Carol Ferris - An Observation

Carol as Star Sapphire
Is it just me or is Carol becoming a lot more interesting lately?  I admit, as I have in the past, that I'm only getting into Green Lantern with Geoff Johns' run but still, even with only 50+ issues, Carol's become more entertaining to me.  She's not just the hero's girlfriend or the hero's girlfriend who happens across her own superpowers.  She's a really cool character.  At first, her character was hard to pin down.  I actually did think she was 'just the hero's girlfriend'.  Yeah, Hal died and Carol married another guy in order to get on with her life, but she still pined for the Green Lantern.  And then Hal came back, Carol got a divorce, and she still pined for the man.  Then the two would have this back and forth thing and Hal would have flings with other women, and Carol still wanted the guy.  Part of me was like, 'She really likes this guy' and the other part of me was going, 'She really like this guy?' 
Anyway, from reading up on the character pre-Johns, Carol's been back and forth on a lot of things - being in love with Hal, being in charge of Ferris Air, being a Star Sapphire.  It's all pretty spread out.  No wonder I couldn't get a good idea of the character.  Then, Blackest Night happened and Carol became a Star Sapphire again.  Yeah, she did it to help Jordan, but she still did it...and she's still a Sapphire.  During this event, I still couldn't get clear picture of her even though everyone was saying Carol is important for this reason or that reason.  Why?  Because she was pining for her man, of course.  It was frustrating because even without being a Star Sapphire, I was seeing Carol as this strong, adventure loving, professional business woman with her part in her company and her love of flying.  But then she puts on this ring and becomes even more sappy for Hal even though she's saying 'I'm in control', 'I'm doing this to help, Hal' and yet, she doesn't actually say what's on her mind outright. 
Then, Blackest Night ends and the powers that be finally get to take some time to build on Carol's persona.  It's like the war's over and Carol's finally getting tired of this game.  And this became most apparent in Green Lantern #57.  It probably helps that the issue actually focused on Carol and the Predator, but it shown the light on Hal's perception of the entities and, through Carol's voice, Hal's view of their relationship.  Carol was finally shown as being kind of independent from Hal and, perhaps, slightly indifferent.  She seems to want a firm yes or no on what the hell is going on between them.  
And now, not only is she a Star Sapphire, she's the Queen of the Star Sapphires.  I don't know what to expect from that.  I've read she's never wanted to be a Star Sapphire and she's always refused to be their Queen.  It'll be interesting and hopefully not something thrown off real quick.  Anyhow, the way Carol defended the actions of the Predator and managed to confront Hal on their relationship was pretty top notch.  She was in control of the situation and didn't allow anyone to take it from her.  Carol's becoming pretty tough and I hope to see more of that from the character in the future.
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I'd recommend Secret Origin for some insight on Carol..

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Love is a crazy thing 
plus Hal never really stopped loving her either