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I went with Powergirl. I have equal love for Miss Marvel but I felt Powergirl was the way to go. Both very strong female leads.

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This was really tough, so many good options! I chose Jessica Drew though. She's always been one of my favorite female characters.

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DareDevil Directors Cut was actually a great movie. Just watched it last week and it really turned me on to the character. I haven't seen the theatrical version but I can't image it being "good" without the scenes originally cut. So I guess that movie rightfully gets the "hate" but it definitely is overrated / underrated.

X-Men Last Stand and X-Men Origins were just horrible movies. Origins had SO MUCH potential and started off really good but once he got the adamantium it went downhill. The FF movies generally aren't good but I'm going to revisit them today or tomorrow for myself.

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The New 52 is a pretty stupid story. Still waiting for it to end, seems like the longest story arc in comic book history.

Hah. Hah. I keed I keed.

Stupidest story…oh man have I read a bunch of those. I'll keep it recent though, one of the stupidest stories I've read lately was James Tynion IV's RHATO recent arc. Making Jason full blown magical was just no. The arc as a whole was pretty awful.

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@arturocalakayvee: That was actually pretty good speculation, it would have been enjoyable to see all 3 together. I don't think MJ should be in the dark about Peter's secret identity for long, have her know asap. Peter will need someone who knows his secret while he's distraught over Gwen's death.

Yep, exactly! He'll need someone to talk to and MJ witnessing his unmasking could help him. It'll develop their relationship really nicely. Or -and this is me just throwing dream ideas out now- Gwen dies at the end of ASM2, Peter gets angry, smashes his enemies, then at the end of ASM2, you see him get the black suit (venom or not) BECAUSE he has no one to talk to yet. The pain of being Spider-Man eats him up. OR just have them do the Spider-Man no more scene again……yeah I'll just stop here lol. Point is -- having him meet MJ first and her discover his identity would be a good idea. What they could also do is not have her in ASM2 at all but then introduce her in ASM3 - Peter is destroyed over Gwens death, Aunt May introduces MJ hoping to cheer Peter up, MJ and Peter meet -boom you just hit the jackpot-, MJ looks at Peter and is in shock, May and Peter are like "uh? what?", MJ says nothing nevermind, Peter and MJ go out to lunch or dinner, things are weird and things get weirder when MJ says -- "Peter, I know you're Spider-Man. I was there when Gwen died. I saw everything."

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While I can understand difficulties with creating good Superman’s game (which doesn’t meant that I like it), I’m quite baffled because of lack of new Supes’ animated series.

Agreed, it really doesn't make sense and they should have had one in the works for when the Man of Steel came out

"Because Superman isn't cool enough anymore." would be DC's response.

But they made a film Smallville, it only seems logical that a cartoon would have been next

I don't quite understand this?

should have said made a film and Smallville

The film was MOS, Smallville had ended long before his anniversary so that still confuses me (sorry mate), but I totally agree an animated show should have been in the works in addition to the failure that is Superman Unchained to capitalize on everything Superman.

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You think Cyclops is a villain? Talk about drinking the Marvel kool-aid. Cyclops isn't a villain by any means.

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They're somewhat friends. Not close friends, not distant friends, but they're willing to help one another while in need. They respect each other, that's all that matters.

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@arturocalakayvee: So you would have preferred her be in the second film, why? I'm kinda glad they moved her to the third film, so Gwen could have more time... I also would like it if Mary Jane was introduced to in the beginning of the third film, but I can't really come up with how they should meet.

He should meet her the same way he met her in the comics or in the TV show. Aunt May should introduce them and she should recite the jackpot line. <-- But now that I think of that, I think I find myself preferring her not being in ASM2 haha. But let's assume I still think she should be in ASM2 first - I would have MJ meet Gwen and Peter in a neutral environment, they become friendly (JUST acquaintances), very minimal screen time, then Gwen dies, and before the final battle MJ peps Peter up to finish the fight (yes, she'll learn he's Spider-Man because she'll secretly be there and witness Gwen's death with Peter unmasking himself to mourn for her). This allows them to evolve their relationship in the next film because they have "a moment." Just something I came up with on the fly, it's not perfect lol.