The Curious Case of TWO Lobo's

Over the past year or so many comic book fans have been in a heated war over DC's handling of the Main Man - Lobo. Originally debuting in the pages of Deathstroke under the penmanship of none other than Rob Liefeld, New 52 Lobo was very Wolverine-ized, which is ironic because his original intent was to be a parody of the character. This portrayal of the character angered many fans of the character because it deviated from his core aspects. Thankfully, however, Lobo reappeared in StormWatch and seemed to be his old self. The fraggin' bastich who loves space dolphins. But it seems all good things must come to end in the New 52 as DC later revealed a NEW Lobo - one who was described by fans as an "alien Dick Grayson." Lobo once again was getting a redesign, for better or worse, and this caused many of Lobo's fans admirers to go full blown level 100 rage. Though, I should add, some people actually liked the change as they felt seemed more realistic or relatable…or likable (how Lobo wasn't likable prior does baffle me). DC sent out a memo saying this NEW Lobo was the real Lobo and the OLD Lobo is an impostor. Eventually we were told that the two Lobo's will eventually find each other and fight until there is one Lobo standing. We're led to believe it's New Lobo. In the VM issue, we were introduced to New Lobo and he seemed to speak and act the same as old Lobo, just looked very different. I guess that's okay, right? But if you've been reading Supergirl, which currently features New Lobo, you'll notice that he has completely lost his "Lobo-speak" and speaks completely generic. Well, there's another aspect of Lobo gone. First his look, now the way he speaks. Whats left? He's pale, has red eyes, and has the same origin.

But this is where things get curious. Why did DC decide to have two Lobo's? They already had one Lobo, why did they feel the need to create a different one that totally deviated from what Lobo was truly about? They could have made this New Lobo a completely new character but they decided against it.

Here's what I think about it. These are my theories. I think both Lobo's are the real Lobo. They're the same person, they just don't know it.

Theory One: I reread Peter David's Young Justice recently and this is what sparked this particular theory. In the original YJ, Lobo is turned into a child by Klarion, thus becoming the Top Teen Li'l Lobo (possibly one of my favorite comic characters ever btw). So for a long period of the series Lobo was stuck as a teenager until YJ's visit to Apokolips when Li'l Lobo is killed so badly nothing remains except some blood. From that blood Li'l Lobo regenerates into -literally- ONE MILLION different Li'l Lobos. What happens after that doesn't matter except for the fact that once the army of Li'l Lobos finished kicking bastich arse, they all turned on each other until one sole Lobo remained, whom was able to regrow into adult Lobo. Thus, regular Lobo had returned. BUT one of those one millions had a genetic defect and regenerated into completely opposite being - that being Slobo. He was originally very thin, smart, timid, and well mannered until he rediscovered his love for fraggin' bastiches. So this got me thinking…what if New Lobo is the New 52 version of Slobo and no one knows it? That would explain why theres OLD LOBO and why there's NEW LOBO. Something could have happened in the past that we don't know about that caused Lobo to be so beaten down (possibly when he killed his entire race) that when he unknowingly regenerated into two separate beings. This could explain why New Lobo thinks Old Lobo is an impostor. Of course, New Lobo could be the New 52 original Lobo and Old Lobo could be the New 52 Slobo, but you know what I mean, right?

Theory Two:This theory is probably very unlikely but I'm going to go for it anyway. What if New Lobo is the original New 52 Lobo and Old Lobo is a Lobo from an alternate Universe? It could be the other way around too, but I doubt it to be honest. Anyway, the reason Old Lobo thinks he's real Lobo is because technically is but he just doesn't realize he was blown in from an alt world it because it's so similar. What if DC pulls a "Psycho-Pirate" on us and graced us with the Lobo from New Earth? The sole survivor of a universe long gone who currently can't quite remember it (but will). This might give old readers some clarity, it might not, but who knows. Just a theory. Also, I know that technically Prime-Earth is supposed to be New Earth if we're being Flashpoint technical but it clearly can't be the same Earth if it was unfolded into Prime Earth and Earth 2, at the least, you know what I mean?

Theory Three: This one is going to be short and sweet - One of them is a literal clone of the other.

Theory Four: The final theory (for now) goes like this, simply enough - One is Lobo the other is not. What if New Lobo fragged his race but one man survived and vowed to ruin his legendary name by being a fraggin' bastich calling himself Lobo. OR what if Old Lobo is the original Lobo and this New Lobo is the survivor who is trying to take Old Lobo's life to extract revenge for killing his race (but he claims he has to kill the impostor). Okay, this theory is a little sloppy but I think I got the point across.

In conclusion, those are my theories. Theory one is the one I believe to be the most true followed by theories three, four, and finally two. Do you think these theories are possible? Do you think I'm totally out of whack? Do you viners have other theories? Let me know as I am very interested.


Who I think "Val" from Earth 2 is.


So I've been thinking this over, trying to figure out who Val from Earth 2 could be. Obviously we know he is a Kryptonian and it should be noted there has been a Kryptonian or two from the past known as "Val-something" who were evil. Given Tom Taylors approach on this series to introduce new characters (Looking at you Aquawoman) as well as characters we're already familiar with but have a new twist (Now I'm looking at you Red Lois Lane Tornado…and Jimmy Olsen…and Batman…and Superman…and Fury…AND you Red Arrow!) so I'm thinking Val could be a mix of both cases. Val, a completely new character, is inevitably going to become the Superman of Earth 2, or so we're lead to believe. However, I think Tom Taylor is going bring another twist to the series and instead of this being a black Kryptonian that will be go by the name of Superman, it's going to be a completely rebooted…Icon. GASP! What led me to this conclusion was the recent discovery of Red Arrows secret identity. Originally believed to be a cheap amalgam of Oliver Queen and Roy Harper dubbed Roy McQueen, we now find out that was merely an alias and it's actually Connor Hawke. Yeah, the awesome son of New Earth Post-Crisis Oliver Queen and Sandra "Moonday" Hawke. I bring this up because Oliver is on Prime-Earth, which means technically Oliver can't be on Earth 2 (since DC wants to keep the super powered folk separated with exception of Trinity) so Connor's history, as of now, is completely different. But hey, at least we have Connor, right? And that's where I think DC is going to take this new route. Hey, you have Icon now, right? Be happy! What also leads me to believe this is that Val stated in this week issue there were four pods that left Krypton before the planet exploded. So…Kal-L, Kara Zor-L, Val, and…who? My guess? Long time partner… Rocket. I believe this is the route DC will now be taking these former Milestone characters. I could be completely wrong or I could be totally on the dot, who knows, only time will tell.

That's the end of my rant and that's who I think Val is and what will come of Earth 2.