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DC Beyond Extended Universe

DC: New 52 Beyond

Damien Wayne Beyond: Ideas 1) he was always a clone of Bruce Wayne anyway, so Bruce went to KADMUS and had them clone Damien again and retained all of Damien’s memories from before he died. This Damien was raised as Bruce’s son. He grew up taking over for Nightwing as the new Nightwing for a few years before his father retired from Batman and he became the new Batman. Secretly he always saw himself as a clone of Bruce Wayne, not that he was ever treated that way, so when Bruce was killed by an assassin of Powers’ Damien took his place to keep Bruce Wayne alive. He changed his name to Bruce, never letting on that he was Damien to anyone. Being a clone he looked just like his father. He also had his father’s memories transplanted into his brain using KADMUS again. As he got older his heart became weaker and he nearly had to kill a man with a gun to stay alive, seeing that his original Damien programming and violence was still there he retired and went into hiding. Terry stole the Batman suit and that brings us to Batman Beyond. No one ever knew or suspected that Bruce was actually Damien, after so many years as Bruce maybe Damien didn’t even remember for sure.

Ideas 2) Damien Wayne was cloned again by Bruce using KADMUS. He grew up and eventually took over for Nightwing, though he spelled it Knightwing. However his original family the League of Shadows was calling after Ras al Ghul finally died for real this time, after an ordeal where the Bat Family had to fight the League of Shadows Damien decided it would be best for him to return to them and take his place as their new leader next to his mother. He changed his name to (?) which translates to Son of the Bat to show his mother and the League he would not be their assassin and would always be Bruce Wayne’s son. While away Nightwing returned to being Nightwing and was nearly shot to death while helping Batman, Barbara became the new Commissioner, and Bruce retired from being Batman. Then Terry stole the suit and became the new Batman. Damien “the Son of the Bat” left the League of Shadows for a while to attend to League business either on the other side of the world or off planet, sent there by his mother, and while he was gone it was revealed that Talia was actually Ras, that he had taken over her body before Damien returned. He returned home to find this out and to find his home destroyed. Then Damien returned to Gotham by way of attacking Terry and Bruce and Grayson and Barbara and Tim Drake (we finally get to see the old robin in action as an old man) and Max and everyone close to them. As it turned out, without his knowledge, Ras/Talia had started subliminally brainwashing Damien with a failsafe program in case Ras/Talia died. They were able to stop him and after some months back it was decided that Damien would take over for Terry as the new Batman. It was meant to be a permanent thing, allowing Terry to return to normal life. But after Terry was finished with College, and he still aided the Bat family while in school, he returned as Batman. Damien took over for Bruce, who was getting older as well, as Terry’s tech support and would occasionally return to the field as Batman to help Terry. Grayson also finally returned and began helping Damien and Terry in the field and as tech support. I think it would be funny to see an older Nightwing teaming up with a 30 something Batman and an older Batman. Max also became the new Batgirl Beyond. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown got married and had children. Their daughter found out about her mother’s Spoiler past and her father’s Robin past and became the new Red X, a criminal identity Grayson used in the past. Dick Grayson and Starfire were never officially married but they had a child together, Nightstar. Starfire however went back to space to lead the last remaining Tamarainians she had thought were dead. And as if all that wasn’t enough there was still Jason Todd, now older, and still known as the Red Hood who had became a major crime boss a while back in an effort to take control of the crime world and gear it to his will. Damien fell in love with Grayson’s daughter, imagine if they had a child together. Bruce had became like Alfred on the team, an old man who had a dangerous past. This made Bruce smile. So there is Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis (Batman), Max (Batgirl), Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Damien Wayne (Batman), Grayson’s daughter, Jasmine Brown (Red X), and Jason Todd (Red Hood).

In later years in the Batman Beyond comics Terry’s brother goes through odd changes. As it turns out like Damien, KADMUS had used his mother and father and Buce’s DNA to clone Bruce. He also had some sort of latent Batman training. To help his brother focus and put things into perspective he became the new Robin Beyond, a low tech position that Terry had created to help him train outside the suit. But when needed in the field his brother would suit up as the new Robin Beyond. What about Lucious Fox’s son, the MMA fighter who became Batwing? And what about Karen Starr/Power Girl’s best friend from Earth 2 Huntress? Huntress could have a child with Catman.

Poison Ivy: While the original Poison Ivy died years ago the new Ivy is a young scientist who was experimented on (secretly) by her CEO boss with Nano Tech, similar to the tech Terry’s father tried to expose in the first episodes of Batman Beyond. This new version infused the young woman with nano tech and gave her the ability to produce more nanos at will and through those nano robots control other technology. And in the Batman Beyond future there was almost nothing but technology. She uses the nano tech to alter her appearance, her civilian disguise looks totally different from her villain look.

Two-Face Beyond: Grant, the son of Rose Wilson. It had been a long time since she gave up the hero life after she became pregnant and had a son. She left that all behind her, including her father. But then her son did some research and found out that his grandfather was the infamous Slade Wilson, Deathstroke. He found Slade, still alive and still spry because of the healing powers. He continuously visited his grandfather in secret until one day one of his grandfather’s enemies attacked them both. Grant’s entire left side was burned, had lost a lot of blood, and he was dying. After Slade killed the assassin he quickly gave Grant a blood transfusion. Grant healed, but his Grandfather did not. He had been injured and died saving Grant’s life. Grant took up his grandfather’s mantel but called himself Two-Face, after a criminal her learned about in school, since half of his body was covered in scar tissue. (Not sure if he healed and its more of a symbolic thing or if he still has scars.) His mother was very angry with him, and maybe he left home. Having been trained by his mother in combat all his life he was more than capable, and now that he had his grandfather’s healing factor, he was ready. He designed a suit like is Granfather’s and became the latest assassin in his family line, Two-Face the Terminator. This action brings his mother out of retirement and it is revealed later that his grandfather faked his death to try and keep his grandson and daughter out of his life, to keep them safe from more attacks. Grant has was always, even before meeting his Grandfather, mentally unstable. He has severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. So as Two-Face the Terminator he is very unstable and no one is ever really sure where he stands. One of the reasons he took the name Two-Face, he always felt a connection to the late Harvey Dent since he learned about him in school.

Superman Beyond: After years of being happily married Lois Lane died. Clark was left alone. Without a reason for being Clark, he felt, he never went back to that life and stayed Superman. Then, while tending to the alien animals in his Fortress he was taken control of by Starro. He was under Starro’s control for what may have been 18 years. But he was freed by Terry and Bruce. After which he returned to Metropolis which had, in his absense, turned into a dark city in need of a Superman. He ditched the new costume created by the Starro Superman and returned to his classic Blue and Red.

Booster Gold has a son with Fire, becomes the hero Gold Fire. Ted Kord marries Power Girl and they have a son who becomes the superhero Power Beetle. (Having Super Strength and invulnerability but not much else from his mother’s powers he is a sort of strong man action scientist type hero. Their sons turn out to be gay and fall in love, so Ted and Karen’s son, Kal Kord, is dating Booster Gold/Michael John Carter and Fire/Beatrice De Costa’s son, Daniel De Costa. Their enemies are varied but one of them is the new Black Beetle. As well as “The League of Evil Grandpas,” Booster’s father and Gold Fire’s grandfather used time travel to bring variations of himself to this time period as a team. Gold Fire also uses Skeets, his father’s old robot who at this point isn’t so advanced but is still a great sidekick. The two sons work together as a dynamic duo plus the robot. A few years back Ted was able to convert an old robot, L-Ron, to be a variant option for Skeets’ AI. Bea went back to work for ARGUS as a high ranking official.

Wonder Man 2099: Superman and Wonder Woman have a son, he is half Kryptonian and half Amazonian, possessing the Kryptonian powers granted by the sun and strengthened by Diana’s Demigod DNA. He is also trained from an early age by Uncle Batman. Since a great chaos war Diana has returned to her place as the God of War on Olympus, while Superman had been taken over by Starro. Their son, Jonathon Aries Kent, vanished in a battle that his entire family participated in, including Aunt Power Girl, Uncle Superboy and Aunt Supergirl. Their enemy, to be named later, trapped John in the Phantom Zone and destroyed any way to retrieve him. Wonder Woman was shocked when Clark seemingly quite trying and that was all she needed to return to Olympus. Since he was freed by Terry Diana has made visits home, but still keeps a post on Olympus. Which now hosts not just the Greek Panthion but the Phantom Stranger, SHAZAM, Deadman and others. Also thanks to the efforts of many superheroes like Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Ray Palmer, Alexandra Luthor the cloned granddaughter of Lex Luthor, Amanda Waller, Adam Strange, and various other scientific minds, John was freed along with his new dog Krypto. John’s super suit is a mix of Kryptonian armor and Amazonian armor. Supergirl and Superboy Beyond: Supergirl was a native of Krypton, when she arrived on Earth she only spoke Kryptonian and didn’t understand Earth’s customs at all. Superboy was a clone of Clark by KADMUS, he was unaware of Krypton at all but when Clark, Karen, Supergirl, Superboy, and John, found out there were some Kryptonians left alive because of the Phantom Zone being opened Supergirl and Superboy took them to an abandoned section of the universe to recolonize and return the Kryptonian cilivization.

Bizarro Beyond: Instead of being a clone this is an alternate reality version of John, the son of Wonder Woman and Superman and trained by Batman, who couldn’t live up to the pressures of being that son of the world’s greatest heroes. With such astounding power and such astounding pressure he felt he snapped. He was also guided by the Lex Luthor AI towards the dark side (maybe). In his timeline he tried to take over the world and had to be put into the Phantom Zone by his parents, after nearly killing them. This could be where the good John/Wonder Man met him and fought him. And when the good John was freed inadvertently so was the Bizarro John. He looks like John, except maybe a scar on his face from the battle with his Earth’s heroes. He cut his hair differently, and has a new costume which he thought was more fitting for his role as king of his Earth. Now he will become king of good John’s Earth. This version could even be from Earth 3’s future.

Alexandra Luthor Beyond: Lex Luthor made several clones of himself, staying alive similar to Ras al Ghul, by transferring his mind into a new clone when needed. He had stayed young and alive for who knows how long. But his final clone, Alexandra, was different somehow, perhaps Mercy Graves, Luthor’s body guard, saw this as a final act of revenge for all he had done to her over the years. Alexandra was female first of all and another difference was that she had a fully formed mind and consciousness. When Luthor decided to use her anyway and transfer his mind she rebelled and destroyed Lex Luthor, possibly forever. She then inherited his company, and while she wants to be better than Luthor either her cloned brain of Luthor or the world around her is making it hard to be different.

Lex Luthor Beyond: She thought he was dead, little did she realize that after years of partnering, battling, and working on, Brainiac robot AIs Luthor had figured out how to copy his mind. This was the process he used to implant his brain into clones. Without a clone the fail safe kicked in and his mind was copied, like Braianic would do, to any and all computer systems he could access. Now Lex Luthor is a virus in the computer systems of Metropolis and the world. In a mirror of a previous Superman story the Lex AI kidnaps Alexandra and forces her to build him a robotic body. Lex now had a robot body he controlled and lived in, missing the human form. In effect Lex had become Brianiac Beyond.

Action Danni: With advances in technology toy makers are able to program toys to do more and more. Respond to specific words with different sayings, carry out specific functions. In this Beyond time a toy company created a toy with an AI, but the toy prototype rebelled and escaped. She reappeared with a larger robotic body and attacked Metropolis. (She is like an Ultron/Vision type, only started as a toy.)

John/Wonderman had to face her. But rather than destroy her he ended up appealing to her programming. At least for that day she quit her attack on humanity, but not forever.

Cheeter: The son of the late Cheetah has void vengeance for the death of his mother. She died attacking Wonder Woman/God of War but he still sees it as John’s mother’s fault. So to get revenge he will kill Wonder Woman’s son. He is a splicer, someone in the future who splices his DNA with animal DNA. This gave him increased strength, speed, agility, and stamina, etc.

Eradicator 2099: Eradicator, the living embodiment of Krypton programmed into an AI (?) transferred his mind into the living, evolving, weaponised creature Doomsday, thanks to the body he is constantly evolving to stay alive.

Wonder Woman Beyond: At some point Diana either restarted the Amazons or brought them back to life, but with her now being the God of War a new champion was chosen. She is an Amazon like Diana, maybe even daughter of Hyppolita as well. Like Spider-Woman in the Marvel universe she is not related or connected to Wonder Man or the same name.

Cyborg Beyond: Victor Stone’s body, thanks to advances in technology, looks almost human. He is still mostly robot and when he needs to he can become more battle ready. He became more of a representative of the robot, AI, and Cybernetic, population. His adopted daughter was another young person who lost most of their body and had it replaced with mostly robot parts. He saved her life and found out she was alone, lost her family in the same disaster that nearly killed her. While helping her they became close and so he adopted her. She is now becoming the new Cyborg in the Beyond times. (Maybe there was even a movement among the Cybernetic Populace to move on to an island, Robot Island. And that is were a good amount of AIs and Robots settled. This would include the Metal Men and AMAZO.)

Starman Beyond: (take the old James Robinson story and transplant it into the Beyond comics maybe?) The son of Star Girl, of the JLA and scientist Ted Knight. Ted helped Star Girl (eventually Star Woman) with modifications to her armor and her weapon over the years. However he developed an illness and died. Star Woman retired from the hero life to be with her sons. The older son became the new Star Spangled Kid on the Teen Titans. She had hoped Jack could take over as Star Man one day, continue her legacy. But Jack didn’t want to be a superhero. The day came when the Star Spangled Kid wanted to become the new Star Man but on his first night as Star Man he was killed and his mother was attacked. It was now up to Jack to solve the murder and become the new Star Man.

Lord Orion: Orion eventually defeated his father Darkseid and took the throne of Apocalypse. His first task was to find and stop the left over minions of Apocalypse which meant having to cross into Earth 2 and other dimensions, and while doing so he found Scott Free and Barda. With their help, and the help of other New Gods Orion began to reshape Apocalypse into a better world. but he found the men and woman living there had become institutionalized by Darkseid without hi they didn’t know what to do, and those that did were cruel. His efforts to reverse the Parademon programming was having trouble as well. They were able to bring back the dead with cybernetics the same as the Parademons but the dark programming was still interfering with their minds. For him, one originally born on Apocalypse, he fears that perhaps this place will turn him into his father Darkseid. His son/daughter however… If Orion was a story about father versus son, then when the son becomes the father does it the remain father versus son? Orion couldn’t save his father or turn him good. He had to kill him. He and Becca had two children. A son and a daughter. Fraternal Twins. One had the power of pure light and absorption of optimism energy, the other inherited Darkseid’s darkness and absorption of negative energy. (But I’m not sure if either should be good or bad. If one is bad it should not be the one you would expect.) Scott Free became the new High Father with his wife /Barda becoming the High Mother. Their reign ushered in change to New Genesis. Their daughter would become the first female ruler.

Billy Batson Beyond: Billy eventually aged, he is now an older man, but when he transforms into Marvel he is as young as he Marvel always is.

Ragman Beyond: Ragman is a Batman like vigilante who is wrapped up like a mummy in sacred and magical scrolls that grant him power. The scrolls are the names of the past Ragmen, dating back further than the previously known Ragman. Wearing these scrolls gives him access to their strength and speed and agility, etc. The scrolls can also create illusions of other clothing.

El Diablo Beyond: Rafael Sandoval, a young Hispanic man, who is descended from a long line of law enforcement, all the way back to his great grandfathers. He became a vigilante like Batman, only took it further with the theatrics. He created a demonic persona, the devil who hunts for the souls of the wicked. His costume looks more like a demon than Batman’s. He is the first member of his family to do this, but he hacked into records to fake documented evidence that he has existed much longer. With rumors of a demon attacking criminals, and taking their souls or killing them, Bruce’s mind immediately went to Jason Blood and Etrigan. So he sent Terry and another like Grayson or Damien or Batgirl Beyond to investigate and possibly take down Jason. But as it turns out it was no confrontation and Jason had in fact been looking into it as well, but had found no demonic presence in Gotham as of late. Later, Terry stumbles onto this, noticing hacking trails, etc. Thinking this was the start of a new villain Terry as Batman confronted and fought El Diablo only to find out he Diablo was a good guy, and the murders in his past or his grandfather’s past, were all fictional. In the future hacking and faking records and murder evidence is much easier for gifted minds like Bruce or El Diablo. his costume like Terry’s too only more theatrically demonic.

Firestorm Beyond: In the future Kansas has a Nuclear explosion whipping out all of Smallville, in an attack by a Superman villain. (In Kingdom Come it is Parasite vs. Magog, Judo Master, Peacemaker, and Captain Atom. Perhaps I can tie it into that.) The attack however didn’t kill the people in the town, instead the all fused together to create the entity known as Firestorm. Firestorm was now more than just two people but a town well over 500 people, men and women and children, all thinking in unison. Although at first that was not the case. Firestorm needed Superman’s help. Somehow one of the minds inside him knew Superman was Clark and lived in Smallville a long time ago. Superman helped Firestorm calm his voices and focus them the same way he learned to focus his super hearing and super sight when he was younger. Together Firestorm and Superman found the one responsible for the explosion. It turned out the person died along with the rest of the town and was now inside. Suddenly hundreds of angry victims wanting revenge on one person with the power to do it was turning on itself. The minds were almost like at war inside firestorm again. This almost led to Firestorm exploding into a nuclear blast again his time whipping out another city. In the end Firestorm didn’t kill anyone. Using their power they were able to separate the mind and force it out into a new body. Something that they couldn’t seem to do for the many other minds inside Firestorm.

Martian Manhunter Beyond: J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter, was the only hero who actively sought out cloning. KADMUS accommodated him, in what some could call a moment of weakness Jonn let them clone his DNA and produce more and variations of himself. There were now many Martians in existence, young, old, male, female. Now, with a people needing his leadership and despite ARGUS trying to stop them, he left with them to Mars. However there were still clones that ARGUS and KADMUS didn’t tell him about. Their Martian Soldiers. Jonn found out but couldn’t leave his people, and he was too old. One of his people, a Martian named M’arcc was chosen to go back to Earth on a mission of destroying the DNA and the lab and all possibility of re-cloning Jonn or any other Martians. Turns out the Martians that were cloned were also programmed to be soldiers for ARGUS, M’arcc had to fight them. While the lab was destroyed and the DNA and all the data, supposedly, two of the three Martians soldiers still alive out there. And, like J’onn before him, he was trapped on Earth with no way to get back for the time being. M’arcc looks like J’onn but dresses like a modern day Manhunter assassin from the old DC comic.

Specter Beyond: Raven is killed possibly in battle, her spirit became the new Spirit of Justice.

Infinity Beyond: The children of past heroes form their own super group separate from the Titans or the Justice League. The team could include Power Beetle and Golden Fire, Red X (Stephanie Brown), Fire Storm maybe, El Diablo, the new Wonder Woman, etc.

Titans Beyond: The Justice League became a team where the older heroes acted as a council, like Diana, Superman, Flash, Marvel, etc. While the field team was mostly younger heroes, like the new Green Lantern, Aquagirl, Warhawk, Barda, etc. The Teen Titans became the Titans, a group where the older heroes who weren’t already on the League went, like Nightwing, Specter, Nightstar (Grayson’s daughter), etc. So they sort of became the Justice League while the League became sort of like the JSA. Infinity became sort of the new Teen Titans.

Green Arrow Beyond: Oliver never gave up being a hero, he couldn’t. Nothing else seemed worth it. Even in his old age he was saving the world, even after Superman zapped off his arm he didn’t quite. Like Bruce he used a tech suit, either barrowed or created by Bruce, but even with that his age was catching up to him and he was slowing down. Even once Bruce retired he didn’t stop, that pushed him forward even more. If Bruce is out then who will protect the helpless? On a sad warm night Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, was killed. After his death a small “Battle for the Bow” it was more of a “Search for the Next Green Arrow” occurred with Conner Hawk, Roy Harper, Roy and Cheshire’s daughter, Merlyn, the new Dark Archer, Dinah Lance, and others. Eventually the mantel and bow fell to Roy who became the new Green Arrow. The new Green Arrow became more than just a bow and arrows though, he became an expert at all weapons. The group actually decided that while Roy would be the main Green Arrow, the rest would also be Green Arrows. Like a team. Dinah was their at HQ tech support most of the time, and their liaison with ARGUS. The ones not part of the team of coarse were Merlyn and the new Dark Archer. Secretly, known only by Director Etta Candy, some scientists, and a few others, Oliver was brought back to life using the old AMAZO robot. His mind was copied by the AMAZO tech transferring it and basically bringing him back to life. The World Army tried to get him to become an agent, and ARGUS tried to get him to go on missions but like the political activist that he was he refused. He broke free and found he wasn’t the only AI/Robot/Cyborg out there needing help. He found Robot Island and became their new leader and protector. (AMAZO using bows and arrows.)

Silver Scarab Beyond: Since Hawkgirl had a child with Jon Stewart of the GLs, then she wouldn’t have a child with Hawkman. Instead Hawkman had a child with… Wait, wasn’t there something about Hawkwoman in the New 52 Hawkman?

Maybe Silver Scarab is the older son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl before she ended up with John… maybe. And he used his father’s Nth Metal to recreate the tiny circuitry to create super advanced alien tech armor. Maybe instead of being a outright hero he is more of a loose cannon, an unknown variable. Will he help or hurt? He could be like Hank Pym, volatile and mentally unstable.

Steel Beyond: John’s niece grew up working side by side with her Uncle John inventing and helping him with his Steel armor. When she asked about him making her armor he insisted she do it for herself, the hard work would pay off. So she did, and kept modifying it as John modified his Steel armor. Eventually he retired from being a superhero and went to work behind the scenes at ARGUS and other Global Defense programs. While his niece took over as Steel.

(Side Note: Not that they are sold at every store or something, but the technology for the tiny circuitry within the Batman Beyond tech suit’s fabric is known to the public. While the exact blueprints of the Batman Beyond suit aren’t known, the tech for the tiny circuitry is out there and the idea to put it inside fabric for various purposes has been done as well. However to put it inside fabric and make tech suits like Batman’s is an advanced concept that few can replicate unless they possess the insight and intelligence such as Bruce Wayne, Mister Terrific, Ted Kord, etc. Your average man on the street can’t just buy the tiny circuitry and put it in fabric and become a superhero or villain.)

The World Army, created secretly by ARGUS and members of other nations after the Apocalypse Invasion and the second attempt at an invasion and the various other situations over the years, the W.A. is sometimes seen by others including Amanda Waller and heroes like Batman and Flash and Green Lantern as a terrible idea and some like Green Arrow would go as far as to call it a Terrorist group. Without threats like Mongul or Darkseid the W.A. began policing the world, nearly started a war. They were officially disbanded, but unofficially continued.

Because at the time Superman was under the control of Starro he not only supported the World Army but became an agent, going on political assignments and missions. Clark/Superman didn’t seem like himself anymore. He became more of a loner. On one mission he was confronted by the new Outsiders led by Green Arrow. Superman used his head vision to cut off his arm. But, as mentioned before, he was eventually freed by Terry and Bruce.


Earth 2's Harlequin

bkno wrote me: "I have another idea for Alan Scott new love interest. Damon Mayne aka Harlequin.


There was a proposed gay male Harlequin who was going to be a potential love interest for Obsidian. But it was rejected since Alan Scott has already two derived heroes with Jade and Obsidian.

His name is a composite of Damon Matthews (Obsidian BF) and Harlequin (Molly Mayne) who was married to Alan Scott."

So here is the back story I was thinking about for him, Marius Mayne (or what if he was Earth 2's Harvey Dent) was a soldier in the world army during both Apocalypse Invasions. What he saw made him see the world differently. In such a dangerous world he refuses to take things seriously. He quit the army and became a career criminal, he would never hurt anyone innocent and occasionally would help people. He is a world class athlete and excelled in his World Army training in hand to hand combat taught by Ted Grant, weapons training, and strategy. At first it was just for fun being the Harlequin, but after meeting Green Lantern/Alan Scott it became to get his attention. He is very flirty with Alan, but also an old fashioned gentleman. They are like a Batman and Catwoman relationship. He isn't crazy, just silly and goofy, he doesn't care what others think of him anymore. He doesn't care about the laws. He has just decided to live life how he wants. Eventually he tries to be a better person, becomes an anti-hero like Catwoman is now. He sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. He is sort of like Deadpool, only he isn't insane and less annoying usually.

He is constantly joking around and making odd, maybe inappropriate, and funny comments. Just some thoughts.

Gave him a suit and frilly stuff like Dula Dent had, gave him a Harley styled hood, gave him a checkered pattern like the original Harlequin, and made him purple because no matter what when I invert green it came out purple and not red like the color wheel says. He needs to be likable and redeemable for a hero like Alan Scott, the Superman of Earth 2, to like him and become his boyfriend.


Earth 3 Court Of Owls

In Earth 3 Thomas Wayne Jr. knew one day he would either have the Crime Syndicate turn on him or he would turn on them. They were criminals and criminals had no elegances. So he began scouting for talent.

In Earth 3 Bruce Wayne wasn't there when Dick Grayson's parents were murdered, however Thomas Wayne Jr. might have had some involvement. So instead of Grayson going to live with Wayne and becoming Robin then Nightwing, Grayson went into foster care. But never stayed long. He ended up living on the streets after running one last time. He used his acrobatic skills to become a thief and caught the attention of Selina Kyle, who without the Batman is grim and more aggressive, she took him in and trained him. They became like mother and son. Grayson became very protective of her and learned combat skills from her and others in order to protect her. That is when the Owlman spotted them.

He brought them in to what he called his Court of Owls. A group he started, similar to the League of Assassins, where he would take in and train criminals and others with skills and potential to be his agents. but while Dick is loyal to Selina he also looks to Owlman as a father figure. And Selina doesn't like that, she doesn't trust him even a little.

Another of his "Talons" is Oliver Queen, he was stranded on an island for years where it was either kill or be killed and he had to do horrible things to stay alive. When he was found years later he was a changed man, as he claims "oliver Queen died on that island." One of the first things Oliver did was destroy everything in his home, and then shave his head and face, eliminating all his hair. He wanted no trace of the island on him. He couldn't even look in the mirror. He went back to his company but found he couldn't get readjusted to normal life. He was always on that island. He had nightmares at night and flashbacks in the day. He began taking pills to help him sleep, then pills to help him wake up, then drugs to dull the pain or distract his mind. But then he needed money to pay for his drugs so he began using his skills learned on the island, his archery, combat, and killing skills. He became a hitman for hire. That is when he was found by Owlman. He had hired him in the past and now saw need of his skills for more than assassinations. He made Oliver a Talon, Oliver became like the grim specter of death. He rarely speaks but when he has mentioned to others that they are all evil and deserve whatever happens to them, and that they will all die by the sword. Oliver trains other recruits in archery, weapons, and combat.

Barbara Gordon was the daughter of the corrupt Commissioner "Boss" Gordon. Her father was in the pocket of Owlman, but when Owlman saw his use for Gordon drying up he thought about assassinating him. He then saw the potential in Gordon's daughter Barbara, who had killed her homicidal brother in the past. And seemed to excel at combat and acrobatics. So he set Jim Gordon up as a traitor who was going to attempt to kill Ultraman. Ultraman found out and killed Jim Gordon very publicly to show his power. Now Owlman had the means to bring Barbara on his Court of Owls. She had the hatred for Ultraman and the other Crime Syndicates that he required plus the loss of a loved one that he saw as important to his Talons. Plus he was an old friend of "daddy's." So he made her a Talon. There are others, such as Thomas Wayne's cousin who would become Owlwoman, and Slade Wilson and his children Rose and Grant. Etc. He uses them for his agents in the night but also gets them ready for the inevitable day that he will have to take down the Crime Syndicate and all their allies and friends.


Earth 2 Ted Grant and/or Yolanda Bronson: Wildcat!

So Ted Grant has already been in Earth 2 comics, one panel showing his face. It said Grant and showed his face, so I had to work that in. The back story is a little squiffy but here is the basic concept.

Ted Grant was a boxer who was framed for murder and sentenced to life without parole. But the World Army had better plans, they got him a pardon and made him a soldier. He became one of their best instructors for hand to hand combat. He even taught Batman, Catwoman, and Robin, at one time or another. Ted had a special armored suit made and put his boxing nickname "Wildcat" on the chest. The suit made him look like one of the Wonders. But after the first invasion was over and the Wonders were dead Ted left the world army and Wildcat behind. He want back to boxing. Recently after the second invasion started Ted was visited by his daughter he never knew he had, and she looked like a cat woman hybrid. Her name is Yolanda Bronson, she explained that she was visited by a GIANT wild cat calling itself Tepeyollotl. It told her the same thing Mercury told Jay before giving him the speed powers. That the Earth was in danger from a great threat still and needed heroes. Mercury chose Jason Garrick, the Egyptian gods gave powers to Khalid Ben-Hassin and Kendra Munoz-Saunders, and the Earth itself chose Allan Scott as its champion. The Aztec god Tepeyollotl chose Yolanda Bronson, making her stronger, faster, and more agile along with other abilities and senses and making her look like a cat. While together, bonding as they fought, Ted found out his daughter went into Mixed Martial Arts fighting and was making a name for herself.

Here is sort of where the back story falls apart. Does he die trying to keep her safe or rescuing her from the World Army or doe they both stay alive and there are two Wildcats?

Also I wasn't sure if I should include Ted at all, or Yolanda, because Ted was already shown, but I could merge them all into Yolanda.


DC's Batman + Marvel's Spider-Man = Amalgam's Spiderman

DC + Marvel = Amalgam

Batman + Spider-Man = Spiderman

Richard and Mary Wayne had a son they named Peter. Richard had several patents which made them very rich. Peter Wayne was only a child when he saw his parents murdered by the gunman Joe Chill. He was sent to live with his Uncle Ben Wayne, Richard's brother. He had lost his wife May a few months earlier to another gunman. Uncle Ben was a former SHIELD agent, Navy Seal, Soldier, and Cop. It was at this early age that Peter decided that those with the power to do something should always do something, they have a responsibility. And he decided to train his mind and body so that he would always be able to do something. Peter and Ben traveled the world while Peter trained and learned and practiced. When Peter and Ben returned home Peter was in his early 20s. Peter got a job at the local paper, the Bugle Planet, and Uncle Ben got a job as a butler. To everyone else it looked as though Peter used up his inheritance and had to return home and get a job. But Peter and Ben still had inheritance left and the money from the patents. Peter became a vigilante, but soon realized he had to be more than a man. He had to be a myth. He became Spiderman, since people were afraid of spiders to begin with and the thought of a giant man spider praying on criminals in the dark might help stop crime.

As Spiderman Peter, not having any actual powers, used his combat skills, his detective skills, and his brilliant inventor mind, to create ways to combat crime. The myths started, that Spiderman had the proportional strength of a man sized spider. That he shot webs from his hands. That he could climb walls. That he ate his victims. Etc.

Commissioner Captain Stacy became an allie. Later his daughter Gwen became the Spidergirl. And after he tangled with the Jackal, AKA Hugo Strange, Peter was cloned and then Ben Grayson came into his life. Peter took him on as a sidekick and he first became the Scarlet Spider. Later he went off on his own and became the Night Spider.

Ras al Ghul + Dr. Doom

Catwoman + Black Cat = Cat Woman

Joker + Green Goblin = Joker Goblin

Harley Quinn + Hob Goblin = Harley Goblin

Harvey Dent + Harry Osborne = Harvey Osborne/Two-Faced Goblin

Penguin + Vulture

Joe Chill + Wilson Fisk = Wilson Fisk: In his younger days he was named Joe Chill. He is the man who murdered Peter's parents. Now Chill is the most powerful CEO and the most dangerous Crime Lord known as the Kingpin.

Azreal + Venom

Madhatter + Ring Master = Top Hat

Hugo Strange + Jackal

Owlman + Scorpion = Scorpion Man

Court of Owls + Spider Slayers = Court of Spider Slayers

Solomon Grundy + Tombstone

Deadshot + Chameleon = Mystery Gunman

Talia + Mr. Negative = Negative Talia

Man Bat + the Lizard = Chimera

Killer Croc + Rhino = Killer Rhino

Clayface + Sandman = Clay Man

Poison Ivy + Queen = Poison Queen

Riddler + the Answer = the Solution

Black Mask + Big Man

Scarecrow + Mysterio = Nightmare

Bane + Kraven = Bane the Hunter

Mr. Freeze + Doc Ock

Catman + Tarantula = Tarantula Man

Firefly + Electro = Lightning Bug

Killer Moth + Beetle = Killer Beetle

Dr. Phosphorus + Motlon Man = Phosphorus Man

Carmine Falcone + Hammerhead = Carmine "Hammerhead" Falcone


New 52 Rainbow Raider Redsign

One of my favorite books is Starman by James Robinson, which has the Shade. Mr. Robinson took the Shade, a B Level villain and turned him into a anti neither good nor bad force of nature. He was also immortal, and a well rounded character with a taste for finer things. So This is my attempt at redesigning another classic but B Level Villain, Rainbow Raider.


Rainbow Raider was a guy who used goggles to effect peoples emotions by blasting them like Cyclops with a color from the emotional spectrum. In the New 52 I think it would be so easy to take him, patch his origin into the Green Lanterns and the Shade and work from there. Also I am going to try and write his back story as if the Shade is writing it, so don't judge me too harshly if it isn't as good.








From the Journal of the Shade, 1998

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is the story of my equal and opposite, Roy G. Bivolo better known by the tacky moniker Rainbow Raider. I prefer to call him Chroma. He came to my attention during the height of the Pop Art movement, though I assume he had existed longer than that. Looking into him I found out that he was a failed artist who came into possession of what was thought to be the fabled "Technicolor Dream Coat" belonging to Joseph. Where my birth came from a very violent action Roy's came as simple as putting on the coat. He gained a great deal of powers, most importantly the power to control the emotions of others by using every color in the spectrum the Lanterns have been fighting over. He doesn't even need a ring to do this. So if he flash a red light on a person they would become uncontrollable dogs of anger. If he used yellow energy however they would be almost crippled with fear. At first he used this power for petty crimes such as robbing art museums. While I enjoy art and cannot fault him for stealing it his power was more than this. He, like I, is immortal. Converted to pure energy no doubt. Also like I he can travel by teleporting through his power source. He doesn't know the full extent of his new self, but I hesitate to teach him. The day may come when one of us must destroy the other, light versus dark and all that. I have spent time with him however, we toured art museums and talked about Pop Culture. He seems to revel in the tacky while I can't say I do. But I do enjoy his company and against my better judgment I may show him how powerful he has actually become."

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New 52 Blue Beetle's SPARKY!

theunbrilliant.deviantart.com/ came up with the idea for Ted Kord's sidekick.

"My idea is his a-hole brother whom he mentions in Countdown goes to prison and Ted's the only available family member for his niece whom he has to take in despite not being a big fan of kids. His niece is named Abby (for now) and is 10. She's a lot like Ted but more confident and is a chess whiz. She has dark red hair like Ted did in the 80s and and after discovering Ted is BB takes on her own bug identity like Dragonfly (she wanted Superfly but Ted talked her out of that.) That's all I got for now."

So I drew up her idea because I liked it and I added some things. I think her super name could be Sparky (after Dan Garret's original sidekick). And I see Ted making her a special belt that she clicks the scarab and activates a protective energy shield. He used the design from his buddy Booster Gold's energy shield and modified it. I see him keeping her in the big or at home away from the action for the most part. But also training her to protect herself. She is like his Oracle or Tech Support helping him from afar while they is training for later to help in the field she hopes.

I designed her costume mostly similar to this costume: demyrie.deviantart.com/#/art/B… And the whole page I designed similar to the intro page for Mary Marvel where Captain Marvel is introducing her.

Plus the armor because I thought Ted would want her to be as protected as possible.

I see Ted being more of a father to her than his brother and maybe one day even adopting her. He cares a great deal for his niece.

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