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Me with some dismembered bits of family.

My hair looks so dumb.

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@monsterstomp: My right arm's gotten me paid. Without that, I really don't offer anything else...

And with that I'll be using my left arm a lot more now.

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@monsterstomp: More like a "that's my drawing arm and I am useless without it" joke.

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@atphantom said:

@marvel_boy2241: But you're denying them one of their basic human rights. Having children is something the wast majority of people aspires to, and regardless of how inclusive or nuanced your standard is, telling people straight up that you can't have children unless the government says so is an incredibly restrictive and totalitarian idea.

This is where I disagree. Why wouldn't it be the place of the government to tell you if you can have children? I'm not telling them when, where, or why. Just how. Some people just simply are not fit to be parents. They have them anyway and look what happens. Indoctrination of some of the worst principles, all because these monsters can spawn. I say we let only the financially and mentally stable do it.

Children are already a huge investment. Those who decide to have children have most likely already thought through the implications and are likely ready for the responsibility. Those who have children by accident, well, they didn't plan for it either way, so they wouldn't have taken your test anyway and subsequently would be punished for something they didn't want to do in the first place. That's a completely unhealthy atmosphere for people to live in.

No they have not. A good amount of children are born to single mothers and are mistakes. Why? because the people having sex simply didn't think it out. Yet a gay couple who have decent paying jobs and are mentally stable are being protested against daily.

They are being punished for being irresponsible. The government punishes drunk drivers, even if they don't hurt anyone while driving. They didn't want a kid yet they chose to have unprotected sex. That's the point! They don't even want kids. Yet they do things that will result in having children.

Like I said, if you want to help children, do what we already do, only more. Education, social services, subsidies, social safety nets, the works. Contrary to what you may think (And alarmingly this doesn't seem to be an unpopular opinion), the wast majority of parents, whether they are planned, accidental, single, teen, straight or gay, actually do tremendously care about their children. If they can't quite cope with the responsibilities, you help them cope. That way you make both the parent and the child happy. You don't take away their right to have a family.

Caring about your children is irrelevant. They think they are the best option for their children. They think that their loving arms is the best place for the kid. We both know it's not. Their children are starving and just by being poor will have much less privileges as a normal kid.

How about this. I'll change up my plan a little. The children will be taken away temporarily until the parent's can be back on their feet. Making sufficient money. Hey, if the parents have their own form of transportation, they can even come visit their children whenever schedules will allow. But those children will not live with those parents until they pass the proper classes and are financially stable. This seems fair.

That sounds really pretty dystopic right about now.

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What if Superman actually died instead of this 'healing, almost no heartbeat' coma BS?

Superman has died. The rest of the world is left to deal with it- for a short while, everything is fine, plays out like Lex wants it to. However, Gotham's Greatest (batman) discovers that not only is the new Clark rougher and willing to kill, he discovered Superman was a robot. Thinking of the one man obsessed enough to do this, Batman gets Martian Manhunter to get Doomsday's corpse and when it awakens, mind control it to fight the robo-Superman. This plan could work, but it would take an entire decade for Doomsday to return to life.

Meanwhile, Lex uses his new Superman android to fight villains, but soon makes the Man of Steel into a fully blown dictator (a-la Injustice style)- making the world his own by having Superman give the world's economy to Lexcorp. Now, with the worlds economy, Lex hires several mercenaries to defend him and to hunt down the League (a-la JL Doom style). The plan is a smash success- and both Batman and Martian Manhunter die. With no person able to TP Doomsday as well as Martian Manhunter could've, Doomsday revives.

As Doomsday is back, Lex sends Superman to fight him. However, the robot is only as powerful as Superman was during their first fight- and Doomsday is stronger. Doomsday wins, and it is revealed Superman was a robot. People turn on Lexcorp, but forget about Doomsday- who is left for the heroes of tomorrow.

Finally, Doomsday is defeated by a team- the son of Superman, as it is revealed Lois was pregnant, Wonder Woman's daughter, a Green Lantern, Impulse, and even an aged Zatanna. After the team beats Doomsday, it is revealed they shall be the New Justice Society- led by Nightwing.

This is actually something I would really want to read.

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@armiv2: Dope track!

Ain't it, though? The rest of the stuff they do is great too.

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I don't get high or anything, but every now and then I let myself get extremely tired and play music like this song here and let my senses just go.

'Course, most of those nights are nights doing school work, so when I let myself wonk out it's to muscle through crap I don't wanna do.

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Wonder Woman doesn't just kill like the bad guys she goes up against.

She is a warrior.