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So i present Mathilda Stone, She was once known as Pond skater, she was a hero with superhuman agility andy was capable of performing acrobatic stunts over the city scape.

However early on in her career an enemy (who i imagine to be on the same level as The Joker) kidnapped her and hacked doff one of her leg thus crippling her from heroics. 5 years past and she became resentful of heroics and even helped teen heroes become more responsible and smart, however when her entire group was murdered by the same man who took her, she vowed vengeance. She created a cane which could act as another limb/grabbling hook/blade and hacksaw? Combined with her superhuman abilities she performed just as she did as Pond Skater but now with a new name -Diana Blood- and a lust for vengeance.

I basically wanted to design a disabled hero who could still be on par with someone like batman.

This...this is a really, really, really cool character.

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I'll be more excited when they announce Raven

I agree with you, especially since Raven is my favorite DC character, I really want her to be playable.

Besides, we already have too much Batman related characters, they should give other characters a chance to shine.

Speaking of, I can obviously tell it's Luthor and Raven back there, and Cyborg on the far right background, but can anyone tell who that is the black and gold? Part of me wants to say Diana's Batwoman costume. Part of me thinks maybe Katana (as a way of hyping her for Beware the Batman)? Maybe Black Bat?


That is Catwoman.

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Seeing as how these are the Arkham City models, I highly doubt they're playable.

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I was born in Perris, California. We lived there for like a year or so then moved to a town I cannot remember the name of in Colorado, and then we moved back out to California to a place called Palmdale. Lived there ever since, though at the moment I am staying with family in Yorba Linda so that I may attend school.

So picture wise, that's:

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I wanna become evanescent right now...gosh darn it, why am I so tired?

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I never said it would, I said it should. This sort of crappy thing happens from time to time.

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My big sister and her husband finally got a house and no longer live in an apartment, AND he doesn't have to go back to Afghanistan!

They did WHAT?!!