Catman Redesign

Thomas Blake was a millionaire living off his father's fortune. His father was a mean and abusive man, who wanted Thomas to be more of a man than a Momma's boy. He and his mother were abused emotionally and physically by him until her death. His mother had died years earlier of suicide. On a hunting expedition with his father, who taught him hunting and how to be a man, Thomas remembered everything. His father killed his mother and nearly killed Thomas. In a battle Thomas killed his father. Realizing what he had done he ran off into the jungles of Africa. At first he did whatever he could to stay alive, and then he started attacking. Years later Thomas was found alive when he attacked and killed some hunter hunting illegally like he and his father had been years ago. Living among the wild cats in the jungle and the other wild animals, alone, for so long, Thomas seemed more animal than man. He eventually started talking and walking like a man again, acting more like a human should. Time passed and Thomas seemed like anyone else, but he still felt he didn't belong. Then he started hearing about and looking into Batman and the other vigilantes in Gotham. Finally, he thought, his calling. So he made a costume out of light and tiger skins, fashioning it similar to the Batman. But when he started dishing out his brand of violence and justice he was seen as a monster and a villain because he was still stuck in his kill or be killed jungle ways. This didn't sway Thomas however, he saw nothing wrong with his brand of justice. He decided he wouldn't live by society's laws or unwritten codes and ethics anymore.Thomas is one of the world's top hunters and trackers, his combat skills put him in the top 20, and he is at the top of his weight class in strength and speed.

For his costume I went with more found items type stuff. He makes his costume using animal skins and pelts. His pants and boots and gloves are leather, etc. He uses guns but his weapon of choice, what he got most accustomed to in the jungle were blades and sharp weapons. While he may not be an expert in several forms of fighting like Batman, he did train in fighting from childhood, his father hoped that would make him a man. And he learned how to be vicious in the jungles. So his fighting style is more like whatever attacks it takes to survive.

I imagine that over time he would modify his costume and maybe eventually have a more "costume" looking costume with body armor. This is more year One.

He is almost a parallel of Oliver Queen, he was trapped on an island for years and had to fight or die. Only this time the horrific situation broke him. I guess.

the lion head might be a tad too much, but I thought if he was a hunter who lived with the cats and wanted to make a threatening looking helmet he would use a lion. When I was researching I saw pictures of Hercules wearing a Lion head, and went from there. But i think if I redid this i would make it a lioness or cougar head. Something simpler. Thanks. This is sort of a Year One design anyway, and I can imagine a cool visual of Catman climbing, hanging, and standing on rooftops with his lion headdress.


Robin Beyond

I did this back when the show was on, in one episode a old man turned himself into an AI and took over the suit forcing Terry to fight old school without any tech. He grabbed an old Batman belt and Nightwing's mask. I thought it would be such a cool idea if Terry was Batman with the tech on missions, but Robin Beyond in training. To help hone his fighting and detective skills without the technology of today. So I designed this costume similar to what he had in the show, only I gave him the Robin costume as well. When training at the cave or on slow nights Terry wears the Robin costume. Sometimes though he has to go out in the field and become Batman so he would also have a small backpack built into the shirt in the back as well.

I usually see people say that his younger brother becomes Robin or that Max becomes Robin, both good suggestions. I could see Terry as the adult version we see later in JLU agree to finally train his brother only in the Robin suit, and to also train Max but only in a low tech Nightwing styled suit.

But that is Beyond Batman Beyond. For now Terry is Batman and Robin in this Beyond Future.

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Earth 3's Blue Beetle, the Scarab!

In DC's Earth 3 the good guys are bad and the bad guys aren't great. Events in that world led to the would be heroes turning into villains. Superman is Ultraman, Wonder Woman is Superwoman, Batman is Owlman, etc. Not just that but the characters are different sometimes, Green Lantern's version is a sniveling weasel. His ring is killing him, deforming and mutating his body from the ring up to his neck.

I came up with this idea after I saw Earth 3 once had a Blue Beetle character named Scarab. Link:

So in my concept this Earth's version of Blue Beetle is actually green. In this version instead of the Blue Scarab, the Reach sends the Green Scarab to Earth. This Scarab alien operates differently than the Blue.

Dan Garret, a shady archaeologist, digs up the Scarab and it instantly attaches to him. He figures out how to use its power and decides to become a crime boss and challenge Ultraman and his Crime Syndicate. He creates a chainmale costume and is going to be the Green Beetle.

After a few days, enough time for the attachment to become permanent, the scarab reveals its true self and its true purpose. It's legs dig deep into Dan's spin, brain, muscles, joints, and so on, taking control of every single part of Dan's body. What was once Dan Garret is gone, not even the Green Beetle. Now it is just the Scarab. The Scarab uses its host as a mindless vessel. Giving itself a body while also feeding on it over time. Its less of a symbiotic relationship between host and organism and more of a parasite. The Scarab is also dangerous because, using a host, it can do all the things that Jaime Reyes the Blue Beetle can do. Create razor sharp claws, turn its arms into guns or blades, create wings to fly, etc. While Jaime can hear and understand his Scarab, but we can not, this Scarab uses its host body to talk. So when Dan talks we hear the Scarab's creepy voice. And while Jaime can keep control of his body, Dan is gone and the Scarab controls the body now. But the Scarab saw it would be outmatched on this Earth. So it went to Ultraman and made a bargain, he would not get in the way of its goals while it would agree to serve Ultraman when he needed it. Owlman insisted it join the Crime Syndicate and come when they needed its skills. Over time Dan's body has gotten too close to death and the Scarab might soon need a new host.

I tried to make this version creepy and scary, not usually my thing.

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My Earth 2 Dr. Midnite and Silver Scarab Concepts

Here are my concepts and design ideas for DC's New 52 reboots of Silver Scarab and Dr. Midnite.

I would put them both in Earth 2 first of all, along with Alan Scott/Green Lantern and Jay Garrick/Flash and Hawkgirl.

Silver Scarab: Hector hol is the son of Katar Hol and Shayera Hol, two Thanagarian soldiers who landed on Earth in Ancient Egypt. They were worshiped as gods and became king and queen. On Earth they had a son, Hector. As a young man Hector found the Blue Beetle Scarab, or rather it found him. The alien technology merged with him and, combined with his Thanagarian Nth Metal turned him into the Silver Scarab. The Nth Metal altered the programming of the Scarab giving Hector complete control and alter his powers. When Hector seemingly died he merely was absorbed into the Scarab. Centuries later Terry Sloane found the Scarab and couldn't get it to work, until he could and to keep others from using it it was locked in the volts along with Aquagirl, Jimmy Olsen, and other possible threats. After the second invasion by Apocalypse and the Parademons, the Scarab resurfaced. On accident it was unlocked and Hector was alive again. Now in modern times, and is now the protector Silver Scarab. (Because of the Nth Metal the scarab is forever connected, part of, Hector). Just like Jaime he can fly using the wings, and shoot energy blasts from his hands by turning them into gun like weapons. Hector has all the same powers Jamie has in the comics. Essentially he is Earth 2's Blue Beetle.

With Hector I tried to simplify his origins which are as tangled as his father's, Pre-New 52.


Dr. Midnite: Beth Chapel was finishing up her medical degree, ready to become a doctor, when she started loosing her vision. She found out that she had a degenerative eye condition which would eventually make her totally blind. After two years a medical study with the goal of returning eye sight came along looking for volunteers. Beth accepted the chance. The results hardly worked for any of the volunteers, but Beth had strange results. She could see but only in darkness. Furthermore, and more unusual, was that her reflexes and strength, and speed, were heightened. (It was an Earth 2 version of the drug that gave Deathstroke his powers.) She hid all these from the doctors and became the vigilante Dr. Midnite. She created blackout bombs that were like reverse flash grenades. Using that same technology she also created batons that would stun her opponents. Allowing her flashes of sight when she hits her enemies. She also hides these, like Daredevil in Marvel Comics, as walking canes she uses to get around. (I also have an idea that she becomes the vigilante Dr. Midnite to stop some of the other volunteers who experienced similar results as she did and tried to steal more of the drug. Her pet owl, Hooty, used to belong to the Doctor who ran the medical study but died at the hands of one of the other volunteers. I also feel that to explain her combat skills she either has been in mixed martial arts since grade school because of the naighborhood she grew up in, like the other Dr. Midnite, or she was trained by Earth 2 Batman, or both.)

Her origin would probably take place after the Evil Superman, Second Apocalypse Invasion, in Earth 2.

With her I tried to fuse all the Dr. Midnites together, in look and story. She could essentially be Earth 2's Deathstroke, but probably not. I don't want to pin it down.


New 52 Donna Troy: Troia

"Είμαι Donna Τροία, η τελευταία Titan. Κόρη του εμού. Αποστολή μου είναι να επιστρέψουν οι Τιτάνες του Ολύμπου και στη δόξα. Χαλάζι Cronus."

I think it translates to, "I am Donna Troy, the last Titan. Daughter of Rhea. My mission is to return the Titans to Olympus and to glory. Hail Cronus." Or the translation website lied to me.

College Student Donna Hinkle

Donna Hinkle always felt a little different but never thought it was anything more than what other children felt. She was always taller than her classmates, even the boys. She was never concerned about being social, more concerned about her work and her photography and her family. She was adopted when she was younger by the Hinkles after bouncing from home to home for a while. So her feeling sort of different never seemed like much to her, just probably something every young person feels. Currently she is a 20 something college student trying to major in the Fine Art of Photography. She is sort of an over achiever. She also has a sort of crush on her teacher, Mr. Terry Long. but Then somehow (I haven't gotten the somehow details worked out yet. ) Donna found out why she felt different. A long time ago, before the Greek Gods like Zeus and Herra and War, there were the Titans. Ancient gods doomed by a prophecy that one day a child of Cronus and Rhea would usurp the throne and kill the Titans. The legend has it that Rhea concealed the birth of Zeus, but she also concealed another birth. That was the Birth of Donna Hinkle. She had a child with a mortal and was worried about her daughter, so she sent her into the future and hid her existence from everyone. (To make sure she doesn't become Wonder Woman's aunt or something this birth would have taken place after Zeus was born but before Zeus defeated the Titans.)

Donna discovers that she is half Titan God, like a Hercules or Thor type character, who has been living among the mortals for years. Along with her knowledge of her true origins being unlocked her powers become unlocked as well. Like Wonder Woman she is strong, fast, and an excellent fighter. When her powers are activated she sort of glows from the inside and that is where the starry universe effect comes from. I had been playing around with this idea but i am not 100% sold on it, but her stone looking wrist bands, belt, boots, and neck thing, could either help her control her powers, or boost them, because she is new to using them and either too much or too little could be where her powers are at right now. She becomes Troia, and maybe tries to (brainwashed) to bring the Titans back to life and to the throne of Olympus.

This could all grow from the current stories in Wonder Woman with the Death of Zeus, Diana finding out she is his daughter. The First Born, Apollo becoming king, the Death of War, and so on. The Returning of the Titans could fit right in there along with Donna Troy, AKA Troia, AKA Donna Hinkle. Along with the prophecy about the Death of Zeus and his throne and the First Born, there could be something about the Titans returning and Rhea's secret daughter.

I think maybe at first, because of the activation of her powers and knowledge, Donna could be in a sort of trance state but eventually is freed from it and now has her powers and remains Troia and has her civilian life as Donna Hinkle.

(Idea: She could have originally been put on Themiscara with the Amazons, but when Cronus heard about this she was moved. Only not before Cronus had a sleeper program of sorts implanted into her to ensure his return.)

The idea behind all this is that DC is rebooting things and don't seem to want to have characters that are just duplicates. Wally is returning but is different in a different costume. Kid Flash is different sort of, and there are other examples. So my thinking is this could be how they could return Donna Troy, or Troia, to the comics. In one of the older stories Donna finds out she is a Titan who was sent to Earth. They want her to return to the Titans, but because her son will become a demi-gold of destruction she gives her godhood up to be mortal. My thinking is why not keep her a Demi-God. She could be like Thor in Marvel, or Hercules in Marvel. She is the last Titan, the daughter of Rhea. Her life means that the Titans could eventually return, and she is a threat to Olympus as well.

She would become her own character but still have ties to Wonder Woman's. She sees Diana as her mentor, someone to emulate and to get training and advice from.

I gave her the Universe star look she had in the comics before she died, and her armor has what I think is Titan symbols I researched. I also wanted her to have a costume that covered her from neck to toe but still looked cool. For her face I used a Greek Actress.

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Kang the Conqueror movie concept art

This is my concept art for Kang the Conqueror as he could look like in the movies. He is from the future so I thought his armor and tech could look like a super advanced version of Tony Stark's Iron Man armor. His armor is much thinner than Starks but just as strong if not stronger and more organic conforming to his musculature as well as flexible bending where he needs it to at that time. His mask is also super advanced having the armor conforming around every part of his face rather than a Stark's solid Iron Man Helmet. His helmet is made of several parts which I was trying to make look like the stripes and design on Kang's comic face. He has super advanced Iron Man type sight which would allow the actor in the armor to have face time just like Robert Downey Jr. had. The actor I think could do a great job playing him is Chiwetelu Ejiofor from 12 Years a Slave as well as Serenity and other films. He is a great actor and just famous enough while being still an unknown enough to bring people in without overshadowing his role. He could also bring some humanity to Kang and make him as memorable a villain as Loki. Back to the design, I tried to make the colors more singular all having some magenta in them, but I think I might want to make the mask bluer like in the comics. His palms and bottom of his feet (and ankles) are completely covered with a thin layer of future repulsar technology, allowing him to blast repulsar energy from his entire hands and feet but still have the flexibility his hands and feet would need, another way to show he is from the future. I tried to make him seem advanced but also regal because Kang sees himself as a ruler and a king, he would want to look impressive as well as be impressive. Appearance is very important to him. His armor forms like Stark's armor from Iron Man 3, but much more advanced and in smaller more flexible parts. His helmet instead of opening like a knight the way Iron Man's does Kang's sort of evaporates away from his face and reforms elsewhere and then reforms around his head when he needs it to.

In my thinking I could see Kang traveling back in time to our time, the Avenger's time, because in his past he has seen the Avenger's future. He has seen that the events of Loki's Invasion in Avengers 1, the Winter Soldier and Hydra, the Age of Ultron, and SHIELD, and seen how it all falls apart and not even the Avengers could stop it and save the day. He knows how to stop it and has the technology to do so, but he requires total control and for that he will have to conquer the Earth. Instead of being a man who wants power, he still want it though, he is a man who wants power and also wants to help. Like I said earlier, appearance is important to him. He chose purples for his armor because that is the color of royalty and he designed his armor to look reminiscent of Egyptian royalty as well as looking regal on its own.

I also could see sense where Kang AKA Nathan Richards talks to Tony Stark, trying to convince him to his see things his way. They are both futurists and if Stark had the ability to travel back in time and avert major disasters and wars he would, right? He also could try reasoning with Captain America being a man out of time, but I see him connecting more with Stark.


Taskmaster: Agents of SHIELD

The concept for his costume started with seeing how Bryan Hitch drew him in Age of Ultron. Got me thinking. I think Taskmaster would be a perfect villain for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. He wouldn't require a great deal of special effects, and his "costume" is more utilitarian than say Captain America's. So it wouldn't be too out there. I am working on some concepts for him, like variations on his skull mask, but this is my main idea. He wears SHIELD type gear, like Hawkeye's bow, or Blackwidow's gun holsters. He uses a shield like Captain America's only its not painted. He wears a shirt with a hood, sometimes long sleeved and sometimes short. He doesn't have any fancy symbols or customized gear. He has two blades, one a Katana. He also has bows and arrows and a quiver like Hawkeye had in the film. His bow is collapsible so he can store it in his quiver.

My favorite idea in the design I haven't even drawn yet. I think the actor who played Darth Maul and Snakeyes, Ray Park, should play him in the TV show. Taskmaster wouldn't have to talk much anyway, but would require a ton of fighting and an actor who could do that. Plus Ray Park has been in a few things showing he can act. And isn't afraid to hide his face either. The variations on the masks would keep him looking interesting and reveal parts of Ray Park's face too. But i will have to post those later so you can see them. Plus, once the Taskmaster character is popular enough Ray Park could be used in the Avengers movies because he is a movie actor too. Plus his voice could be modified like how Oliver Queen does on Arrow, because I doubt Taskmaster would allow people to hear his real voice if he could avoid it. So, like Darth Maul he could be dubbed in.

In the show I can see him being this ghost, SHIELD doesn't even have any photo of his real face or finger prints, because he has never been caught. He has an eidetic memory allowing him to learn and retain things he learns simply by watching. However this also effects his memory so he eventually forgets other things, for example who he is or his life past a few months ago. Just like in the comics. His mind could work similar to Captain America's where it absorbs knowledge or any kind, not just fighting, but anything he learns like battle strategy.

I see him being a character who was off the grid for a long time and suddenly reemerges. It turns out he was teaching mercenaries how to fight in his secret school. He works for whoever pays, no alliances to any terrorist groups, but would work for them if they paid. He comes out of retirement and the Agents of SHIELD have to figure out why and stop him/catch him.

During his fight scenes he could copy Agent Ward's fighting style, and Agent May's, and Agent Coulson's, and even reference the Avengers movies by using Cap's fighting style, or Thor's, or even the Winter Soldier's and Black Widow.


New 52 Blue Beetle/Ted Kord Concept

New 52 Ted Kord/Blue Beetle:

This is a really quick, few days worth, sketchy picture of my concept for the New 52 Ted Kord Blue Beetle character.

I came up with the concept that he is like the Tony Stark of the New 52 universe. His company Kord Omniversal works for the Government and supplies them with weapons, gadgets, armor, vehicles, etc. he is still the young and goofy guy he was, but in the New 52 some changes had to be made. Batman no longer just wears spandex. Everyone in the New 52 wears armor it seems like, and that got me thinking. If he worked for the Government perhaps he supplied Amanda Waller with the armor that Steve Trevor wears. So I went from their making his suit a modified version of that armor. Then it got me thinking that if he is so smart and was meant to be the new Blue Beetle but couldn't because he lost the scarab maybe he would fool his enemies by playing into their doubts about vigilantes and super beings and aliens and magic. So this is what I came up with. I have plans for more sketches to fully elaborate my concept soon.

Curious though, are the glowing yellow hydrophilics too distracting from the costume?

In the new comic the main character is Ted of coarse, but now he also has a supporting cast, his father, his friend Booster Gold, his love interest Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, sometimes Bruce Wayne/Batman, his evil Uncle, etc. He also has a rogues gallery building up. His Uncle Jarvis, the Madmen gang, etc. The comic would focus on Ted as Blue Beetle but also on Ted as Ted without the costume.

Anyways, here is my story idea for the comic:

Ted Kord was always a brilliant young man. So brilliant he excelled at math, science, history, etc. But had no real direction in his life. When his mother passed away Ted was devastated, as was his father. Ted had to take over Kord Omniversal, his father's company, before it went under or before his Uncle took it. Ted Kord became the youngest CEO at the age of 25. He graduated college at the age of 18. He is considered one of the top 10 smartest men in America. Ranking up there with Earth 2's Terry Sloan and Earth 1 (?)'s Mister Terrific. He is like a young Tony Stark. If Peter Parker had Tony Stark's money, status, and inventing skills and the mind of Reed Richards. Ted is insanely brilliant. He knew Bruce Wayne was Batman but never told anyone. He is sometimes 5 steps ahead of everyone, not always though. His company manufactures weapons and gear for the Government. Ted invented the armor used by Steve Trevor during the Trinity War. His mission is to create the highest tech in non-lethal weaponry. Ted even invests his own money to make this happen, knowing that may investors would shy away from uncertain goals and inventions that may never pan out. Ted likes to be part of as much of everything in his company as much as he can; from R and D, to building, to testing, etc. He is constantly tinkering with a new invention. He has also been in mixed martial arts since he was 12, having been bullied constantly by his classmates. And he keeps up the training today.

Ted Kord is a young, fun loving guy, with a love for cracking jokes. Some might say he is geeky and quirky. One of his best friends is Dan Garret, an archaeologist who is somewhat popular in the science world. Their paths crossed in college, Dan was Ted's teacher, and they have been friends since. One of his business associates and fellow scientists is Ted's Uncle Jarvis Kord. People have warned Ted about his Uncle's shady persona. Meanwhile Ted's father still struggled with the deep depression and loss of his wife. Ted moved in with his father to keep him company, while still maintaining his other house as a lab.

The real story begins. Dan Garret called Ted to tell him about a miraculous find, a Beetle Scarab. Ted set up a meeting as soon as he could. When Dan arrived he revealed that the Scarab actually gave him “super abilities.” It creates a semi suit of armor, he was stronger, the Scarab projected Beetle wings from Dan's back and created a shield around him when he needed protection, like when Dan fell from the sky while trying to figure out the wings. But of coarse he contacted Ted to study it, what if he was contaminated with alien germs or was poisoning Dan's body with radioactive waste. The first time he used it was an accident, this time he had to show Ted. Ted told him something like this is a life time opportunity he couldn't pass up, but not at Kord Industries. At his own personal lab. Little did Ted know that his Uncle was listening in. Jarvis contacted a thug he had used before for breaking and entering and stealing an invention before, but now the guy was a member of the Madmen, a gang of criminals who wore cheap painted Halloween masks and white suits splattered with paint. Their job was to steal the Scarab. At Ted's lab Dan it was revealed that there was no visible negative side effects from the use of the Scarab. Dan told Ted that he wanted to use it to become a force for good, a superhero. They were attacked and while trying to protect Ted from the complete destruction of his lab Dan was killed by the Madmen. Before his death Dan made Ted promise to use the Scarab for the good he was going to do. Ted promised but could never recover the Scarab, the Madmen didn't have it either. But Ted made his friend a promise. Ted used his mind and invention skills and created a suit of armor, weapons, and a vehicle, and became the Blue Beetle. Knowing that he was just a man in a suit he also put glowing hydrophilics on the suit to create the illusion that there was more to him than meets the eye. And they give reference to actual Egyptian mythology and Khepri, the scarab headed Egyptian god of rebirth and the sunrise. He also placed several replicas of the Scarab on the armor, on his belt, his back, and his arms, to make it seem like he was using them as a source of his power. He also created rumors that the Blue Beetle was magic, a demon, an alien, a super power man, and more.

Ted always has several weapons and gear for any situation, a breathing suit/mask for swimming under water. A suit for the cold, etc. He doesn't just wear one Beetle suit or use one gun. Just like with his company Ted uses non-lethal force and weapons to stop his enemies.

One day he was approached by the superhero Booster Gold, his suit and robot SKEETS needed some fixing and he was the man Booster wanted for the job because of his renowned engineering and technological skills. They became fast friends, like Troy and Abed on Community. Occasionally Ted would hack into SKEETS' frequency to get some help or to hear a friendly voice while fighting bad guys.

Kord Omniversal also has gotten him in touch with Bruce Wayne and Wayne Industries. And his vigilante life has gotten him in touch with Batman, they both figured out one another's secret. Ted also met Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl, and fell instantly in love. So she is his love interest in the comic, at least in the beginning anyway. They even go on superhero dates as Batgirl and Blue Beetle.

Ted's Uncle always was pushing for the company to move away from non-lethal, saying they could make more profit that way. He would usually get some support there. Ted's Uncle would also occasionally and secretly try to take over the company or sell Ted Technology to the rival companies like STAR Labs, Luthor Corp, or Wayne Tech, but his criminal activities were discovered when he tried to murder Ted's father. (It was also at this time that his Uncle finally found out that Ted was Blue Beetle.)


Please Vote for My Star Wars Episode 7 T-Shirt at WeLoveFine!

Star Wars: Episode VII

So, here is my drawing posted in a previous blog. I colored it and put it on a shirt.

Please vote for my Star Wars T-Shirt design at so that I can win.

It has been 20 (or perhaps 30-40) years since Luke Skywalker, his twin

sister Leia, Han Solo, and the Rebel Army defeated Darth Vader, the evil

Emperor, and his Empire. But while the Dark Side seems to have been

defeated there are still those who refuse to surrender. Queen Leia, her

husband Han Solo, and her twin brother Luke Skywalker are still dealing

with the remnants of this evil empire. Meanwhile Han and Leia have had

children. Twins Jacen and Jaina, and a young son they named Anakin.

Luke also got married to a former enemy, Mara Jade also known as the

Emperor's Hand. He and she had a son they named Ben. Luke is now the

Jedi Grandmaster and is training the children, and the rest of the younger

generation to be Jedis, Queen Leia has also become a Jedi. But threats of

one final effort on the Empire's part to regain power might lead to a war.

What do you guys think of this? I plan to color it. Its a tribute to the Dave Cockrum X-Men cover, the next episodes of Sat Wars will bring in the new generation, the children of Luke and Mara, and Leia and Han.