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no problem.  I have the first 4 hardcover collections.  The 5th one just came out and will be in my hands soon, hehe.
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@JoeRiccadonna: It premieres in October on AMC
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Waiting impatiently for this show!  It's shooting here in Atlanta so I've been keeping up with the progress a lot.  Seriously can't wait.

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Two clues regarding the true intentions of the Indigo Tribe: 
1) The tribe's abduction of Black Hand following Blackest Night 
2) The name of the entity of compassion.  
The embodiment of compassion is named as Proselyte.  The name actually comes from the word proselytize which means to convert to another opinion or belief.  At the end of Blackest Night, we see Black Hand bound in chains with the Indigo Tribe symbol appearing as if he's under a strange influence and speaking in the language of the Indigo Tribe.  In the same issue, there's an excerpt from the Book of the Black revealing Hand's thoughts, and though most of it is in this language, it shows Hand seeking help.   
The pairing of the visual take on the entity with it's name is starting to make sense.  The Guardians were concerned with the Star Sapphire Corps and their method of conversion.  Perhaps it should be the Indigo Tribe which they should be more concerned with.

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@Neverpraying: i got it.  the video was cutting in and out, that's why I said it was taking forever.
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@Neverpraying: yeah, i figured it out but if it's the video then it better award me the points cuz it's for ever for a 3-minute video
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@Neverpraying: really cuz I'm trying to find a clue for the first butler
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The Walking Dead is a fantastic series.  When I first came across it, the series was already into 50+ issues.  I bought the first few issues, then found the 1st Hardcover collection.  I have since bought the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th collections.   
As Babs said, it would be nice if characters spoke of their first experience with the Zombies just to get a bit more background on where they were at when it all went down, but I do believe neither the origin or the resolution to the Zombies will ever be told.   
It's the Apocalypse, God only knows how it started and God only knows how it will end.  It's about human survival. Yeah the characters move around alot but that's so they keep on living.  And it is fluid, there is reason behind the constant moving.  Perhaps in the current story, they can catch a breather. Lord knows they need one.