Museum of the Marvel Universe

Thing's I'd probably want to have with me in the Marvel Universe, then show off in an exhibit and curating it for the rest of my days.

List items

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Posted by Tavai

this list is awesome!

Posted by Niko1356

Great List
Posted by Icon

Epic list

Posted by JeredMcCorkle

No question: the list is one of the best I've seen!
Posted by asgoodasezra

Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'm missing a few items here and there.

Posted by Weapon-Alpha

that is an awesome list  u should add the Heart Shaped Herb it gave Black Panther powers

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@Tavai said:
" this list is awesome! "
Posted by PowerHerc

Great idea.  Great picks.  Great list.
Posted by daviegourevitch

You would get robbed. A LOT.

Posted by funnyfishman

So wheres the Cosmic Cube?