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Scott Lobdell already said that Raven is coming back. Anyway, stop being a tool. This Teen Titans has actually been pretty damned good. Probably just another fan who is SO pissed off about losing prior history that he/she won't read any of The New 52 (pretty ridiculous when you consider some of the stupidity and BS that was considered part of the old DCU....).

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He answered my question (and I got the answer I was looking for, too!) !!!! Anyway, if you can see this, you are quite awesome, Mr. Lobdell. And with your answers about Raven, you have probably made the day for thousands of Titans fans, so, definitely good work.

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I believe that Marvel has said a number of times that they are working on a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie, and well, that would undoubtedly feature Agent Coulson.

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I would just like to start off by saying that I really, truly enjoyed both Superboy and Teen Titans and will continue reading them.

My question is simple: Do you plan for Fairchild to be a fixture in Superboy or are there bigger plans for her in the New 52? (Not to say that being a mainstay in Superboy would be minimal, but...oh, you know what I mean.)

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I'm not going to say that DC will keep these same numbers up, but we should realize what DC has done for themselves and the comic book industry as a whole.

For themselves:

1) A lot of these books were actually pretty good. (Stop bitching and moaning about costumes this, costumes that.....that shit is really, really unimportant)

2) Even bigger than bringing in new readers, same-day digital allows readers who have wanted to purchase DC books but simply could not due to having the nearest shop be about 45 minutes away....purchase DC books.

3) I saw a lot of new readers going in to the shop I frequent here in Muncie. And I mean, a lot. I can't say whether or not all of them will return, but, there's something to this.

For the industry:

1) This is the big one. Think of all the excitement there is now for the latest comic book news. DC has helped to bring back that air of anticipation around Wednesday releases and that is a plus for everyone.

Remember, though the relaunch gave us a few duds, for every Hawk and Dove, there was Swamp Thing, Batman, Action Comics, Animal Man, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Superboy, Teen Titans, etc. So, yeah. Job well done, DC.