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What reality warpers could defeat Sabrina? I think it's safe to say that Bruce Almighty, Q, Mr. Mxy, and others (possibly the Mask) could easily defeat her. But lower-level reality warpers, such as Beetlejuice and Freddy, don't appear to be on her level, if that list of abilities is true.

Would Sabrina have a problem with beings such as Thanos, Darkseid, or Juggernaut, etc.?

Well, Sailor Moon murderstomp her. But then again, Usagi has some crazy powers, so that really makes it unfair. I also think that Franklin Richards could beat her. Not sure about Zatanna and Scarlet Witch, though.

Sabrina stomps here.

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I doubt the squrriels will be much of a threat to a Honey Badger being that they do hunt ground squirrels, but really the Badger just needs to get one nice hit with its claws and SG goes down. But then again SG does have a height advantage and being smarter, whats the location though?

What about Squirrel Girl's off screen victory power? Do you think that would work? x3

The location? The Sun.

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the end of us all


Honey Badger


Squirrel Girl


The Sun


Morals off (pfft, like they have any), no prep (pfft, like they need any)

Who wins?

What happens to the multiverse?

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@ArtsyGal said:

@The_Lunact_And_Manic said:

@ArtsyGal: Well, she's fater than them, and just need some backward words to win.

Fairies just raise their wands and make things happen. I'm sure they can do that before Zatanna can speak.

Maybe, every time it takes some seconds to them, but she just needs to speak "pots".

Would it work? Doesn't she need to be a bit more specific for a spell to work?

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@The_Lunact_And_Manic said:

@ArtsyGal: Well, she's fater than them, and just need some backward words to win.

Fairies just raise their wands and make things happen. I'm sure they can do that before Zatanna can speak.

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What the hell?

Anyways, Zatanna wins, and I have no idea why.

I was bored and started watching the Fairly Odd Parents, haha.

Now I'm curious as to who would win.

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Fairies VS Homo Magi


Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof






Fairies are not bound by "Da Rules"

Fairies do not require a godkid to grant wishes (can grant wishes on their own)

Morals on for both sides

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and Tippy Toe:


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What exactly is powerscaling when it comes to the powers of fictional characters?

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It's relatively well known that Sailor Moon is much stronger than she looks (and it seems like you either know she's really powerful or think she's a weakling - it's just black and white with no gray area with her), but what about her fellow Sailor Soldiers? Most of them are, despite being massively FTL, street levelers and have only been shown to be able to destroy buildings, but there are a few exceptions. One of these exceptions includes Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Soldier of Silence. She's my favorite soldier, with Sailor Neptune following closely behind, so I thought I would embrace my pleasure towards her with nothing other than a respect thread. As for others with an appreciation for the Soldier of Death, feel free to post scans of your own.

So, without further ado, let the thread begin!


Sailor Saturn is on planetary level. This is a direct feat of causing worldwide devastation during her clash against Pharaoh 90, who was completely impervious to the attacks of every other soldier, including Super Sailor Moon's.

Here we see that the Silver Millennium was ended by no one but Sailor Saturn. After Queen Serenity sent the souls of Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, and the Sailor Soldiers to the future, or the present for us (or past, since this was during the 90's), the Outer Soldiers used the powers of their talismans to awaken Sailor Saturn. As a result, she dropped the Silence Glaive and turned the beautiful Silver Millennium into nothing but dust.

So, in a nutshell, Sailor Saturn is the soldier destined to end it all. She has the ability to destroy the planet by dropping her Silence Glaive, and this is stated several times throughout the anime and the manga (probably the musicals, too). This is also why the Outer Soldiers wanted to get rid of Hotaru and were afraid of the awakening of Sailor Saturn.


Sailor Saturn flies from Earth to Pluto in a matter of seconds. The time can be measured as Sailor Moon, who departed not too long after Hotaru did, was too late to help Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto. The scene where Galaxia kills the two is a recording, which reveals that Sailor Saturn couldn't have taken more than a matter of seconds to arrive on Pluto, as Sailor Moon arrived very quickly after Hotaru left. So basically, Hotaru left, Hotaru arrived, Hotaru and Setsuna died, Usagi and co. left, Usagi and co. arrived, and Usagi and co. saw the recording.


Despite the fact that Mistress 9 had taken over her body, Hotaru was still alive in there. No matter how much Mistress 9 tried to kill Hotaru, she remained alive and, in a spiritual sense, unharmed. This somewhat implies that her soul is virtually invincible, and that even if her physical body is taken over, her spiritual self will remain alive.

Sailor Soldiers are immortal and cannot die. As long as their Sailor Crystal is intact, they are forever alive. Also, due to being the Soldier of Death and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn is reborn after her death. She will always be reborn as Hotaru Tomoe, and will always be reborn as Sailor Saturn.

She was at the epicenter of her worldwide destruction attack, and was not harmed by it. This means that not only is she spiritually invulnerable, but she is also physically invulnerable.

Intelligence and Mental Abilities

Hotaru is very intelligent. She was able to read high leveled books as a young child (possibly 5 years old?), and comprehend them as well. She also memorized lines from various poems (including William Blake's) and was able to recite them by heart.

Here we see Hotaru creating an astral manifestation of the solar system being created at accelerated speeds. She even goes into the present, after the solar eclipse, and shows the Earth and the Moon turning black. I don't know why Haruka calls Hotaru "Jenny", but it's one of my favorite scenes nonetheless (I would love to see how it looks in the 2011 reprint. Speaking of the reprint, I should probably buy it soon).

Hotaru is shown to have the dormant spirit of Sailor Saturn inside her before awakening. When she does awaken, however, her body, which already has been growing very quickly, will immediately grow into that of a teenage girl (though still younger than most of the other soldiers). The two spirits inside her will then fuse, and then she will fully awaken as Sailor Saturn. She will also have receive of the memories of every single past life she has lived. These scans also show that she already knew about the Sailor Crystals before the other Outers did, and that she was able to create their Sailor Crystals, essentially acting as their Sailor Power Guardians (although every single soldier does have their own Sailor Power Guardian). This scan also shows some precognitive powers, as she was able to immediately know the entire situation that was happening for their allies. One of the scans also shows her quoting Albert Einstein, so that's also a supplement to the initial intelligence scans.

Hotaru apparently creates yet another astral manifestation by simply playing the violin. Only this time it is of Chibiusa chasing after Pegasus. The dormant spirit of Sailor Saturn also comes out and takes over for a little bit as she stares at the "dead" ghost of Pegasus. It can also be assumed that Hotaru's a capable violinist, as she's taking lessons from Michiru and she doesn't seem to be criticized or anything of the sort.

I'll add more scans later, and, as I said above, feel free to post your own scans. I will try to add it to the OP (as long as the format doesn't mess up like it usually does) and will be sure to thank you for it.