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I'm sure he has a bat-condom in there...

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Explosive batarangs.

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Grappling gun !!!!

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@GreenLantern555 said:
" I'm sure he has a bat-condom in there... "
And because of prep-time, it can withstand even the most "Wonderous" of thrusts.

Also, the Bationary: Guide to Picking Up.

Say "I'm Batman"
Wake female from her awesomeness-induced faint
Commence relations
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I always loved his grappling gun, especially the version in BTAS.

I remember watching the audio commentary of one of the show's DVDs and the producers and writers sighed with exasperation when Batman pulled out the gun, like it was his deus ex machina that always got him out of jams.

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The Batman Utility Belt instruction manual.... 

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keys to the batmobile...

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batman credit card...because it makes me laugh

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Yeah, the grappling hook or gun is pretty awesome.

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The kryptonite ring, that way Batman can put the smackdown on sups!!!

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Meow Mix.
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I don't know if this counts or not, because it's Dick, but I've always been a fan of Dick's escrima sticks.