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ya know, i was genuinely surprised that fantomex ended up killing schoolkid-apocalypse. at first i thought it was a simple misdirection: trick his teammates into thinking he killed the kid, but he had actually transported him to the world. but instead he did kill apocalypse, and then made a clone from his corpse. from a plot perspective, seems a bit convoluted.

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it would be awesome if all of these guys got de-powered then got sent into some gladiator-style arena to battle it out...

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at the end of utopia, when the real x-men freed all those prisoners from HAMMER - including professor x and the real beast - did they not dismantle the omega machine? how is it that they failed to rescue - or at least notice - nate grey?

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i'm not that familiar with taskmaster, mantis, gamora, midnight sun, or champion...have they all had extensive training, or are they just natural-born fighters? 
i also thought about moon knight as a maybe, but i don't know enough about him to judge his fighting chops.

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no powers, no weapons, nothing but training and natural ability...this is my list so far: 
- logan 
- matt murdock 
- elektra natchios 
- natasha romanov 
- steve rogers 
- bucky barnes 
- daken 
- laura kinney 
- t'challa 

- raven darkholme
- nathan summers 
- frank castle 
- ka-zar 
- luke cage 
- iron fist 
- nick fury 
- victor creed (though it's hard to imagine him without his powers...would he still be huge?) 
- wade wilson 
- silver samurai 
- betsy braddock 
- bullseye

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@jordama said:

"...Sex and Violence happend before second coming."

good point - the publication dates always throw me off. for that matter, where the heck is wolverine right now - is he stuck in hell or has he just been turned into a vampire?? i can't keep 'em straight.
"You want to take about lacking in sentiment look at when Bishop shot Charles Xavier in the head. Notta. Squat."
another good point - i did a double-take when i first read that scene. reminded me of when stryfe (posing as cable) shot him in the head during x-cutioner's song - and back then the entire media made a huge deal out of it. but remember, chuck at this point is really in the doghouse, what with the whole kid omega thing... 
@Redalert_27 said:
"I still hope he returns though........hopefully a little younger.... and without the TO virus."
smells like teen spirit. x-man?
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@Mainline said:
"I suspect you'll hear and see more references to Cable on the lips of Cyke, Hope, Dom, and Sam than you will Kurt in the near future."
i certainly hope so, sir! 
and i can't believe i forgot one of the characters he was most intimately connected with (literally - remember when they body-slid together?!): deadpool!! they even shared a monthly title for years!
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@danhimself said:
" @Edamame: I'm hoping that they'll forget that Onslaught Reborn ever happened "
ugh...i just read that yesterday. i think he actually BLEEDS in one panel when cap smashes him with his shield!!
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am i the only one that thinks cable's recent passing in second coming has gone pretty much unnoticed by the entire marvel universe? yes, cable is a loner, but there were several people that were close to him: 
- cyclops: he just gets a bit sentimental, like...once 
- hope: she lashes out at scott, then abruptly forgets about cable 
- domino: hello? former old over? instead she sleeps with wolverine in x-force: sex + violence... 
- cannonball: nothing! i admit cable's relationship with (the old) x-force was strained, but in many ways he and sam had a very strong bond 
- that reporter chick who was kind of his girlfriend: do we even see her reaction? 
- blaquesmith: not sure if he's even still alive
at least nightcrawler got an entire issue of wolverine: weapon x dedicated to his remembrance. so unless marvel's going to bring cable back real soon - maybe through x-man's recent return - i'm jonesin' for a little more respect.

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@ComicMan24 said:
"...since vampirism in the Marvel Universe is mystical and not because of a virus like in the Blade movies..."
is that true, though? i thought in x-men #1, where jubilee gets splashed with vampire blood by the suicide bomber, she gets diagnosed by dr. kavita rao with what looks to be a pathological disorder. 
however, i just saw a promo pic of a full-on vampirized x-23. assuming that it's true - then if she can become a vampire, logan certainly can...
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