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Excellent video G-Man, a very informative on detailing Star Lord's origin and history. My interest in Peter Quill has already gone up just by watching this video. Seems like a nice take on the classic swasbuckling cosmic cowboy with plenty of deep characterisation as well.

Hmm, cosmic cowboy does seem to fit with the origin. It's quite different from the character portrayal in the film, which is more of a rogue or thief.

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I walked into the film without any intimate knowledge of the characters and knew only of their connection to the Infinity Gauntlet. My expectations were high based on the hype and buzz generated lately.

With that said, I agree with the review. On the plus side, the soundtrack, humor and special effects were great. On the other hand, the situation that bonds the characters felt forced and rushed. Additionally, neither Drax nor Gamora were particularly interesting compared to Groot, Starlord or Rocket Raccoon.

Overall, a good flick with flaws. I've heard it said GotG is the "Star Wars of our generation" recently. In my opinion, I find that assertion absurd.

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  1. Panels - If moderated & organized, they are informative & entertaining
  2. Artist alley - Talking to creators/buying artwork
  3. Vendors/Comic Publishers - Sideshow Collectibles, DC, Marvel, Image, etc.
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I wasn't a fan of Tim Burton's Batman nor the soundtrack. Although the movie probably captured the feel of the Silver Age comics and TV series quite well, it didn't match the vibe of the character in the late 80s (i.e. Dark Knight Returns, Death in the Family, Batman Year 1,2,3).

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Star Wars #17 - continues to be a solid series

Batman Eternal #6 - thoroughly enjoying the storyline

New 52 Futures End #2 - not sold on the premise but will give it a chance

Superman Doomed #1 (One Shot) - worth a look

Superman Wonder Woman #8 - love Tony S. Daniels artwork

All-New Ghost Rider #3 - not a bad start so far

All-New X-Men #27

Avengers #29 - Original Sin event crossover

Iron Man #25 - interested to see where this Mandarin storyline goes (if anywhere)

New Avengers #18

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I think the art is great but I'm withholding judgment on the storyline for a few more issues.

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Lots of good staff picks. I'd consider Lazarus #8 and Detective Comics #30 for honorable mention as well.

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@g_man: Generating interest via advertisement is good, no one disputes that. What's baffling is the timing of the advertisement. Marketing a product usually begins before or on the release date, not two or more weeks afterward. Either way, thanks for posting the video and drawing Comic Vine readers attention to it.

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Wasn't this released a couple of weeks ago? Is the advertisement just now being released?

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All criticisms above aside, I felt this is the best of the ASM films. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are excellent cast choices and the overall vibe of the past two films exceeds that of the previous trilogy.