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Posted by karrob

GL power ring or Quantum Bands

Posted by romanmjarko

For me Mjolnir the hammer of Thor and Captain America's Shield , plus Wolverine's adamantium skeleton
Posted by GreenLantern555

Green Lantern Ring for the win.

Posted by Calvin

Not the greatest, but the coolest! 

Posted by weaponx
@Calvin:  NIce:) 
 Awesome combination 
GL rings are nice.... there are so many weapons, of course infinity gauntlet is one of the greatest weapons ever.... nothing much compares to that, but I think it is overkill and would prefer one of the already stated weapons. 
Posted by ComicCrazy

Green Lantern's ring no doubt.

Posted by Darkseid Elite

gravity hammer 
Posted by difficlus

GL ring, Quamtum bands, Ultimate nullifer

Edited by Mekboy
@Darkseid Elite said:

gravity hammer 

THIS. Not the 1 in Reach though
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

The Stone Of Gol

Posted by Rothbart

Definately the infinity gauntlet, just cause it looks cool. I know it's not so much a weapon as a manifestation of omnipotence, but whatevs.

Posted by heraldthemoth

arisol can with a torch.

Posted by D3athstroke


Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

(Waits patiently for Decoy Elite and the Almighty Ham to show up)

Posted by Final Arrow
@D3athstroke: there is no spoon. 

Greatest weapon ever made
Posted by ComicMan24
@Calvin: Nice choice.
Posted by ComicStooge

Posted by csimon





Posted by PowerHerc
Ttthhhhhaaaaaatttttss  Rrrriiiiiggggghhhttttt !!!!!!!!! 
Hammer of the Gods! 
Maybe not as versatile as the GL power ring, but WAY cooler!  
Posted by Decoy Elite

2nd best weapon is a badger(if you can throw a badger you're going to beat anyone you're fighting unless they have ham)
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@Decoy Elite: There we go :). I was waiting for that lol
Posted by jesusjoe

 Steve's foot. Greatest. Weapon. Ever.
Posted by Deadcool

Posted by Mr.Q
@ComicStooge said:
well... it is mightier than a sword. but never underestimate a brick to the soft spot of the head. sweet lady brick how she has served me well.
Posted by ComicStooge
@Mr.Q:  LOL! A Brick>Infinity Gauntlet.
Posted by Larkin1388
@Final Arrow: I completely agree.... no one can withstand a blow from the banhammer... also... Mjolnir is pretty badass. 
Posted by Ultimate JSA


claws of wolverine

Posted by Mr.Q
@ComicStooge said:
" @Mr.Q:  LOL! A Brick>Infinity Gauntlet. "
simplicity is the key. sweet lady brick hasn't let me down yet. and when everyone else is firing lasers, swinging swords, throwing badgers, and brandishing high tech overly complex weaponry who is going to expect a rectangle of pure red justice coming in on their soft spots? no one thats who. 
Posted by ComicStooge
@Mr.Q: That's a win!
Posted by Mr.Q
@ComicStooge said:
" @Mr.Q: That's a win! "
and I owe the victory to sweet lady brick.
Posted by Jampy00

The human mind + the human hand = The greatest weapons. 
Or bacon, gotta love the bacon..

Posted by Thor's hammmer

ultimate Nullifier  
some other really powerful one's no one mentionded are the Odinsword and the Twilight sword
Posted by RiseofApocalypse

Ultimate Nullifier.

Posted by ComicStooge
@Mr.Q: Brick FTW!
Posted by Mr.Q
@ComicStooge said:
" @Mr.Q: Brick FTW! "
and it always does.  
@Thor's hammmer
" ultimate Nullifier   some other really powerful one's no one mentionded are the Odinsword and the Twilight sword "
strange that someone named 'Thor's hammer' doesn't suggest the obvious.
Posted by termiteone4ever
YOu are forgetting superman sword :)
Posted by Crom-Cruach

Pfft, you guys don't know what the greatest weapon ever is...
The true greatest weapon is the witchblade:

Edited by N7_Normandy

 never underestimate the batarang
Posted by Amegashita


  Nuff said.
Posted by Daydream

Posted by The Mango

The ultimate nullifier isn't very ergonomic.

Posted by Dracade102
@ComicStooge said:

Never Bring a Pen to a Swordfight.
Posted by Crom-Cruach
@Amegashita: excalibur is a piece of the witchblade, lol!
Posted by csimon
and more powerful
Posted by csimon
OH yeah I for got about that
Posted by Gambit1024

Would the Batmobile count? Cause I'd say that. 

Posted by Amegashita
@Crom-Cruach said:
" @Amegashita: excalibur is a piece of the witchblade, lol!"

 0.o.  So, essentially, the Witchblade is the greatest ever. 
Posted by aloe vera
@D3athstroke said:
:D haha!
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@Amegashita said:
" @Crom-Cruach said:
" @Amegashita: excalibur is a piece of the witchblade, lol!"
 0.o.  So, essentially, the Witchblade is the greatest ever.  "
In a nutshell. 
But I prefer; 

 Darkness, FTW
Posted by Formidable 1

 The Infinity Gauntlet
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