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Its probably nothing, but if anything I was getting a Misty Knight vibe from the ad. I'm positive she's not going to be in the movie, but if I had to make any stretch I'd go with that, because of the arm and it was Stark that designed it for her. 

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If I remember correctly there was a perfume line based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman, as well as some of his other writing. But that makes a lot more sense than this.

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If he was younger, I could see him as Spidey but, his wise-cracks aren't really Cap's style.

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   As some of you already pointed out Green Arrow has had a violent past, the Longbow Hunter's being the best example. He's also been more aggressive than batman, I mean the guy doesn't use trick arrows anymore, when he shots someone he's hitting them with real fricking arrow. But, I think the most important part of all this is that Green Arrow is suppose to be the imperfect hero. 
        I kind of see him as the everyman batman; sure he's clever, skilled, and all that but, he's also more flawed and that makes him more relatable. The big reveal at the end of The Archer's Quest was that he knew about his son's birth and left him, he regrets it like nothing else, but he still did it. I think moments like that make him a more interesting character, the hero that doesn't always do the right thing. It puts him in contrast to Superman and Batman who are almost perfect, and have a very staunch sense of justice, Ollie's a bit more human he let's his emotions get the best of him.

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I bumped into this guy when reading the initiative, he's pretty much a ten year old's dream come true, he's a superhero and a dinosaurs, well ALL the Dinosaurs. I can see why he'd be popular for a kid's show, and maybe he'll get more growth in a series. To b honest I wish that these pictures didn't come with a quote like mission statement from each character. With the main avengers we already know their deal, and with these guys isn't not adding anything.

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When I first heard about this book, I was hoping it was going to mainly consist of the cast of Avengers Initiative, because there were some great characters there, and the book did a good job of fleshing out the Marvel Universe. Wonder what happened to Gravity? or Justice?, well the Initiative told you. As much as I like the idea of introducing new heroes, I don't know if I want a completely new cast, there's so many characters to begin with.

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While this is cool and all, I didn't realize that Mark Waid was the editor and chief of Boom! And for some reason that's a bigger surprise to me than Stan Lee's return.

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I think Black Widow is a hard sell because she's not that well known. What might make a good case for effective femme fatales, is the Y: The Last Man movie (if they ever make it.) Agent 355 is one of the most bad @ss Mo-Fo's in comics.

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I enjoy a good Deadpool story every now and then. Daniel Way's on-going is pretty good, and whenever Joe Kelly gets his hands on him the character's a blast, but I do think he's suffering from over-exposure, which is just going to hurt him in the end. Though, I might be willing to give him a pass on this series because the idea sounds kind of funny, but maybe marvel should of just contained it to his on-going rather then adding another series.

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I have high hopes, but I do wonder why they take so long getting over here. I mean it's already in English no need to translate (though to be honest sometimes subtitles would be nice.)

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