S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (w/ Easter Eggs)

S.H.I.E.L.D. #1  was amazing.  Quite well done.  Intriguing, interesting, engaging.  Simply put, the book was awesome.  But enough with the adjectives.  S.H.I.E.L.D. introduces readers and fans to the idea that the organization known as SHIELD has been around longer than what we may think.  In fact, the Shield may have been around as long as 2620 BC or at least it's creation was inspired by the events of that year.  It would appear 2620 BC was when Earth experienced it's first alien invasion and by the Brood, no less.  Having infected the Pharoah Khasekhemwy and bringing an end to the second great dynasty.  All would have been lost if it hadn't been for Imhotep with spear and shield in hand.  Of course, he had in form of an agent of Khonshu as well as En Sabah Nur and probably other Egyptian-themed characters from that time period.   

Afterwards, a group of men - thinkers, inventors, etc, etc - decided the world needed protectors or at least people to watch for signs of evil.  So, those in the West formed The Shield and those in the East formed The Spear.  Each named after the weapons Imhotep carried into battle.  Members of the Spear even had an encounter with a Celestial woman in 114 AD.  In the year 1503 AD, we find out Leonardo da Vinci was a member of this Shield and along with his inventions has a bust of Imhotep and the headdress(?) of a Shield leader (which, btw, seemed to be fashioned after the shape of a Brood head).  And among his inventions and designs we see a flying machine, a space helmet(?), the Vitruvian Man representing The Human Machine, and an object resembling a rhombicuboctahedron which apparently will feature in this story.  Later, in 1582 AD, Galileo has an encounter with the world-eating Galactus.   

And while we, the reader are learning all of this for the first time, so is this young guy named Leonid.  From the very start (which is presently in 1953 btw), we are made aware that Leonid is not an ordinary human.  He's special.  He sparkles with stars, he levitates, and has a translucent quality at times.  And, while Leonid learns this secret history, he is reminded none of these Shield members faltered because they somehow knew that each of those encounters was now how the world would end.  It raises the question if this Shield then does know how the world will end and if Leonid will be privy to that information. 
And, along with Leonid, we are introduced to his father, the Night Machine.  Strange name, I know, but stranger still is the fact that this guy is supposed to be dead.  That's how Leonid came to be with Shield, living in their underground Immortal City beneath Rome for three years.  Anyway, Night Machine had told Leonid 'they' would come for him someday and yet he is surprised to see his son here.  Another question?  Either way, Leonid wonders if his dad is there to take him away, but Night Master is actually their to raze the place to the ground.  Along the way, Night Machine comes across Agents Stark and Richards while Leonid climbs some stairs and finds something astonishing.  

So, as I said, S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 is pretty cool.  The writing is excellent and the art is breathtaking.  I really hope this title is around for a good while.
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The New Charlton -or- Heroes For a New Generation

I'm not going to say I know a lot about the following characters but ever since I picked up Green Lantern a few years back and began my return to DC comics, I've noticed DC has pretty much cornered the market on characters passing on the mantle to the next generation.  Not that it's something new to them - the Teen Titans have been running around for ages - but in the past decade, it's been happening more and more.  After reading up on the Charlton characters now owned by DC and actually picking up and reading The L.A.W. mini-series, I've become more interested in these characters.  Sure, back in the day, I remember reading something or other with Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, or Nightshade in it, but the Question, Judomaster, Peacemaker, Peter Cannon, I had no clue.  And, nowadays, it seems a little too late to catch up on these particular characters.   So, let's see who have now taking up the names or powers of Charlton characters. 

For starters, there's the most known to regular DC readers - new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.  I know little of the Ted Kord version and less of Jaime Reyes, but I do know I like the new look and power set.  Blue Beetle Ted Kord (along with best bud Booster Gold) were kinda corny and goofy to me back in the '80s and '90s.  I still need to catch up on Jaime but from what I've seen he's not nearly as bad. 

Second, there's Renee Montoya, the new Question.  A character originally created for the Batman:TAS series, Renee was a Gotham PD detective who took over the mantle formerly held by Vic Sage.  I like this character a lot.  She has potential, gusto, and shades of gray.  Again, don't know much of her, but I can't wait to find out more.  


Next, there's Judomaster and Thomas Jagger - the former, Sonia Sato, taking the namesake of the original Judomaster, Rip Jagger, and the latter being Rip's son.  I like the fact that there are two characters tied to the original.  Thomas is a pretty cool character.  I need to read up on Sonia.  Though, having read L.A.W.S., it's hard to picture when/where Rip would have fathered a child.  And since Sonia already has the name of Judomaster, it's easier to see Thomas as a second generation of Peter Cannon...until DC can come up with something to do with that particular Charlton character. 
There's a few other characters who have made appearances here and there.  Bombshell, who's powers were derived in a similar fashion to Captain Atom, hung with the Titans for awhile.  Vulcan, who was handed his mantle quite literally from the Son of Vulcan, had a short run until he wound up comatose.  Peacemaker received more of a makeover than a replacement.  The only Charlton character not to have the second generation treatment is Nightshade, but I imagine Meridian would be a good choice because she's practically the only other teleporter DC has...and I actually miss the character from the all too short run of Primal Force.  So, where am I going with this?  I don't know, but it'd pretty cool to see more of these guys.

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A Mutant Romance in the Making?

Having recently dropped the X-titles, I haven't been in the loop with current events.  However, I just learned that Stinger has made an appearance as a resident of Utopia and is becoming friends with Iceman.  This is an interesting development and I'm actually stoked about the possibility of her character being fleshed out.  I've always been interested in the character of Stinger, aka Wendy Sherman.   
I could never understand why a teenager would be involved with a group like the Alliance of Evil or, after learning more of Apocalypse, how such an untrained mutant fit into his "survival of the fittest" dogma.  Stinger has never received any real level of character development other than the young punk treatment.  Now with the mutant populace down to a manageable size, perhaps Wendy can be given a deeper personality as well as a background that explains her past. 
As far her friendship with Iceman, I hope it sticks and develops further.  Bobby Drake needs a friend closer to his age and one who would have the attitude to match his own.  Bobby was once reckless, in a good way, always playing pranks and being a jokester.  He's matured a bit and can possibly help Wendy to deal with her issues, whatever they may be. 
In short, I'm glad to see Wendy back and hope to see more of her.  Now, if the Powers That Be can just update her look a little more, I'd be really happy.


Green Lantern Origin: Emerald Dawn or Secret Origins?

So, rumor has it, the Green Lantern movie will feature Hector Hammond and LEGION as the villains of the film.  As I'm new to the Green Lantern series with the most recent volume, I decided to do a little online research into LEGION.  Apparently, LEGION was the villain of Emerald Dawn, which retold the origin of Green Lantern in the Post-Crisis universe.  In Emerald Dawn, LEGION was the cause of Abin Sur coming to Earth and his eventual death; but in Secret Origins, the cause is Atrocitus.  So, has Green Lantern's origin been retconned?  Or can the two be reconciled and be fitted together?


Armor vs Debrii

Fight takes place on Utopia where Debrii has been brought after going into hiding from Osborn's Initiative.  Deborah's not liking the fact that home is now an asteroid floating in the ocean.  Hisako, as usual, has something smart to say in return and the friction between the two begins.  
The fighters stay in character and have whatever prep time their powers allow in maneuvering their own attacks and dodging the other's.  This is Utopia so there's plenty of mutant spectators on site but no can help either side ... unless they want to cheer one side on or keep them from leaving early.   
The Win? - Knocking the opponent off/out of Utopia - kinda ironic, since the whole point of the fight is whether they should be on Utopia in the first place.


Blake Lively is Carol Ferris!

From the Washington Journal to the New York News to Hollywood Reporter to MTV, everyone's putting out the word that Blake Lively has signed on as Carol Ferris in the upcoming Green Lantern movie.   Reportedly, the role will be very faithful to the comic character with Carol Ferris running her father's aerospace company and dealing with cocky test pilot Hal Jordan.  Already one source is predicting Lively's future in the role if the big screen Green Lantern is a success - a Star Sapphire movie, anyone? 

What do you think?

If the New Guardians were deputized in the Lantern Corps...

...which Corps would each one be in? 
I was reading over my previous post and this popped into my head.  This is purely a hypothetical question, but since The New Guardians were made out to be such a huge deal way back in Millenium by the Guardians of the Universe, I thought it'd be an interesting topic with what's currently going in Blackest Night.   
There were said to be ten New Guardians but only eight were gathered.  The other two were unable to participate - Terra of the Teen Titans was dead and the other person was senile.  There was another person chosen -  a racist bigot named Janwillem Kroef - but he turned the offer down because the group consisted of non-white members.  Tom Kalmaku also turned the offer down from the start due to him having a family but he did develop the power to "bring out the best in people".   
Presently, three more are dead (Harbinger, RAM, and Gloss) .  That leaves four - Betty Clawman, Extrano, Jet, and Floronic Man.  So, even including Tom and Janwillem, which of the seven Corps would you think each character would be recruited into?   
I think there are enough Earth-based Green Lanterns not to have another.  So, based on what little I  know of the characters, I see: 

  • Tom as a Blue Lantern
  • Betty in the Indigo Tribe
  • Jet as a Star Sapphire
  • Extrano as a Red Lantern
  • Janwillem as an Orange Lantern
  • Floronic Man as a Sinestro Soldier
 Agree? Disagree? Comments? Suggestions?     
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DC Entertainment shows?

I'd like to see: 
An animated Green Lantern...but with the maturity level of First Flight with the language and the death and sexual tension.  The special effects would be costly for live-action so keep it animated.  Course, I'd want it to be more faithful to the source material than the skewed First Flight, but that's me. 
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash have all had their spots in the light of primetime.  I can't help but think Martian Manhunter would have an 'Alien Nation'-type of vibe to it and Birds of Prey could have been better.  I gotta agree with those who want to see a live-action Doom Patrol series or movie!

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