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I'm gonna get this! Wish it was already out. :/

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Iron Giant is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, movies. I must get that giant toy. Will it be for sale at Comic Con? And if so, for how much? If not, when? WHEN?! @inferiorego YOU MUST TELL ME!

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I made this too


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I am cool with it, totally fine. Looks cool and I like Sam Wilson. But why can't Steve Rogers be Captain America? Is he getting killed off again?

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What happened to Steve Rogers? Didn't he just come back to life?

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"Hairy Baby" is going to be repeated a lot after this. :)

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Leonardo, I thought, would be more representative of the old school traditional ways of his Ninja upbringing by Splinter. He wears traditional Ninja Armor. His swords are kept at his side for easy access, because in reality its nearly impossible to quickly take out your swords from your back. Instead of a eye mask he and the others wear a traditional Ninja mouth and nose covering mask. Since it seemed to me that they were Pond Slider Turtles all bought at the same time all at the same pet store I designed them to all look like Pond Slider Turtles.

Michelangelo I saw as being more modern, more interested in the modern things. H has Skater gear instead of Ninja armor like Leo, he wears pants, and sandals, and like Peter in the new movies he has a backpack for his skateboard. He also has a flashy M belt buckle. Here he is lowering his mask to show what their faces look like. I tried to make them more turtle in their face, Pond Slider Turtles, without making them too reptile looking or un-Ninja Turtle looking. Normally Mikey wears his traditional Ninja mask that covers his mouth and nose like Leo's.

Donatello is maybe the one I tweaked the most. I saw him as being the most modern of the Turtle Brothers and the most educated. Since times have changed I saw that he could now a days get a degree or three online. So Donny is now the team's Doctor and field medic. The team would constantly be needing to get patched up just like Batman, and Alfred is Batman's medic. So Don is their's. So I have him wearing Tactical Medic Gear so he could help people on the battle field. He is also the team's hacker and techy. He has his hacker gear like a lap top, cell phone, and other things. He also is the team's tech support. He like I mentioned has a lap top computer, a cell phone, night vision goggles, a flash light on his regular goggles, retractable bow staffs he designed, a back up phone with its own generator, and other devices. He also has a drone he invented that he operates with a video game controller. The drone has night vision, heat vision, regular vision, and a microphone so they can record and hear, and little arms so it can carry things.

I also see Splinter having all the turtles go to school online. So I imagine Don created fake profiles and credit reports for them as well, So Michelangelo becomes Mike Turtle. Donatello becomes Donald Turtle. Raphael becomes Ralph Turtle, and Leonardo becomes Lenard Turtle. And they have fake photos of their human selfs as well.

This design was also influenced by the new movie design.

Raphael is the turtle I saw as being the most aggressive and the one who would wear the least armor and gear and just run head first into battle. He is like Leo in their level of intensity for combat, but unlike Leo he doesn't keep himself in check and under control. I see him and Leo having the most in common too. Here he only has his mask, pants, belt, and weapons, pretty much. He has scars on himself as well from being what some would call reckless in battle but what he calls being selfless in battle. He see him being like Wolverine of the X-Men to Leo's Cyclops. Like Mikey he isn't always serious, like maybe Don and Leo tend to be. He likes to have fun and stuff too.

These are my Ninja Turtles redesigns, Splinter, Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones.

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Maybe this new Batgirl isn't Barbara Gordon, but a younger red head.

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WOW, thanks everyone. I am currently finishing up the Turtle Brothers, but I finished April O'Neil and Master Splinter. I based my April on what I thought she was intended to look like in the original comics while trying to incorporate her new look.