara count?

Posted by ASKwhy
@Zeraphyne: I was thinking the same thing.  New Zealand is its own country though and if we include Tuatara (which I just have) should other New Zealanders and Maori be considered?
Posted by Zeraphyne

Of course, New Zealand is its own country, but I was more thinking of Australia as a continent and not so much as a country. I have several lists, that go for heroes from a special continent and not from a special country. Just a matter of definition, I think!
Btw, great work on the Corps files!

Posted by ASKwhy
@Zeraphyne: Good idea. Now I won't have to be so selective.  *digs for profiles*
Posted by Zeraphyne

Damn, youre quick!

Posted by Ryonslaught

good list :)

Posted by Meteorite
Posted by beatboks1

There are quite a few more Aussie Comic superheroes. A few more from Cyclone comics like the Jackaroo, Lt Smith, Flash Domingo, Colonel Rivers (formerly Crimson Comet of the golden age)
Plus quite a few Golden Age Aussie heroes like Captain Atom, Panther, Masked Archer, Crimson Comet,

Posted by tsl3161991

loa is from hawaii, not australia.
Posted by Knight Train
@Zeraphyne:  New Zealand isn't apart of Australia, but it is apart of Oceania. :)