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He didn't do much from what I remember but when those stories were fresh I didn't have a care in the world what people on the roster did or didn't do because those characters were freaking AWESOME to me. :P

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@arturocalakayvee: There was an exclusive contest for fans to win tickets to see JLW before everyone else a few months ago. It was on Comic Vine, so I guess you missed out on that one. I saw it too, it was a great to see it and be there.

Man, I'm missing everything these days! This is like the fifth thing I've discovered I've missed today! I gotta be more vigilant...

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I think true GL fans are happy with Venditti's run. I guess I can't speak for everyone, though. Personally, I love the new direction. But, back on point, I think there is two main groups as for those who don't like the current series: (1) people who just liked Johns' run and weren't interested in GL beyond what he wrote. These people maybe stuck around for an ish or two of the new series, but for the most part they saw Johns' run ending as a way to jump off the title. And (2) people who wanted/expected more of the same, more along the lines of what Johns' did before and consequently don't like the different approach that Venditti is taking.

It's too bad GL isn't more popular. This current run is really great. GL needed to take a new direction, anyway. It had to happen at some point. Johns did a great job for the better part of a decade but it was time for some new blood and new stories.

Nope. I've been reading GL since Kyle Rayner was The Torch Bearer before Johns and I am severely disappointed with the Venditti has taken GL. I've stayed on this long but am very close to dropping off.

Same here. I've read most of Kyle's runs in the Green Lantern series, since Kyle's first appearance and the JLA. And I'm highly disappointed with the main GL book.

yeah this whole "true fan" stuff needs to stop....who are you to tell me that I'm not a true fan because I like/dislike something and you feel the opposite about that completely subjective thing

I've been somewhat vocal over my dissatisfaction towards this new GL direction and people have replied to me saying I don't know what I'm talking about or don't really like GL because I don't worship Venditti's run. It's ridiculous.

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@batmannflash: Lol, alright, I'm gonna wait until the video is released but thanks.

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@lyrafay: Thanks. In that case...I think Marvel will keep whatever dates they have planned as DC likes to delay their movies again and again and again.

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I don't know what you mean by blink.... and that makes me sad.

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That Goku and Vegeta can solo the DC and Marvel universes at the same time.

That even Krillin could solo the Justice League.

That Goku could destroy the universe just by powering up.

That Goku can one shot Galactus.

That Goku can use his telepathy like Xavier or Martian Manhunter, he just chooses not to.

That Goku being stronger than the gods of his world meant that he could easily defeat Thor, due to Thor also being a mere god.

That Goku is the greatest martial artist in all of fiction.

That Goku is the most powerful character in all of fiction.

I love DBZ. It was my childhood. But it's internet fans make me HATE it and these claims just back it up...

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I'm really confused as to what we're voting for.

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That cover is beautiful.