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@rouflex: Oh, well, 'kay.

In short, I'd want to take the Marvel route by doing certain characters first before the meet up, but no real teaming up, certainly no heroics.
Franchises I'd have involved'd be: "Friday the 13th", "Nightmare on Elm St.", "Evil Dead/Army of Darkness", "Hellraiser", "the Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Re-Animator", "Maniac Cop", "Phantasm", "Child's Play", "Scream", "Pumpkinhead", "Candyman" and "Halloween".

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...All the women sleep naked?

Should the US do free college education?

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  1. Ashley.
  2. Tyler.
  3. Rachel.
  4. Camry.
  5. Emily.

And of course Lucy.

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I am so sorry for you, essays might just be the worst.

The only coping strategy I can think of that might actually be good is to just walk away from it, find something to hit, maybe even a sound-proof place to just vent out your frustrations.

Update: watching a crap-ton of hilarious crap to counter with all of the negative crap helps me, too, although I do find myself procrastinating eventually.

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I mean the latest months there has been so much anime battles on the Battles forum that It gets annoying, can't we all just return to the good o'l Marvel/DC threads?

Isn't obvious? They're here to take over our American comics and "anime" them. If it's not stop, we'll eventually have the Avengers set in a bishounen-styled high school, and the Fantastic Four becomes a harem-style story.

Oh god, we have to stop them!

Mm-hm! None of the weeb nonsense in my red white and blue comics!


Batman: Let's kick some Anime a$$


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Jumpin' Jack Flash, honey, I love you, but for the life of me how can you expect me to guarantee with 100% certainty that my plans will fall through? I've done that before, and I've ended up being shown that my will is not always done.
Furthermore, I can't control people, I cant make them mold to my schemes: I will always have monkey wrenches in my machines, so I've learned it best to figure out the fastest way of getting the damned wrenches out.