Moments in comics that made me say "SAY WHAT?"

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Green Arrow FTW! Don't forget my personal favorite Green Arrow moment, from Identity Crisis... Watch the birdy!

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What does FTW mean, what do you think of what they are doing with Arsenal now?
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How about the deaths of Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Rocket Red, Gypsy, Dove, Dove II, Hawk, Jason Todd, Vibe, Steel, Maxima, Firestorm, Barry Allan, Martian Manhunter, Ice, Superman,  Batman's back being broken, Obsidian revealing he was gay.  Ice maiden dressing up like Ice to get it on with fire.  Fire and Guy Gardner having sex,  Hal Jordan's relationship with underage Arisia,  Wolverine having the adamantium  taken out of his body by Magneto The destruction of Coast City, the explosion in Star City, Booster Gold and Emil Hamilton loosing their arms.  Lex Luthor's clone, Lex Luthor's cancer,  Lex Luthor Loosing his hand.  Hawk becoming Evil, the resurrections, of Ice and Guy Gardner,   Barbara Gordon becoming crippled.  This was just off the top of my head.  I'm truly, truly sorry but you are missing some really big one's friend.