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Posted by lostlantern13

That, honestly, was one of my favorite moments of that issue. Geoff really does a great job of making his hope seem powerful rather than cheesy.

Posted by PrinceIMC

Agreed. I love that Barry's there.....they should just make him Blue Lantern of Earth's sector.

Posted by lostlantern13

I would love to see Barry, Scarecrow, Lex, and Ray Palmer stay as lanterns. They really did a great job of choosing the deputies.

Posted by MarkPar

how very touching

Edited by Omega Ray Jay

Very powerful, good stuff.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

This was just wonderful

Posted by Dfense75

Very touching and very refreshing. I love a good "bad ass" character as much as the next guy. But this is a very bold move on the creators part to introduce a character so genuinely full of faith and hope. His character design is awesome and his spirit is infectious.