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I don't know how many people will want to see Superman fight Zod. It'll probably be cool, but after seeing the Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises, it'll probably look weak in comparison.

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@Dernman: A lot.

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In 2006, Superman Returns made 200 million in the U.S. and 391 milllion worldwide and got positive reviews from critics. Warner Bros. said they were hoping for 500 million worldwide.

In 2013, Man of Steel will need to make at least 400 million to beat Superman Returns disappointing box office. The Avengers grossed 1.5 billion, and the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises grossed over 1 billion a piece.

Warner Bros. is in need of a franchise:

Harry Potter is done. Nolan's Batman is done. The Green Lantern flopped. The Hobbit is being stretched into 3 movies to make it seem like Warner Bros. actually still has a huge franchise left.

Will Man of Steel be a success if it only barely surpasses Superman Returns gross. Incredible Hulk barely passed Hulk's gross and Marvel Studios has no plans to give the character another film anytime soon.

How much does Man of Steel have to make for Warner Bros. to go forward with more DC films that aren't Batman?

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If it does worse than Superman Returns and Green Lantern, it will be the end of Superman until Justice League.

They may ask Tom Welling to play Superman for Justice League, since he has played Clark Kent more than anyone in history. Then, in Justice League we'll see Superman assemble the team. And if Justice League flops...?

I think Man of Steel trailer has a Superman Returns feel. But Superman Returns was essentially Brian Singer's sequel/remake of Superman (1978). Man of Steel is going to be a Christopher Nolan and Zach Synder's remake/reboot of both Superman (1978) and Superman 2 (1980). Do we really have to see another origin for Superman? Do we really have to see Superman fight Zod again? Why does Nolan always have to use villains that have already been used for his comic book movies? Joker, Two-Face, Bane, Catwoman, and General Zod. Use a new villains like you did in Batman Begins.

I like Nolan's Batman films. But I don't like that Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy), Zach Synder (Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead), and David Goyer (Blade trilogy) are the 3 people with the most creative control over a Superman film. Brian Singer was great for the X-men, but it didn't translate to Superman; I sense a repeat of history.

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He can come back from anything.

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During the events of Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu and Yoda go together to kill Emperor Palpatine. When they get to Palpatine's office, Palpatine and Anakin are waiting with their lightsabers.

Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker vs Mace Windu and Yoda

Who wins?

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Mace Windu? Emperor Palpatine? Starkiller?

These characters may be more powerful than Yoda, but it's hard to have a definitive answer.

Mace Windu is the best swordsman in the Star Wars Universe since he could defeat Palpatine in a lightsaber duel when even Yoda couldn't. But both Yoda and Palpatine are stronger with the force than Windu. Starkiller has some pretty impressive lightsaber/force feats too.

I would say Palpatine is the most powerful character since he defeated Yoda, and killed Mace Windu after losing a lightsaber duel, killed Starkiller after losing a lightsaber duel, and technically killed Darth Vader as Darth Vader threw Palpatine to his death. It seems the only thing worse than losing a fight with Palpatine, is winning a fight with Palpatine.

I would say that Emperor Palpatine is the only person more powerful than Yoda.

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Wonder Woman herself wielded Mjolnir in Marvel vs. DC #3:

Mjolnir > Lasso of Truth.

Once she picked up Mjolnir, the lasso became obsolete. She's ready to use the hammer, and she has already forgotten about the lasso.

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Everyone here thinks that Predators are much smaller than Space Jockeys/Engineers. I think they are about the same size. Predators look as though they are almost 7 feet tall.

The original Predator is about a foot taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger who is 6'2.

The Space Jockey/Engineers look like they are a little over 7 feet when they are standing next to David, Weyland, and Shaw.

Predators Tower Over Humans

Obviously, 7-foot-Predators and 7-foot-Space Jockeys are much stronger than 7-foot-humans; so just because Space Jockeys are slightly bigger than Predators doesn't mean they're much stronger. Predators seem slightly weaker than Space Jockeys, but Predators have shown better hand to hand fighting skills.

The Space Jockey fought like a barbarian against David, Weyland, and Shaw. It viciously punched and strangled the humans. The Predators fight strategically against humans and Xenomorphs at all times and are very tough and durable.

The Predator will kill the Space Jockey after a tough battle.