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Rick Jones for sure. He has had more powers than anyone in the the comic universe.
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She Hulk: Sensational #1
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Powerful, indeed.
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superman is shit the most powerfull is galactus or white  phoenix
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Powerful, indeed.
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What is Stan looking at? O_o
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Geoff Johns aka The Chaos Bringer.....
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@FadeToBlackBolt: He's checking out the girls huge bazoons :P

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Depends on what you'd classify as a 'person'.  If you mean human, than people like TOAA, The Presence, Galactus, Phoenix etc etc. wouldn't apply.

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the editor.
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The Living Tribunal or The Brothers. Or PR Beyonder if he counts.
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@arrowfan237: lol
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@arrowfan237: lol
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Wish it was true.
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TOOA, Presence and Man Of Miracles.

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Three words: Alexander J. Mercer.

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Three words: Alexander J. Mercer.
Lol he is not the most powerful person in comics 
 Doctor Strange? He's human. Maybe Iron Man?
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I'd have to go with Thanos.

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In a weird round about way its us the fans, if we don't buy then comics aren't created lol

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Stan Lee