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Yeah we need some innovations on those comics. Superman who kills is a good start off. I don't understand why are people so chocked. People even die in fairy tales, which are supposed to be aimed at a younger audience. So why not in DC. Wake up !

If Batman had killed the Joker, Superman wouldn't break down. In that plot, I just hate Batman and wanna take him out.

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Sex violence in comics... Kids have full access to porn with internet easily. Wake up guys ! We ain't living in a Stone Age any more.

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This kind of film doesn't need some useless romance

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Are they really going to rehash Tower of Babel? Are they just going to end up using the New 52 label just as an excuse to retell old stories?

I don't see a valid reason why Superman and Wonder Woman can't have a relationship outside of the team or their secret identities. I don't think much of the actual relationship. It's more of a publishing gimmick. Public or not, you're basically telling them they can't live a life because of what other people may think about it. Lest we remember, they are all vigilantes to begin with.

I'll more enjoy to see the Kryptonian with the Amazon rather a SM/ Lois. I find her so annoying and useless.

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I'm starting to hate Batman. He turns out to be an omniscient character who knows everything. It was fun before but not any more for me. May the lord cut his tongue off !

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@g_man said:

@foxxfireart: Don't jump to conclusions. No said they were going there. They might but no one's said that. Have the benefit of the doubt. As for Superman and Wonder Woman dating, it's been a HUGE factor in this issue and JLA. That's the main reason Amanda Waller formed the JLA...

@batsymyplaything: DC officially released the cover and the full first few pages showing the entire opening scene Monday as a 'preview.' So it's been out since Monday. And it's not really a spoiler for the issue since none of the 'wft' covers have too much to do with what's actually happening.

@ltbrd said:

Not exactly sure why anyone can't understand that Bruce is not telling Clark and Diana that they can't have a relationship in their secret identities. He specifically stated that Superman and Wonder Woman being so close together is the issue and will make people nervous. Which already Justice League of America issue 1.

People aren't reading I guess.

it's getting tricky to follow everything. No offence but maybe some people have others comics to read beside the DC

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@herrweis: I would imagine that people would worry that if the most powerful people in the world are romantically involved, that there is the risk that they could eventually reproduce, starting a race of young godlike beings.

It's not a bad idea if they have a son

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it seems that Batman is everywhere and it's kinda pisses me off !

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Yeah, this issue was a complete waste of time.


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At first I hated the WW & Supes, but my mind changed. I think those two are better together. In a strange way, I don't want they make them split up.

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