Squeeeee!!! A TV series based on "The Walking Dead"?!

OMG!  This was announced last month?  Where the hell was I?  I hope it happens.  They say AMC is looking to do it and it would be 110% faithful.  (Why not 115%? you ever wonder why everyone always says 110%?) Anyway, I hope it becomes a reality.  I frakkin' love 'The Walking Dead'! 
AMC and Frank Darabont team up to bring 'The Walking Dead' to TV  
Robert Kirkman on 'The Walking Dead' coming to TV 
There's also an annotated Google Map giving the locations of everything that happens from issue 1-64.  I can tell you if you try to search for it on the web the links just take you to a blank map over Coffeyville, KS I believe.  So, if you're interested, go to Google Maps, place your screen in an area from Kentrucky and Tennessee to Georgia, search for Walking Dead, and it'll pull up the annotated listings.  I downloaded it to Google Earth and it's friggin' sweet! 
(a fun little aside -- The one thing that gets me about "The Walking Dead" --- There was a snowstorm...in the Atlanta area...a snowstorm...like a blizzard?...in Atlanta....I live in Atlanta...snowstorms don't happen...at least often...now, if it were a bit north of Atlanta, I could understand...but a snowstorm...in Atlanta...**scratches head**...
Official Site of The Walking Dead 


Will Spider-Ham now be a character at the Magic Kingdom?

                           Spider-Ham VS Zeke Wolf                                                              
I just wonder how much of crossover will be taking place.   Will this echo the Warner Bros/DC/Six Flags business or we'll we be seeing Marvel Heroes at Disney World?  Either way, I'm cool with seeing Peter Porker up close and personal.  Us grown-ups need cartoons too...and I don't see [adult swim] making appearances anywhere.  haha!

Sky High Goes to Camp Hammond


We'll just see how bad ass Warren Peace thinks he is...

The Cavalry



Somehow, being a native Atlantan, I'm not feeling the love especially since Ultragirl and Thor Girl have left the team.  I'm not seeing how Crime-Buster and Stunt-Master are going to do us any good.  Red 9 may prove to be worth something, though.  Not that anyone is ever gunning for the ATL.  hehe ;)  The Initiative is such a cool concept.  Hope it survives the Dark Reign.
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Top 10 - any good?

um, yeah, just reading the short entries on characters from Top 10 makes it seem rather out there.  Haven't read it yet.  Any fans out there?


Dead is dead, dammit!

A Black Lantern should not be able to return to normal.  The mainstream comics companies (DC and Marvel) need to start realizing that if they kill off a character, that character's dirtnap needs to be eternal.  It's one reason I left the X-Titles, because all of their big, emotional turning point deaths were reversed because some writer wanted to use that character.   
The dead can't comeback to life, that's the whole point to Death!  If you take that back, then it loses it's emotional impact.  I seriously do not want anything to be reversed in this storyline.  After all is said and done, they either stay Black Lanterns or they go back to being memories and wormfood. End of story.

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The Ring I Would Wear

It would either be Indigo cuz I tend to put others before myself as well as just watch people and their actions.   
Or Purple for pride (a combination of Red and Blue // Rage and Hope) and my own fanboy creation

Purple Lantern Ring