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Thanks everyone. Hope you like the finished versions. @arinya: Thanks, they are small but I thought the photo was larger. If you open the image into a new tab it opens larger. They are for fun and my portfolio. I got inspired by lots of researching of the Turtles.

This is the first of my TMNT redesigns. Casey Jones. He is like the poor man's Batman. Not that he is lesser, just that he is Batman without any money. He doesn't come up with a fancy costume or even a superhero name. His "armor" is a hockey mask, motorcycle chest/shoulder/arm padding, his belt is a paintball belt, his leg armor is baseball gear, and of coarse he wears a golf bag which he stores the blunt weapons.

I can see doing a solo comic series about Casey, including why April likes him, Splinter and the Turtles training him in combat, etc. More to come.

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From my understanding Bruce Wayne has never really let himself move on from his parent's murder, and became Batman, but do you think Alfred had a part in that as well? Alfred became a father to him sort of and has helped him in his career as Batman, and helped him become Batman. Do you think Alfred could have helped Bruce move past his parent's murder in a healthy way and become a more well adjusted person? Do you think Alfred helped nurture or even push Bruce towards his vigilante life?

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My Captain America costume concept prior to the first movie.
The scale area would help give the illusion that he had broader shoulders, and the helmet would hep shape his head more like the comic.
USO costume that inspires uniform. scales are paper thin plastic.
My comic character, Monkey Boy, as Captain America


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@skinja: He has posted pictures of himself as a kid redrawing Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man panels. You can see his influences when he draws Spider-Man. I agree with you. He would be a good Spider-Man artist.

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WOW, awesome stuff this week. But I must say my favorite is Kris Anka this week. LOVE his style so much. I hope to get a sketch or something from him at Comic Con (and I hope he is there).

Here are some seemingly random but all heroic-ish Amalgam characters.

From Your screen's left to its right,

Booster Gold + Bishop = Bishop Gold, Rip Hunter + Cable = Rip Cable, Hawkman + Falcon = Falcon Man, Clark Kent + Steve Rogers = Clark Rogers, Martian Manhunter + Space Phantom = Martian Space Phantom, Batman + Spider-Man = Spiderman, Green Lantern + Silver Surfer = Silver Lantern, Damian + Kane (Peter Parker clone) = Damian Kane, Blue Beetle + Iron Man = Iron Beetle, Power Girl + American Dream = American Power, Huntress + Spider-Girl = Arachnothera (or spider hunter), Wonder Woman + Thor = Thor

Booster Gold is a Mutant from the future who traveled back in time to a happier era to be a fun hero. He stole a costume and ring from the Legion of X-Men and went back to the 2000s. He is partnered with Rip Cable, another time traveler, who took on the duty to ensure the stability of the time stream, he hasn't told Bishop but Rip is his son. Occasionally they are joined by Bishop's sister Michelle AKA Shard.

Falcon Man I already mentioned in another post. But Sam Wilson was a SHIELD agent who touched a Thanagarian artifact and had all his past life memories restored and found out he was Katar Hol, the Falcon Man.

Clark Rogers is the name of Super Soldier's alter ego. He works, alongside Peter Wayne, at the Bugle Planet, as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist (since Steve Rogers is an artist), he carries around a big portfolio which he hides his shield in, but also his art. Being from a different era Clark acts like a fuddy duddy some times. He wears frumpy clothes, has pencils and pens sticking out of all his pockets and behind his ears, and wears running sneakers instead of fancy shoes.

J'onn was a spy/assassin sent in to infiltrate the Justice League of Avengers, where he pretended to be one of their members. But being on the team with "friends" and away from his controller, J'onn began to see things differently. After he was discovered and became an outcast but then redeemed himself to the team he became a full member. He still hid his true form but the one he chose was almost the same. J'onn loves life on Earth and does not want to return to Mars or the other Space Phantoms.

Spiderman you already know, if not you can read up on him in other art posts I put up here. But this is an armor version of his costume I designed. Comes with pouches, and a spider-signal belt light. Here he is holding a Spider-Rang, shard and fast.

Abin Radd, the original Silver Lantern, died trying to stop his master the renegade Guardian Krona Galactus. The Guardians once protected all of space and time, but after many errors and poor judgment they decided it would be best to simply record everything and do nothing, except Krona Galactus. Abin Radd became his herald to save his own planet from Krona's hunger. Now Earth is in Krona's path and without Abin Earth needs a new hero, Hal Jordan of Earth (a pilot and SHIELD agent) promised to take Abin Radd's power if he could save Earth. Abin's dying breath was giving Hal his power, turning Hal into the ring and lantern. He is the surf board. Hal was now pure power cosmic, and because of this he was able to make Krona leave Earth for another world, however the power now tied him to Krona Galactus as his herald. It wasn't until later, thank's to Hal's unparalleled will power that he was able to free himself. Kronos tells him if he wants to be on Earth so much then he must guard it and makes Hal unable to leave that space sector, 2814. One of his enemies is Thanosied, who wants to open Krona Galactus up and use his power Cosmic to rewrite all of reality. His body is puer green power cosmic energy with a silver coating.

I already mentioned Spiderman, and his clone Ben Grayson, but he had another clone. Dr. Ras al Doom and his daughter Negative Talia, used Warren Strange/Jackal's cloning to create a mini Spiderman they could mold and train in the Doom's League of Shadows. Damian Kane was sent to kill his "father" but instead was taken in as a son and made his new sidekick. His methods are darker and more aggressive, but he is learning.

Tony Kord, or Ted Stark (which do you like?), was on an archaeological dig with his former teacher and now good friend Dr. Garret Yinsen. Normally Tony/Ted is busy being a young billionaire genius inventor, but he took a break. They unearthed the fabled Scarab that Garret was looking for all these years, using Kord/Stark tech helped him finally find it. But before they could celebrate they were both kidnapped by terrorists who wanted Ted/Tony to create a bomb. While Ted/Tony worked Dan was able to activate the Scarab long enough to create a distraction so Tony/Ted Stark/Kord could escape. Garret Yinsen made Ted/Tony promise to come back for the scarab later and use its power to be the hero. But Ted/Tony never found it, instead he began what he always did in times of pain or anger, or happiness, or boredom, he built stuff. He began making a giant scarab ship, but as he went on and improved it and trimmed it down he turned that giant ship into a suit of armor that had non-lethal repulsar rays, repulsar jets, strobe lights, and flash bombs, gas bombs, nets, magnetics, etc. It was fast, could fly, was strong, and impervious to pullets and small weapons.

Down the line he met his best friend Bishop Gold, and the world was never funnier.

A2, or Amalgam's Earth 2, is an alternate universe. There Steve Kent (alternate version of Clark Rogers) AKA Mr. America's daughter grew up to be American Power. She was best friends with A2's Spidergirl, the daughter of Bruce Parker and Felicia Kyle/Black Cat. During a battle with Thanoseid, the two were bolted into Amalgam's Earth 616 Prime. There they found alternate versions of their loved ones, their friends, and family. They never knew that back home their parents were killed by Thanosied's forces.


Thor, Diana was born on the island of Themescara where no men had been allowed for centuries. But there was once a man on the island, the only man who the Amazons honored enough to bury and keep his weapons as a shrine. Thor, the Asguardian. He died protecting the Amazons. But now Evil threatens them and Earth again, with sorrow in his voice Odin enchanted the weapons of his son "Whoever be worthy will have the power of Thor." So when Diana was able to lift the weapons no one else could it was clear she was the chosen champion. She is Thor!

I also love the height situation. Clark Rogers being Super Soldier is taller than Spiderman. But Martian Space Phantom is taller than Rogers. Thor is also taller than Spiderman, and maybe Rogers too I haven't checked.

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There are a few story lines they have yet to get back to. Sgt. Steel and the Red Lantern for example.

But i love this comic.

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Spider-Man has few female enemies, when i was merging his rogues with Batman's it was hard to come up with more than two (maybe) female enemies. So this should be good. Plus the story sounds fun too, and plausible.

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You can look at in in these terms. We got Superman and Batman, helping establish the superhero genre. Then X-Men helped bring it back, then Spider-Man, then Iron Man, then the Avengers, etc.

So the Keaton Batman, with all the flaws, did help establish the genre and eventually did lead to the Avengers and those films.

And like @thorverine said, without that film we may not have established Batman as the Dark Knight he is now seen as in everything including the Batman cartoons (which you can see were brought about thanks to the films.)

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@amazingwebhead: Beetle. Here is the full list:

Ras al Ghul + Dr. Doom

Catwoman + Black Cat = Cat Woman

Joker + Green Goblin = Joker Goblin

Harley Quinn + Hob Goblin = Harley Goblin

Harvey Dent + Harry Osborne = Harvey Osborne/Two-Faced Goblin

Penguin + Vulture

Joe Chill + Wilson Fisk = Wilson Fisk: In his younger days he was named Joe Chill. He is the man who murdered Peter's parents. Now Chill is the most powerful CEO and the most dangerous Crime Lord known as the Kingpin.

Azreal + Venom

Madhatter + Ring Master = Top Hat

Hugo Strange + Jackal

Owlman + Scorpion = Scorpion Man

Court of Owls + Spider Slayers = Court of Spider Slayers

Solomon Grundy + Tombstone

Deadshot + Chameleon = Mystery Gunman

Talia + Mr. Negative = Negative Talia

Man Bat + the Lizard = Chimera

Killer Croc + Rhino = Killer Rhino

Clayface + Sandman = Clay Man

Poison Ivy + Queen = Poison Queen

Riddler + the Answer = the Solution

Black Mask + Big Man

Scarecrow + Mysterio = Nightmare

Bane + Kraven = Bane the Hunter

Mr. Freeze + Doc Ock

Catman + Tarantula = Tarantula Man

Firefly + Electro = Lightning Bug

Killer Moth + Beetle = Killer Beetle

Dr. Phosphorus + Motlon Man = Phosphorus Man

Carmine Falcone + Hammerhead = Carmine "Hammerhead" Falcone