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Try listening out for the underground stuff. I'm not what you would call a rap expert or anything, but just about everything I listen to either comes from there or from Australia.

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Oh, I was worried for a bit.

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Am I really gonna be late to class out of this paranoid fear of incurring a relative's unreasonable anger?


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  • Why wouldn't it be the place of the government to tell you if you can have children?

The government tells you what to do all the time. The government is aware that children grow up unprivileged and unwanted. They grow up without a decent family. The government has the power to stop it by enforcing these rules. That is not dystopian because children will be happy.

  • A good amount of children are born to single mothers and are mistakes.

This is how modern times is. There really are single mothers and children conceived unexpectedly. So again not dystopian.

  • Caring about your children is irrelevant. They think they are the best option for their children. They think that their loving arms is the best place for the kid. We both know it's not. Their children are starving and just by being poor will have much less privileges as a normal kid.

This is also very very true. Just because you love your kid and care about your kid, doesn't mean that you ae the best option for the kid. You could be a poverty stricken crackhead? A slut. A drunkard. Are those people really good role models for children no. Those kids should be taken away immediately until they can get back on their feet. A dystopian society would involve the parents actually being able to keep and abuse their children. While the government sits back and let's them adopt more and more.

1. The government here in the United States has yet to make an official decree out of banning procreation amongst anyone, and I really can't see them all being totally happy with that if they can remember it happening.

2. Single mothers aren't dystopic. Calling kids born to single mothers "mistakes" with all of these proposals labeled here kinda does.

3. Caring for your child means quite a lot to a parent. Most often than not, people who actually care for their children will try to do what they can to take care of that child. Yeah, I'm positive there are ways that could be better ensured, but outright taking the children away from a parent because they've got problems...does that even heal? We have laws currently that try to give people second chances. As much as we may not always want to believe it, people can turn around and become greater than they were.

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A Few Good Men

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I was waking up with the crazy notion that California split up. Weird...

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It's the coziest part of the site. Every topic is like a warm hug that can and probably will bring up something uncomfortable to talk about.

And you're just okay with it.